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German English
Wimpel {m} bunting
Wimpel {m} pennant
Wimper {f} eyelash
Wimper {f} lash
Wimpern {pl} cilia
Wimpern {pl} eyelashes
Wimpernkamm {m} lash comb
Wimperntierchen {n} ciliate
Wind bekommen von to get wind of
Wind bekommen von (ugs.) to get nose of (coll.)
Wind {m} wind
Windabweiser {m} air deflector
Windbeutel {m} windbag
Windbeutel {pl} windbags
Winde {f} winch
Winde {f} hoist
Winde {f} crab
Winde {f} windlass
Winde {f} winding handle
Winde {f} winder
Winde {f} (zum Heben) jack
Winde {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] Morning Glory [-special_topic_bot.-]
Windei {n} wind egg
Windeier {pl} wind eggs
Windeisen {n} tap wrench
Windel {f} diaper
Windel {f} nappy
Windeln {pl} diapers
Windeln {pl} nappies
Windelslip {m} trainer pants
winden to wreathe
winden to wriggle
winden to windlass
winden to jack
Winden {pl} winches
Winden {pl} windlasses
Winden-Knöterich (Fallopia convolvulus) black bindweed
windend coiling
windend twining
windend winding
windend wreathing
windend wriggling
Windenschwärmer {m} convolvulus hawk moth (Agrius convolvuli)
Windenschwärmer {m} convolvulus hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli)
Windenschwärmer {m} convolvulus hawkmoth (Acherontia convolvuli)
Windenschwärmer {m} [-special_topic_zool.-] sweet potato hornworm (Agrius convolvuli ) [-special_topic_zool.-]
Winderhitzer {m} hot-blast stove
Winderhitzer {m} recuperator
Winderhitzer {m} cowper stove
winderlich wintrily
windet twines
windet wreathes
windet wriggles
windet heraus squirms
windet sich squirms
Windfahne {f} vane
Windfahnen {pl} vanes
Windfrischstahl {m} Bessemer steel
Windgeschwindigkeit {f} wind speed
Windgeschwindigkeit {f} velocity of wind
Windharfe {f} wind harp
Windharfen {pl} wind harps
Windhund {m} greyhound
Windhunde {pl} greyhounds
Windhunderennbahn {f} greyhound track
windig breezy
windig drafty
windig windily
windig windy
windiger draftier
windigere more windy
windigste draftiest
windigste most windy
Windjacke {f} windcheater
Windjacke {f} windbreaker
Windjacke {f} windbreaker jacket
Windjacken {pl} windcheaters
Windkanal {m} wind tunnel
Windkanalmessung {f} wind tunnel reading
Windkanäle {pl} wind tunnels
Windkessel {m} dash pot
Windkessel {m} (Kolbenpumpe) air chamber
Windkessel {m} (Kolbenpumpe) air cushion chamber
Windkessel {m} (Kolbenpumpe) air vessel
Windkraft {f} wind power
Windkraftanlage {f} wind power station
Windkraftanlage {f} wind turbine (Br.)
Windleitblech {n} smoke deflector
Windlicht {n} lantern
Windmesser {m} wind gauge
Windmesser {m} anemometer
Windmesser {pl} wind gauges
Windmühle {f} wind mill
Windmühle {f} windmill
Windmühlen {pl} wind mills
Windmühlen {pl} windmills
Windpocken {pl} chickenpox
Windpocken {pl} chicken pox
Windpocken {pl} varicella
Windrad {n} wind turbine
Windrad {n} pin wheel (Am.)
Windrad {n} windmill
Windrad {n} wind wheel
Windrichtung {f} wind direction
Windrichtungen {pl} wind directions
Windrose {f} wind rose
Windrosen {pl} wind roses
Windröschen {n} anemone
Windröschen {pl} anemones
Windsack {m} drogue
Windschatten {m} lee
Windschatten {m} lee site
Windschatten {m} slipstream
windschief warped
windschiefere more warped
windschiefste most warped
windschlüpfigere more streamlined
windschlüpfigste most streamlined
Windschutzscheibe {f} windscreen
Windschutzscheibe {f} windshield (Am.)
Windschutzscheiben {pl} windscreens
Windschutzscheibensäge {f} (Feuerwehrgerät) windshield saw
Windseite {f} luff
Windseite {f} windward
windstill calm
Windstille {f} calm
Windstoß {m} blast
Windstoß {m} flurry
Windstoß {m} gust
Windstoß {m} scud
Windstärke {f} wind force
Windstärke {f} gale force
Windstärke {f} wind strength
Windstärken {pl} wind forces
Windstöße {pl} gusts
Windstöße {pl} blasts
Windsurfbrett {n} wind surfing board
Windsurfen {n} [-special_topic_sport-] windsurfing [-special_topic_sport-]
Windsurfschule {f} windsurfing school
Windsurfzubehör {n} wind surfing accessories
Windung {f} convolution
Windung {f} whorl
Windung {f} curl
Windung {f} twist
Windung {f} twisting
Windung {f} winding
Windung {f} (Technik) ply
Windungen {pl} whorls
Windungen {pl} windings
Windungsschluss-Prüfgerät {n} winding short circuit test unit
Windwirkung {f} wind action
windwärts upwind
windwärts windwards
winerlich teary
Wink {m} beck
Wink {m} nod
Wink {m} suggestion
Winkel sensierender Drehmomentsensor {m} phase-displacement torque transducer
Winkel zur Achse off-axis angle
Winkel {m} angle
Winkel {m} bracket
Winkel {m} corner
Winkel {m} (Werkzeug) square
Winkel {m} des Hobelmessers pitch
Winkel {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] elbow [-special_topic_tech.-]
Winkel {pl} angles
Winkel {pl} nooks
Winkeladvokat {m} hack lawyer
Winkeladvokat {m} hedge lawyer
Winkeladvokat {m} shyster
Winkeladvokaten {pl} hedge lawyers
Winkelbohrkopf {m} (90 Grad) right-angle drilling head
Winkelbohrkopf {m} (verstellbar) vectorial drilling head
Winkelcodierer {m} shaft encoders
Winkeldorn {m} offset pin
Winkeleffekt {m} ply steer
Winkelehe {f} angle marriage
Winkeleisen {n} angle steel
Winkeleisen {n} angle iron
Winkelfräser {m} angle milling cutter
Winkelfräser {m} angular half-side mill
Winkelfräser {m} angular mill
Winkelfunktion {f} trigonometric function
Winkelgeschwindigkeitsschreiber {m} angular-velocity recorder
Winkelgetriebe {n} mitre gear
Winkelgetriebe {n} angular gear
Winkelgetriebe {n} angular gearbox
Winkelhaken {m} composing stick
Winkelhalbierende {f} [-special_topic_math.-] bisecting line of an angle [-special_topic_math.-]
Winkelhalbierende {f} [-special_topic_math.-] bisectors of an angle [-special_topic_math.-]
Winkelmaß {n} goniometer
Winkelmesser {m} goniometer
Winkelmesser {m} protractor
Winkelmesser {n} angled blade
Winkelmesser {n} (einer Bodenfräse) L-blade
Winkelmesser {n} (einer Bodenfräse) L-shaped blade
Winkelplanierer {m} (Baumaschine) grade-builder
Winkelschaber {m} deck scraper
Winkelschleifer {m} angle grinder
Winkelschleifer {m} angle sander

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