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Weinbauverband {m} winegrowers' association
Weinbeere {f} grape
Weinbeere {f} (südd., österr., schweiz.: Rosine) raisin
Weinbeeren {pl} grapes
Weinbehälter {m} wine tank
Weinbeißer {m} (Weinkenner) wine expert
Weinbeißer {m} (österr.) (Lebkuchensorte) small iced gingerbread cake
Weinbeißer {m} (österr.) (Lebkuchensorte) small frosted gingerbread cake (Am.)
Weinberg {m} vineyard
Weinbergbesitzer {m} vineyard owner
Weinberge {pl} vineyards
Weinbergeigentümer {m} vineyard owner
Weinbergpflug {m} vineyard plough (Br.)
Weinbergpflug {m} vineyard plow (Am.)
Weinbergschnecke {f} edible snail
Weinbergschnecke {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] Roman snail [-special_topic_zool.-]
Weinbergschnecke {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] escargot [-special_topic_zool.-]
Weinbergspritze {f} vineyard sprayer
Weinbergtraktor {m} vineyard tractor
Weinblatt {n} vine leaf
Weinblätter {pl} vine leaves
Weinbrand {m} brandy
Weinbrandbohne {f} brandy chocolate
Weinbrandbohne {f} brandy bean
Weincreme {f} wine syllabub
Weincreme {f} wine sillabub
Weindorf {n} wine-growing village
Weindorf {n} wine (growing) village
weine nicht don't cry
Weine {pl} wines
weinen to weep {wept, wept}
weinen (über) to cry (about)
weinend sobbingly
weinend weeping
Weinende {m,f} weeper
Weinenden {pl} weepers
weinerisch whiningly
weinerisch whiny
weinerlich tearful
Weinernte {f} vintage
Weinernten {pl} vintages
Weinerzeuger {m} wine grower
Weinerzeuger {m} wine producer
Weinessig {m} wine vinegar
Weinexperte {m} wine expert
Weinexpertin {f} (female) wine expert
Weinfass {n} wine cask
Weinfest {n} wine festival
Weinflasche {f} wine bottle
Weinflaschen {pl} wine bottles
Weinfässer {pl} wine casks
Weingegend {f} wine-growing area
Weingegend {f} wine (growing) district
Weingegend {f} wine-growing district
Weingeist {m} spirits of wine
Weingeist {m} aqueous ethyl alcohol
Weingelee {n} wine-flavoured jelly (Br.)
Weingelee {n} wine-flavored jelly (Am.)
Weingeläger {n} (wine) lees
Weingeläger {n} (wine) bottoms
Weingeläger {n} (wine) sediment
Weingemeinde {f} wine (growing) municipality
Weingemeinde {f} wine-growing municipality
Weingesetz {n} laws relating to wine and wine-production
Weinglas {n} wine glas
Weingläser {pl} wine glasses
Weingott {m} god of wine
Weingummi {n,m} wine gum
Weingut {n} wine-growing estate
Weingut {n} vineyard
Weingut {n} winery (Am.)
Weingüter {pl} wineries
Weingüter {pl} wine-growing estates
Weingärtner {m} vine dresser
Weingärtner {m} (i. w. S.) wine grower
Weingärtner {pl} vine dressers
Weingärtnerin {f} (female) wine grower
weinhaft vinous
Weinhandlung {f} wine store
Weinhandlung {f} wine shop (Br.)
Weinhandlungen {pl} wine stores
Weinhauer {m} (österr.) wine grower
Weinhauerin {f} (österr.) (female) wine grower
Weinhaus {n} wine tavern
Weinhaus {n} wine bar
Weinhaus {n} (Geschäft) wine shop (Br.)
Weinhaus {n} (Geschäft) wine store (Am.)
Weinheber {m} wine cradle
Weinheber {m} wine basket
Weinheber {m} wine syphon
Weinhefe {f} wine yeast
Weinhefe {f} (Bodensatz, z. B. im Fass) dregs of wine
Weinhähnchen {n} (Blumengrille) Italian cricket
Weinhändler {m} vintner
Weinhändler {m} wine merchant
Weinhändler {pl} wine merchants
Weinhändler {pl} vintners
weinig vinous
Weinjahr {n} wine year
Weinjahre {pl} wine years
Weinkaraffe {f} wine carafe
Weinkarte {f} wine list
Weinkarten {pl} wine lists
Weinkeller {m} wine cellar
Weinkeller {m} (Lokal) wine tavern
Weinkeller {m} (Lokal) wine bar
Weinkellerei {f} winery
Weinkellnerin {f} wine waitress
Weinkelter {f} winepress
Weinkelterei {f} wine-press house
Weinkeltern {pl} winepresses
Weinkenner {m} oenophile
Weinkenner {m} connoisseur
Weinkenner {m} wine connoisseur
Weinkennerin {f} (female) wine connoisseur
Weinkennerin {f} (female) oenophile
Weinkistentischler {m} wine chest maker (Br.)
Weinkonzentrierer {m} wine concentrator
Weinkorb {m} wine cradle
Weinkrampf {m} crying fit
Weinkraut {n} sauerkraut
Weinkrug {m} wine jug
Weinkrämpfe {pl} crying fits
Weinkultur {f} wine culture
Weinkultur {f} (Weinbau) wine growing
Weinkultur {f} (Weinbau) viniculture
Weinkunde {f} enology (Am.)
Weinkunde {f} oenology (Br.)
Weinküfer {m} cellarman
Weinkühler {m} wine cooler
Weinkönigin {f} wine queen
Weinlage {f} vineyard location
Weinlager {n} stock of wine
Weinlager {n} stock of wines
Weinland {n} wine-producing country
Weinland {n} wine-growing country
Weinlaub {n} wine leaves
Weinlaube {f} vine arbour
Weinlaube {f} vine bower
Weinlaune {f} expansive mood (inspired by wine)
Weinlese {f} grape gathering
Weinlese {f} vintage
Weinlese {f} grape harvest
Weinlesemaschine {f} grape harvester
Weinlesemaschine {f} grape harvesting machine
Weinlesen {pl} grape gatherings
Weinlesen {pl} vintages
Weinleser {m} vintager
Weinleserin {f} (female) vintager
Weinliebhaber {m} oenophile
Weinlokal {n} wine bar
Weinmarkt {m} wine market
Weinmesse {f} wine fair
Weinmost {m} (wine) must
Weinnase {f} (scherzhaft, auch abwertend) wine nose
Weinort {m} (Dorf) wine (growing) village
Weinort {m} (Dorf) wine-growing village
Weinort {m} (Ortschaft) wine (growing) place
Weinort {m} (Ortschaft) wine-growing place
Weinort {m} (Stadt) wine (growing) town
Weinort {m} (Stadt) wine-growing town
Weinpanscher {m} wine-adulterator
Weinpanscher {m} wine adulterator
Weinpanscher {m} wine-doctorer (coll.)
Weinpanscher {m} wine doctorer (coll.)
Weinpanscherei {f} wine doctoring
Weinpanscherei {f} wine-doctoring
Weinpanscherei {f} wine-adulterating
Weinpanscherei {f} wine adulterating
Weinpresse {f} wine press
Weinprinzessin {f} wine princess
Weinprobe {f} wine test
Weinprobe {f} (i. w. S.) wine tasting
Weinprobe {f} (Veranstaltung) wine tasting session
Weinprüfer {m} wine taster
Weinprüferin {f} (female) wine taster
Weinprämierung {f} (Auszeichnung von Weinen) wine awards
Weinprämierung {f} (Veranstaltung) wine awards ceremony
Weinprämierung {f} (Vorstellung) wine show
Weinprämierung {f} (z. B. Medaille) wine award
Weinpräsent {n} wine present
Weinpumpe {f} wine pump
Weinranke {f} tendril of vine
Weinranke {f} vine tendril
Weinraute (Ruta graveolens) ruta graveolens
Weinrebe {f} grape vine
Weinrebe {f} grapevine
weinrot ruby coloured
weinrot wine-red
weinrot claret
weinrot ruby-coloured
weinsaure Salze {pl} tartrates
Weinschaum {m} zabaglione
Weinschaumsauce {f} zabaglione sauce
Weinschaumsoße {f} zabaglione sauce
Weinschenke {f} wine inn
Weinschenke {f} wine tavern
Weinschlauch {m} wineskin
Weinschorle {f} spritzer
Weinschrank {m} wine cabinet

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