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widerrechtlich betreten to trespass
widerrechtlichstem mos illegal
widerrief revoked
widerrief countermanded
Widerruf {m} revocation
Widerruf {m} retraction
Widerruf {m} repeal
widerrufbar [jur.] withdrawable
widerrufen to revoke
widerrufen revoked
widerrufen to unsay
widerrufen to countermand
widerrufen to abjure
widerrufend revoking
widerrufend unsaying
widerrufend countermanding
widerruflich revocable
widerrufliche revocably
widerruft revokes
Widerrufung {f} recantation
Widersacher {m} antagonist
widersetzlich obstructive
Widersetzlichkeit {f} obstructiveness
widersinnig nonsensical
widerspenstig refractory
widerspenstig contumacious
widerspenstig contumaciously
widerspenstig recalcitrant
widerspenstig unmanageable
widerspenstig unmanageably
widerspenstig unruly
widerspenstigere more refractory
Widerspenstigkeit {f} intractability
Widerspenstigkeit {f} contumacy
Widerspenstigkeit {f} obstreperousness
Widerspenstigkeit {f} recalcitrance
Widerspenstigkeit {f} unruliness
Widerspenstigkeiten {pl} recalcitrancy
widerspenstigste most refractory
widerspiegeln to reflect
widerspiegelnd mirroring
widersprach contradicted
widersprach sich tergiversated
widersprechen to contradict
widersprechen to disagree
widersprechen to dissent
widersprechen to object
widersprechend contradicting
widersprechend dissenting
widersprechend vetoing
widersprechend inconsistent
widersprechende inconsistently
widerspricht contradicts
widerspricht dissents
widerspricht vetoes
widerspricht sich tergiversates
widersprochen contradicted
widersprochen dissented
widersprochen vetoed
Widerspruch in sich contradiction in terms
Widerspruch {m} contrariety
Widerspruch {m} contradiction
Widerspruch {m} crosspurposes
Widerspruch {m} disaccord
Widerspruch {m} discrepancy
Widerspruch {m} inconsistence
Widerspruch {m} contradictoriness
Widerspruch {m} opposition
Widerspruchsgeist {m} contradictoriness
Widerspruchsgeist {m} spirit of contradiction
widerspruchslos uncontradicted
widerspruchslos without contradiction
widerspruchslosere more uncontradicted
widerspruchsloseste most uncontradicted
widerspruchsvoll contradictory
widerspruchsvollere more contradictory
widerspruchsvollste most contradictory
Widersprüche {pl} antitheses
Widersprüche {pl} contradictions
Widersprüche {pl} disaccords
Widersprüche {pl} inconsistencies
widersprüchlich contradictorily
widersprüchlich contradictory
widersprüchliche contradictory
Widersprüchlichkeit {f} contrariness
widerstand resisted
widerstand withstood
Widerstand gegen etw. stand against sth.
Widerstand leisten to offer resistance
Widerstand {m} opposition
Widerstand {m} resistance
Widerstand {m} resistor
Widerstand {m} gegen resistance to
Widerstands-Kapazitäts-Glied {n} (Elektrotechnik) resistance-capacitance element
Widerstands-Kapazitäts-Glied {n} (Elektrotechnik) RC element
Widerstands... resistive
widerstandsarmer Hubschrauber {m} low-drag helicopter
Widerstandsbewegung {f} resistance movement
Widerstandsdraht {m} resistance wire
widerstandsfähig imperishable
widerstandsfähig resistant
widerstandsfähig robust
widerstandsfähig ruggedized
widerstandsfähig [-special_topic_med.-] refractory [-special_topic_med.-]
widerstandsfähigere more resistant
Widerstandsfähigkeit {f} hardiness
Widerstandsfähigkeit {f} refractiveness
widerstandsfähigste most resistant
Widerstandsgröße {f} resistivity
Widerstandskraft {f} resistibility
Widerstandskraft {f} resisting power
Widerstandskräfte {pl} power of resistance
Widerstandskämpfer {m} member of the resistance
Widerstandskämpfer {m} resistance fighter
widerstandslos unopposed
widerstandslos unresistant
widerstandslos unresisting
widerstandslos unresistingly
widerstandslosere more unresisting
widerstandsloseste most unresisting
Widerstandspaste {f} resistor paste
Widerstandspunktschweißen {n} resistance spot welding
Widerstandsschweißen {n} [-special_topic_engin.-] resistance welding [-special_topic_engin.-]
Widerstandsschweißtransformator {m} resistance-welding transformer
Widerstandstransformator {m} (elektr.) impedance matching transformer
Widerstandswert {m} resistance value
widerstehen to withstand {withstood, withstood}
widerstehen to resist
widerstehend resisting
widerstehend withstanding
widerstehende resistibly
widerstehendem resistively
widerstehendes resistingly
widerstehlich resistible
widersteht resists
widersteht withstands
widerstreben to jib
Widerstreben {n} reluctance
widerstrebend jibbing
widerstrebend reluctantly
widerstrebendere more resisting
widerstrebendste most resisting
widerstrebt averses
widerstrebt jibs
Widerstreit {m} antagonism
widerstreiten militate
widerstreitend conflicting
widerstreitend militating
widerstreitet militates
widerstreitet opposes
widerstreitete militated
Widerstände {pl} oppositions
Widerstände {pl} resistors
widert an cloys
widerte an cloyed
Widerwille {m} distaste
Widerwille {m} reluctancy
Widerwille {m} repugnance
Widerwille {m} unwillingness
Widerwille {m} (gegen) disgust (at, for)
Widerwille {m} (gegen) indisposition (to, towards)
widerwillig reluctant
widerwillig unwilling
widerwillig unwillingly
widerwillig relucting
widerwillig reluctantly (adv.)
widerwilligere more relucting
widerwilligste most relucting
Widerworte {pl} objections
widerwärtig unsavory (Am.)
widerwärtig unsavoury (Br.)
widerwärtig distasteful
widerwärtig distastefully
widerwärtig unsavorily (Am.)
widerwärtig unpleasant
widerwärtig disagreeable
widerwärtig objectionable
widerwärtig unsavourily (Br.)
widerwärtig sickening
widerwärtig (adv.) sickeningly
widerwärtige Heuchelei {f} sickening hypocrisy
Widerwärtigkeit {f} unpleasantness
widmen to devote
widmen to give {gave, given}
widmen to dedicate
widmend addicting
widmend dedicating
widmend devoting
widmet dedicates
widmet devotes
Widmung {f} dedication
Widmungen {pl} dedications
Widmungsexemplar {n} presentation copy
widrig adverse
widrig (Umstände) unfavourable (Br.)
widrig (Umstände) unfavorable (Am.)
widrige adversely
widrigere more adverse
Widrigkeit {f} adverseness
Widrigkeit {f} contrariety

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