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German English
wild rambunctious
wild rampant
wild savage
wild savagely
wild tigerish
wild tomboyish
wild truculent
wild truculently
wild undomesticated
wild wildly
wild haggard
wild bold
wild lebende Tiere {pl} wildlife
wild wegrennen to stampede
wild wegrennend stampeding
Wild {n} game
Wild {n} quarry
Wildbachverbauung {f} torrent flood control
Wildbad {n} acratotherm
Wildbraten {m} roast venison
Wildbret {n} venison
Wilddieb {m} poacher
Wilddiebe {pl} poachers
wilde fiercely
wilde haggardly
wilde rampantly
wilde tigerishly
wilde Ehe concubinage
wilde Erdbeere {f} wild strawberry (Fragaria spp.)
wilde Seide {f} tussah silk
wilde Seide {f} wild silk
wilde Spekulationen {f} {pl} frenzied speculation
Wilde {f} rambunctiousness
Wilde {m,f} savage
Wildente {f} wild duck
Wildenten {pl} wild ducks
wilder fiercer
Wilder Holunder {m} (ugs.) ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria)
Wilder Holunder {m} (ugs.) goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria)
Wilder Holunder {m} (ugs.) bishop's weed (Aegopodium podagraria)
Wilder Mohn {m} red poppy
Wilder Mohn {m} field poppy
Wilder Senf {m} (bot.) wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis)
Wilderer {m} poacher
Wilderer {m} unauthorized hunter
wildes Chaos {n} helter-skelter
wildes Durcheinander helter-skelter
wildes Gelächter {n} riotous laughter
wildes Muster {n} jazzy pattern
wildes Spekulieren wildcatting
Wildes Stiefmütterchen {n} (bot.) heartsease (Viola tricolor)
Wildes Stiefmütterchen {n} (bot.) heart's-ease (Viola tricolor)
Wildes Stiefmütterchen {n} (bot.) lady's-delight (Viola tricolor)
Wildes Stiefmütterchen {n} (bot.) love-in-idleness (Viola tricolor)
wildeste fiercest
Wildfang {m} hoyden
Wildfang {m} tomboy
Wildfang {m} wild child
Wildfang {m} madcap
wildfremd totally unknown
Wildfänge {pl} tomboys
Wildfänge {pl} wild children
Wildgans {f} brant
Wildgans {f} brent goose
Wildgans {f} wild goose
Wildgeflügel {n} wild birds
Wildgeflügel {n} wild fowl
Wildgeflügel {n} feathered game
Wildheit {f} ferocity
Wildheit {f} fierceness
Wildheit {f} haggardness
Wildheit {f} jazziness
Wildheit {f} rampancy
Wildheit {f} savageries
Wildheit {f} savagery
Wildheit {f} tigerishness
Wildheit {f} truculence
Wildheiten {pl} savageness
Wildhüter {m} gamekeeper
Wildhüter {m} gamekeepers
Wildleder {n} suede
Wildleder {n} buckskin
Wildlederhandschuhe {pl} suede gloves
Wildlederrock {m} suede (leather) skirt
Wildling {m} wildling
Wildlinge {pl} wildlings
Wildnis {f} wilderness
Wildnis {f} boondocks {pl}
Wildpark {m} wild park
Wildparks {pl} wild parks
Wildpferd {n} wild horse
Wildschwein {n} boar
Wildschwein {n} wild boar
Wildschweine {pl} boars
Wildseide {f} tussah silk
Wildseide {f} wild silk
Wildstand {m} stock of game
Wildstände {pl} stocks of the game
Wildtier {n} wild animal
Wildtiere {pl} wildlife
Wildtomate {f} wild tomato
Wildvögel {pl} wild birds
wildwachsend growing wild
Wildwasser {n} white-water (whitewater)
Wildwasserfahrt white-water rafting
Wildwasserslalom {m} canoe slalom
Wildwechsel {m} runway
Wildwechsel {m} trail
Wildwechsel {m} game pass
Wildwechsel {m} deer crossing
Wildwechsel {m} (Verkehrszeichen) wild animals (crossing)
Wildwechsel {pl} game passes
Wildwest {m} Wild West
Wildwestfilm {m} Western
Wildwuchs {m} rank growth
Wilhelm William
Wille {m} volition
Wille {m} will
willenlos will less
willenlosere more will less
willenloseste most will less
Willenlosigkeiten {pl} indecisions
Willensakt {m} act of volition
Willensakte {pl} acts of volition
Willenseinigung {f} assensio mentium
Willenserklärung {f} declaration of intention
Willenserklärung {f} letter of intent
Willenserklärungen {pl} declarations of intention
Willensfreiheit {f} free will
Willensfreiheiten {pl} free wills
Willenskraft {f} willpower
Willenskraft {f} conation
Willenskraft {f} volition
Willenskräfte {pl} volitions
willensmäßig volitional
willensmäßige volitionally
Willensschwäche {f} weak will
Willensschwächen {pl} weak wills
Willensstärke {f} tougher
Willensäußerung {f} volition
Willensäußerung {f} declaration of one´s will
Willensäußerungen {pl} volitions
willfährig compliably
willfährige compliantly
willfährigen compliant
willfähriges Werkzeug {n} (fig.) willing tool
Willi Wills
willig willed
willig willing
willig willingly (adv.)
willig (eifrig) eager
willig (eifrig, begeistert) keen
willig (zu) (bereit) prepared (to)
Willigkeit {f} willingness
willkommen welcome
willkommen bei welcome to
willkommen heißen to welcome
willkommenere more welcome
willkommenste most welcome
Willkür {f} arbitrariness
willkürlich arbitrarily
willkürlich arbitrary
willkürlich highhanded
willkürlich at haphazard
willkürliche highhandedly
willkürliche Annahme arbitrary assumption
willkürliche Verhaftung {f} arbitrary arrest
willkürlicher Parameter arbitrary parameter
willkürlichere more arbitrary
Willkürlichkeit {f} highhandedness
willkürlichste most arbitrary
Willst du rauchen? Have a smoke?
wimmeln to swarm
wimmeln to teem
wimmeln (von) to abound (with)
wimmeln von to be alive with
wimmelnd swarming
wimmelnd teeming
wimmelt swarms
wimmelt teems
wimmelte teemed
wimmelte swarmed
wimmern to pule
wimmern to whimper
wimmern to whine
wimmern (bes. Baby) to mewl
wimmern (vor) (z. B. vor Schmerz) to wail (with)
Wimmern {n} whimpering
Wimmern {n} wail
Wimmern {n} wailing
Wimmern {n} whimper
wimmernd whimpering
wimmernd whining
wimmernd wailing
wimmernd puling
wimmernd (bes. Kind) mewling
wimmert whimpers
wimmert whines
wimmerte whined
wimmerte pules

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