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Wortspiel {n} pun
Wortspiel {n} wordplay
Wortspiel {n} amphibology
Wortspiel {n} paronomasia (= pun, word-play)
Wortspiele machend punning
Wortspiele {pl} puns
Wortspielmacher {m} punster
Wortstamm {m} stem
Wortstreit {m} dispute
Wortstreit {m} debate
Wortstämme {pl} radicals
Wortumbruch {m} wordwrap
Wortverbindung {f} phrase
Wortverdreher {m} equivocator
Wortverdrehung {f} distortion of words
Wortverwechslungen {pl} malapropisms
Wortvorrat {m} (bei Datenbanken) thesaurus
Wortwahl {f} choice of words
Wortwahl {f} diction
Wortwechsel {m} argument
Wortwechsel {m} dispute
Wortwechsel {m} quarrel
wortwörtlich word-for-word
wortwörtlich verbatim
wortwörtlich (adv.) verbally
Worum handelt es sich? What's it about?
worüber what about
worüber whereat
Worüber denkst du nach? What are you thinking about?
Worüber reden sie? What are they talking about?
wovon whereof
wovon from what
wovon du dich auch ernährst... whatever you eat...
wovor what of
wozu what for
wozu wherefore
Wozu denn auch? Why should I (you, he ...).
wozu immer es auch gut sein mag FWIW : for what it's worth
Wozu ist es gut? What's the use of it?
Wrack {n} wreck
Wrack {n} wreckage
Wrack {n} wrack
Wrackfisch {m} pollack
Wrackgut {n} wreckage
Wrackgüter {pl} wreckages
Wracks {pl} wrecks
Wracks {pl} wreckages
wricken to scull
wriggeln to scull
wringen to wring {wrung, wrung}
wringend mangling
wringend wringing
Wringmaschine {f} wringer
Wringmaschinen {pl} wringers
wringt mangles
wringt wrings
wrtl.: erworbenes Immunschwächesyndrom AIDS (acquired immune(o) deficiency syndrome)
WS : Wintersemester winter semester, winter term
wss. aq. (aqueous)
Wucher treiben to practice usury
Wucher {m} usury
Wucher {m} profiteering
Wucherer {m} usurer
Wucherer {pl} usurers
wucherhaft usurious
wucherhaftere more usurious
wucherhafteste most usurious
Wucherhandel {m} usurious trade
wucherisch hawkish
wucherische hawkishly
wucherischen usuriously
Wuchermiete {f} rack rent
wuchern to practice usury
wuchern (Pflanze) to grow rampant
wuchern [-special_topic_med.-] to proliferate [-special_topic_med.-]
Wuchern {n} usuriousness
Wuchern {n} proliferation (of weeds)
wuchernd growing exuberantly
wuchernd proliferating
wuchernd rampantly
Wucherpreis {m} exorbitant price
wuchert grows exuberantly
wuchert proliferates
wucherte grew exuberantly
wucherte proliferated
Wucherung {f} rank growth
Wucherung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] excrescence [-special_topic_med.-]
Wucherung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] tumor (Am.) [-special_topic_med.-]
Wucherung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] tumour (Br.) [-special_topic_med.-]
Wucherung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] proliferation [-special_topic_med.-]
Wucherungen {pl} adenoids
Wucherzins {m} usurious interest
wuchs grew
wuchs hinaus outgrew
Wuchs {m} growth
Wucht {f} vehemence
wuchten to weigh heavy
wuchten to heave
wuchtet weighs heavy
wuchtig sledgehammer
wuchtig weighty
Wulst {f} torus
Wulst {f} bulge
Wulst {f} bead
Wulstabdrücken {n} bead unseating
Wulstabdrücken {n} unseating (bead)
Wulstabdrückversuch {m} bead unseating test
Wulstanscheuerung {f} bead chafing
Wulstaufbruch {m} bead break-up
Wulstband {n} flap
Wulstbreite {f} bead width
Wulstbruch {m} bead fracture
Wulstdraht {m} bead wire
Wulstfahne {f} filler strip (bead)
Wulstfahne {f} flipper (Am.)
Wulstfahne {f} flipper strip (Am.)
Wulstfelge {f} hooked bead rim
Wulstferse {f} bead heel
wulstigere more padded
wulstigste most padded
Wulstkern {m} bead bundle
Wulstkern {m} bead core (wire)
Wulstkern {m} bead wire
Wulstkernbruch {m} bead wire break
Wulstkerndurchmesser {m} bead wire diameter
Wulstkerngummierung {f} bead wire rubber
Wulstknacker {m} bead cutter
Wulstlippen {pl} (fam.) thick lips
Wulstlösung {f} bead separation
Wulstreifen {m} beaded edge tyre
Wulstschutzband {n} chafer (strip)
Wulstschutzbandlösung {f} chafer looseness
Wulstschutzstreifen {m} tyre chafing strip
Wulstsitz {m} (Felge) bead seat (of rim)
Wulstsitzablösung {f} bead dislodgement
Wulstsitzdruck {m} bead seat pressure
Wulstsitzradius {m} bead seat radius
Wulstsitzwinkel {m} bead seat angle
Wulstsitzwinkel {m} (Felge) bead seat contour (rim)
Wulstsohle {f} bead base
Wulstzehe {f} (-spitze) bead toe
wund sore
wund scheuern to excoriate
Wundausschneidung {f} debridement
Wundbrand {m} gangrene
Wundbrände {pl} gangrenes
Wundcreme {f} rash cream
Wunde {f} lesion
Wunde {f} wound
Wunden {pl} wounds
Wunder {n} wonder
Wunder {n} prodigy
Wunder {n} marvel
Wunder {n} miracle
Wunder {pl} wonders
Wunder {pl} marvels
Wunder {pl} miracles
wunderbar wonderful
wunderbar marvellous
wunderbar marvellously
wunderbar miraculous
wunderbar miraculously
wunderbar prodigious
wunderbar terrific
wunderbare marvellously
wunderbare miraculously
wunderbare prodigiously
wunderbare wonderfully
Wunderbare {n} marbellousness
Wunderbare {n} miraculousness
wunderbarere more wonderful
wunderbares marvelously
wunderbares terrifically
wunderbarste most wonderful
Wunderbaum (Ricinus communis) castor-oil plant
Wunderbild {n} miraculous image
Wunderding {n} marvel
Wunderdoktor {m} quack
Wunderdroge {f} miracle drug
Wunderglaube {m} belief in miracles
Wunderkerzen {pl} sparklers
Wunderkind {n} infant prodigy
Wunderkind {n} prodigy
Wunderkind {n} infant phenomenon
Wunderkind {n} wunderkind
Wunderkind {n} child prodigy
Wunderkinder {pl} infant prodigies
Wunderkinder {pl} prodigies
Wunderknabe {m} boy wonder
Wunderkur {f} miraculous cure
Wunderland {n} wonderland
wunderlich fantastical
wunderlich whimsical
wunderlich whimsically
wunderlich quaint
wunderliche quaintly
wunderliche whimsicality
wunderlichen whimsically
wunderlicher Kauz {m} crank
wunderlichere quainter

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