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Wer mag es ihm gesagt haben? Who might have told him?
Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Wer rastet, der rostet. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
Wer schnell hilft, hilft doppelt. To give quickly is to give double.
Wer sich entschuldigt, klagt sich an. He who excuses, accuses himself.
Wer sich verteidigt, klagt sich an A guilty conscience needs no accuser
Wer Vergnügen schenkt, wird Freude erhalten. Who pleasure gives shall joy receive.
Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst. First come, first serve.
Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten. He who laughs last, laughs loudest.
wer zum Teufel ist ... who the fuck is ...
Wer's glaubt, wird selig! A likely story!
Werbeabteilung {f} advertising department
Werbeagent {m} ad man
Werbeagentur {f} advertising agency
Werbeagentur {f} publicity agency
Werbeakquisiteur {m} advertising canvasser
Werbeaktion {f} publicity campaign
Werbeaktion {f} promotion
Werbeanalyse {f} advertising analysis
Werbeangebot {n} promotion
Werbeartikel {m} [-special_topic_econ.-] merchandising product [-special_topic_econ.-]
Werbeaufwand {m} advertising expense
Werbeaufwand {m} ad spending
Werbeaufwendung {f} advertising expense
Werbebeilage {f} advertising supplement
Werbeberater {m} advertising consultant
Werbeblock {m} commercial break
Werbeblock {m} pod
Werbebotschaft {f} advertising message
Werbebotschaften {pl} advertisements
Werbebranche {f} advertising industry
Werbebrief {m} advertising letter. sales letter
Werbebudget {n} ad budget
Werbebudget {n} advertising budget
Werbedrucksache {f} advertising matter
Werbeeinnahmen {pl} advertising revenue
Werbeerfolg {m} advertising effectiveness
Werbeerfüller {m} adopter
Werbeetat {m} advertising account
Werbeetat {n} ad budget
Werbeetat {n} advertising budget
Werbefachfrau {f} advertising expert
Werbefachfrau {f} advertising specialist
Werbefachmann {m} ad man
Werbefachmann {m} advertising man
Werbefachmann {m} advertising expert
Werbefachmann {m} advertising specialist
Werbefeldzug {m} advertising campaign
Werbefeldzug {m} publicity campaign
Werbefernsehen {n} commercial television
Werbefilm {m} advertising film
Werbefilm {m} promotional film
Werbefläche {f} advertising space
Werbeforschung {f} advertising research
Werbegag {m} advertising stunt
Werbegeschenk {n} advertising gift
Werbegeschenk {n} advertising specialty
Werbegeschenk {n} giveaway
Werbegeschenke {pl} giveaways
Werbegeschenke {pl} freebies (coll.)
Werbegraphik {f} advertising art
Werbegraphiker {m} commercial artist
Werbeindustrie {f} ad industry
Werbekampagne {f} advertising campaign
Werbekampagne {f} publicity campaign
Werbekauffrau {f} (female) management assistant in advertising
Werbekaufmann {m} (male) management assistant in advertising
Werbeklickrate {f} [-special_topic_comp.-] ad-click rate [-special_topic_comp.-]
Werbekosten {pl} advertising costs
Werbekosten {pl} publicity expenditure
Werbekosten {pl} advertising expense
Werbeleiter {m} ad director
Werbeleiter {m} advertising manager
Werbeleiter {m} press agent
Werbeleiter {m} publicity manager
Werbematerial {n} advertising material
Werbemaßnahmen {pl} advertising effort
Werbemittel {n} advertising medium
Werbemittel {n} [-special_topic_econ.-] means of advertising [-special_topic_econ.-]
Werbemittelanalyse {f} advertisement analysis
Werbemuster {n} advertising sample
Werbemuster {n} free sample
werben to tout
werben to woo
werben to advertise
werben (du wirbst, er wirbt) to advertize
werben um, buhlen um to tout for
werbend touting
werbend wooing
Werbeplanung {f} advertising planning
Werbeplanung {f} account planning
Werbepost {f} junk mail
Werbepreis {m} advertising price
Werbeprospekt {n} prospectus
Werbeprospekt {n} leaflet
Werbepsychologie {f} advertising psychology
Werbepublikum {n} advertising audience
Werber {m} solicitor (Am.)
Werber {m} advertiser
Werberendite {f} advertising return
Werberundschreiben {n} advertising circular
Werbeschrift {f} advertising brochure
Werbesendung {f} (Fernsehen) commercial
Werbesendungen {pl} advertising mail
Werbeslang {m} advertising slang
Werbeslogan {m} advertising slogan
Werbesonderangebot {n} advertised special
Werbespezialist {m} advertising specialist
Werbespot {m} advertising spot
Werbespot {m} commercial
Werbespruch {m} slogan
Werbespruch {m} advertising slogan
Werbetarif {m} advertising rate
Werbetarifliste {f} advertising rate list
Werbetexten {n} [-special_topic_econ.-] copywriting [-special_topic_econ.-]
Werbetexter {m} ad writer
Werbetexter {m} scriptwriter
Werbetour {f} publicity tour
Werbeträger {m} advertising medium
Werbevertreter {m} advertising salesman
werbewirksam having advertising appeal
werbewirksamere having more advertising
Werbewirkung {f} advertising effect
Werbewirtschaft {f} advertising industry
werbt woos
Werbung (um eine Frau) suit
Werbung dummer Leute SPAM : stupid person's advertisement
Werbung {f} advertising
Werbung {f} courtship
Werbung {f} recruitment
Werbung {f} publicity
Werbung {f} für Sonderangebote bargain advertising
Werbung, Anzeige, Inserat ad, advt. : advertisement
Werbungbetreibende {m,f} advertiser
Werbungen {pl} ads
Werbungen {pl} commercials
Werbungen {pl} publicities
Werbungskosten {pl} advertising costs
Werbungsmittler {m} advertising agency
Werbungsnachlass {m} advertising allowance
Werde bloß nicht frech! Don't get fresh with me! (Am.)
Werde nicht ungeduldig! Don't get out of patience!
werde! become
Werdegang {m} development
Werdegang {m} history
Werdegang {m} einer Person personal background
werden to become {became, become}
werden to grow {grew, grown}
werden (du wirst, er wird) become
werden monatlich überwiesen will be remitted (transferred) monthly
Werden Sie daraus klug? Does this make sense to you?
Werden Sie daraus klug? Does it make sense to you?
werden zum alten Satz berechnet will be charged at the former rate
werdend getting
werdend becoming
werdend nascent
werdende Mutter {f} expectant mother
werfen to fawn
werfen to toss
werfen to cast {cast, cast}
werfen to throw {threw, thrown}
werfen to pitch
werfen to bung
werfen to fling {flung, flung}
werfen (du wirfst, er wirft) to throw
werfen [-special_topic_zool.-] to litter [-special_topic_zool.-]
Werfen {n}, Verziehen {n} (Platte, Fliese) warping
werfend chucking
werfend cockling
werfend flinging
werfend foaling
werfend pitching
werfend tossing
werfend whelping
Werfer {m} pitcher
Werfer {m} thrower
Werfer {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] launcher [-special_topic_mil.-]
Werfer {m} (Wasserwerfer bzw. Schaum- oder Pulverkanone auf Löschfahrzeug) monitor
Werfer {m} [-special_topic_sport-] bowler (cricket) [-special_topic_sport-]
Werfer {pl} throwers
Werferschütze {m} mortar gunner
Werft {f} dockyard
Werftkäfer {m} ship-timber beetle
Werg {n} tow
Werg {n} oakum
Werk {n} works
Werk {n} work
Werk {n} (tech.) action
Werkbank {f} workbench
Werkbankfräsmaschine {f} bench milling machine
Werkbänke {pl} workbenches
Werkbänke {pl} benches
werken to work
werken to be busy
Werken {n} (Schulfach) handicrafts
Werklehrer {m} handicrafts teacher
Werklehrer {m} handicraft teacher
Werklehrerin {f} (female) handicraft teacher
Werklehrerin {f} (female) handicrafts teacher
Werkleute {pl} workmen

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