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German English
x beliebig the first that comes along
x-Achse {f} axis of abscissas
x-Achse {f} abscissa
X-förmige Scheibenegge {f} tandem disk harrow (Am.)
X-förmige Scheibenegge {f} tandem disc harrow (Br.)
x-Koordinate {f} abscissa
x-mal umpteen times
x-mal hundred of times
Xanthippe {f} shrew
Xenogenese {f} xenogenesis
Xenon {n} xenon
Xerographie {f} xerographic
Xerographie {f} xerography
XML-basiertes Format für Push-Technologie im WWW CDF : Channel Definition Format
XY-Schreiber {m} x-y plotter
Xylophon {n} xylophone
Xylophone {pl} xylophones

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