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wacker standhalten to hold one's own
wackeren stouter
wackerste stoutest
wacklig ramshackle
wacklig ramshackly
wacklig shakily
wacklig shaky
wackligere shakier
Wackligkeit {f} dottiness
wackligstem shakiest
Wade {f} (Bein) calf
Wadenbein {n} calfbone
Wadenbein {n} fibula
Wadenbein {n} calf-bone
Wadenbein {n} calf bone
Wadenbein {n} splint bone
Wadenbeinbruch {m} fibula fracture
Wadenbeinbruch {m} fibular fracture
Wadenbeinbruch {m} fracture of the fibula
Wadenbeinfraktur {f} fibula fracture
Wadenbeinfraktur {f} fibular fracture
Wadenbeinfraktur {f} fracture of the fibula
Wadenbeinschlagader {f} [-special_topic_anat.-] peroneal artery (Arteria peronaea [fibularis]) [-special_topic_anat.-]
Wadenbeißer {m} (ugs.: Gemeine Stechfliege) stable fly (Stomoxys caiciltrans)
Wadenkrampf {m} cramp in the calf
wadenlang calf length
wadenlang calf-length
wadenlange Strümpfe {pl} mid-calf length socks
wadenlange Strümpfe {pl} mid-calf socks
wadenlanger Strumpf {m} mid-calf length sock
wadenlanger Strumpf {m} mid-calf sock
Wadennetz {n} seine
Wadenstecher {m} (ugs.: Gemeine Stechfliege) stable fly (Stomoxys caiciltrans)
Wadenstrumpf {m} half stocking
Wadenstrumpf {m} mid-calf length sock
Wadenstrümpfe {pl} mid-calf length socks
Waffe {f} weapon
Waffe {f} arms
Waffel {f} wafer
Waffel {f} waffle
Waffelboden {m} waffle floor
Waffeln {pl} wafers
Waffeln {pl} waffles
Waffelschokolade {f} wafer chocolate
Waffen {pl} arms
Waffen {pl} weaponries
Waffen {pl} weapons
Waffen {pl} (wie in Flugabwehrwaffen) weaponry
Waffenappell {m} arms inspection
Waffenbeschwerung {f} (Sportschießen) additional weight
Waffenbestimmungen {pl} (für Handfeuerwaffen) firearms specifications
Waffenerfassungsradar {n} weapon-locating radar
Waffenexporte {pl} arms exports
Waffenfabrik {f} arsenal
Waffenfabrik {f} factory of arms
Waffenfabrik {f} armory (Am.)
Waffenfabrik {f} armoury (Br.)
Waffenfabrik {f} arms works
Waffenfabrikant {m} arms manufacturer
Waffenfabriken {pl} factories of arms
waffenfähig weapons-grade
Waffengattung {f} branch
Waffengewalt {f} force of arms
Waffengewalten {pl} forces of arms
Waffengewicht {n} (Handfeuerwaffe) weight of the firearm
Waffenhand {f} shooting hand
Waffenkammer {f} armory
Waffenkammern {pl} armories
Waffenkoffer {m} arms chest
Waffenkoffer {m} (für Faustfeuerwaffe) pistol case
Waffenlager {n} cache
Waffenlager {n} arms depot
Waffenlager {n} arsenal
Waffenlager {n} (geheim) arms cache
Waffenlager {n}, Waffenarsenal {n} weapons stockpile
Waffenlieferung {f} delivery of arms
Waffenlieferungen {pl} deliveries of arms
waffenlos barehanded
waffenlos unarmed
waffenlosere more unarmed
waffenloseste most unarmed
Waffenmeister {m} armorer (Am.)
Waffenmeister {m} armourer (Br.)
Waffenreinigung {f} (Handfeuerwaffe) firearm cleaning
Waffenrock {m} tunic
Waffenruhe {f} truce
Waffenruhen {pl} truces
Waffenröcke {pl} tunics
Waffensafe {m} firearm safe
Waffensafe {m} gun safe (coll.)
Waffensammler {m} gun collector
Waffensammlerbörse {f} gun collector's fair
Waffensammlung {f} weapons collection
Waffensammlung {f} (Ansammlung, Lagerung) [-special_topic_mil.-] arsenal [-special_topic_mil.-]
Waffenschein {m} fire arm certificate
Waffenscheine {pl} fire arm certificates
Waffenschmied {m} armorer (Am.)
Waffenschmied {m} armourer (Br.)
Waffenschmiede {f} weaponry
Waffenschmuggel {m} gun running
Waffenschmuggler {m} gun runner
Waffenschmuggler {m} gunrunner
Waffenschmuggler {pl} gun runners
Waffenschmuggler {pl} gunrunners
Waffenschrank {m} firearm locker
Waffenschrank {m} gun locker (coll.)
Waffenschrank {m} (besonders sicher) firearm safe
Waffenschrank {m} (besonders sicher) gun safe (coll.)
Waffenstillstand {m} armistice
Waffenstillstand {m} ceasefire
Waffenstillstand {m} cease-fire
Waffentanz {m} war dance
Waffenträger {m} (eines Ritters) (hist.) armor-bearer
Waffenversteck {n} weapons cache
Waffenversteck {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] arms cache [-special_topic_mil.-]
Waffenvorrat {m} arsenal
Waffenvorrat {m} armory (Am.)
Waffenvorrat {m} armoury (Br.)
Wagehals {m} daredevil
Wagehälse {pl} daredevils
wagemutig daring
wagemutige daringly
wagen to dare {dared, durst, dared}
wagen to venture
Wagen {m} carriage
Wagen {m} car
Wagen {m} trolley
Wagen {m} trolly
Wagen {m} coach
Wagen {m} wagon
Wagen {m} wain
Wagen {m} mit einer Musikkapelle bandwagon
Wagen {pl} cars
Wagen {pl} trollies
Wagen... vehicular
Wagenanzug {m] (Babybekleidung) blanket sleepsuit
wagend daring
wagend risking
wagend venturing
Wagendecke {f} tarpaulin
Wagenführer {m} motorman
Wagenführer {pl} motormen
Wagenheber {m} car jack
Wagenheber {m} jack
Wagenheber {m} (Eisenbahntechnik) carriage jack
Wagenheber {pl} jacks
Wagenheber-Ansatzpunkt {m} jacking point
Wagenheber-Ansatzpunkt {m} jacking position
Wagenheber-Führungsbolzen {m} jack locator pin
Wagenheberaufnahme {f} jacking point
Wagenheberaufnahme {f} jacking position
Wagenheberbefestigung {f} (im Kofferraum) jack stowage
Wagenhebertasche {f} jack storage bag
Wagenladung {f} carload
Wagenlenker {m} charioteer
Wagenparade {f} carriage procession (Br.) (royal c. p.)
Wagenpark {m} vehicle fleet
Wagenpark {m} fleet of cars
Wagenpark {m} fleet of vehicles
Wagenrad {n} cartwheel
Wagenrad {n} wheel of the car
Wagenradhut {m} cartwheel hat
Wagenrunge {f} stake
Wagenrunge {f} stanchion
Wagenrücklauf {m} carriage return
Wagenrücklauf-Zeilentransport carriage return-line feed
Wagenrücklauftaste {f} carriage return key
Wagenräder {pl} wheels of the car
Wagenschlag {m} car door
Wagenschmiere {f} cart grease
Wagenspur {f} rut
Wagenspuren {pl} ruts
Wagentransport {m} truckage
Wagenvorschub {m} carriage
Wagestück {n} daring deed
Waggon {m} wagon
Waggon {m} waggon (Br.)
Waggon {m} car (Am.)
Waggons {pl} wagons
Waggons {pl} waggons (Br.)
waghalsig reckless
waghalsigere more reckless
Waghalsigkeit {f} daredevilry
Waghalsigkeiten {pl} daredevilries
waghalsigste most reckless
Wagner'scher Hammer {m} (Elektrotechnik) trembler
Wagner'scher Hammer {m} (Elektrotechnik) Wagner interrupter
wagnerisch wagnerian
Wagnis {n} risk
Wagnisse {pl} adventures
wagt dares
wagt risks
wagte heraus ventured
Wahl für die dritte Amtsperiode election for the third term
Wahl {f} choice
Wahl {f} election
Wahl {f} electoral
Wahl {f} option
Wahl {f} selection
Wahlamt {n} electoral office

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