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verabscheute abominated
verabscheute detested
verabscheute loathed
verabscheute nauseated
Verabscheuung {f} detestation
verabscheuungswürdig abhorrent
verabscheuungswürdige abhorrently
verabschieden to say good bye
verabschiedend saying good bye
verabschiedet says good bye
verabschiedete said good bye
Verabschiedung {f} farewell
Verabschiedung {f} dismissal
Verabschiedung {f} discharge
Verabschiedung {f} leave-taking
Verabschiedung {f} eines Gesetzes passage of a bill
Verabschiedung {f} eines Gesetzes passing of a bill
Verabschiedung {f}, Abschied {m} send-off
verabsäumend missing
verabsäumt misses
verachten to disdain
verachten to despise
verachten to dispise
verachten to scorn
verachtend disdaining
verachtend despising
verachtend scorning
verachtender more despising
verachtendste most despising
verachtenswert contemptible
verachtenswert contemptibly
verachtet disdains
verachtet despises
verachtet scorns
verachtete despised
verachtete disdained
verachtete scorned
Verachtung {f} contempt
Verachtung {f} despite
Verachtung {f} scornfulness
Verachtung {f} scorn
Verachtung {f} abhorrence
Verachtungen {pl} contempts
Verachtungen {pl} despites
verachtungsvoll disdainful
verachtungsvoll contemptuous
verachtungsvoll contemptuously
verachtungsvoll disdainfully
verachtungsvoll dismissive
veralbern to stultify
veralbern to pull someone's leg
veralbern to tease
veralbernd stultifying
veralbert stultifies
veralberte stultified
Veralberung {f} stultification
verallgemeinerert generalized
verallgemeinern to generalize
verallgemeinern to make generalizations
verallgemeinern to universalize
verallgemeinernd generalizing
verallgemeinert generalized
verallgemeinert generalizes
Verallgemeinerung {f} generalization
Verallgemeinerung {f} generalisation
Verallgemeinerungen {pl} generalizations
veralten to become obsolete
veralten to antiquate
veralten to age
veralten to outmode
veraltend antiquating
veraltend obsolescent
veraltend old-fashioned (of a word)
veraltende obsolescently
Veralterung {f} obsolescence
veraltet obsolete
veraltet antiquated
veraltet antiqued
veraltet archaic
veraltet becomes obsolete
veraltet dated
veraltet obsoletely
veraltet out-of-date
veraltet outmoded
veraltet timeworn
veraltet corny
veraltete antiquates
veraltete became obsolete
veraltete obsoletely
veraltete Daten decaying data
veraltete Daten {pl} aged data
veraltetem out of date
Veranda {f} veranda
Veranda {f} porch
Veranda {f} patio
Veranda {f} verandah
Veranda {f} deck (Am.)
Veranda {f} (sl.) ([große] Brüste) balcony (sl.)
Veranden {pl} verandas
verankern to moor
verankern to brace
verankern to guy
verankern (im Gedächtnis) to embed
verankert anchored
verankert anchors
Verankerung {f} bracing
Verankerung {f} (das Verankern) anchoring
Verankerung {f} (das Verankertsein) anchorage
Verankerung {f} (Schiff) mooring
Verankerung {f} (von Gedanken) embedding, fixing
Verankerung {f} (von Rechten) establishment
veranlagen to assess
veranlagend assessing
veranlagt assessed
veranlagt assesses
veranlagte assessed
veranlagte Steuer assessed tax
Veranlagung {f} (natural) tendency (of)
Veranlagung {f} habitude
Veranlagung {f} assessment
Veranlagung {f} idiosyncrasy
Veranlagung {f} disposition
Veranlagung {f} temper
Veranlagungen {pl} assessments
Veranlagungen {pl} idiosyncrasies
Veranlagungen {pl} natures
veranlagungsgemäß temperamental
Veranlagungsverfahren {n} assessment procedure
Veranlagungszeitraum {m} assessment period
veranlassen to induce
veranlassen to dispose
veranlassen to cause
veranlassen to prompt
veranlassen to set {set, set}
veranlassen zu to bring to
veranlassen, hervorrufen to occasion
veranlassend inducing
veranlassend motiving
veranlassend causing
veranlasst induces
veranlasst causes
veranlasste induced
veranlasste occasioned
veranlasste caused
Veranlassung {f} inducement
Veranlassung {f} origination
Veranlassung {f} cause
Veranlassung {f} reason
Veranlassungen {pl} inducements
veranschaulichen demonstrate
veranschaulichen illustrate
veranschaulichen to illustrate
veranschaulichend illustrating
veranschaulicht exemplifies
veranschaulicht illustrates
veranschaulichte illustrated
veranschlagen to estimate
veranschlagend estimating
veranschlagt estimated
veranstalten to stage
veranstalten (ugs.) to put on (coll.)
Veranstalter {m} organizer
Veranstalter {m} operator
veranstaltet von hosted by
veranstaltete staged
Veranstaltung {f} event
Veranstaltung {f} function
Veranstaltung {f} vom event from
Veranstaltungskalender {m} calendar of events
Veranstaltungskauffrau {f} (female) management assistant in event organisation
Veranstaltungskaufmann {m} (male) management assistant in event organisation
Veranstaltungsort {m} venue
Veranstaltungsraum {m} room for events
Veranstaltungsraum {m} event location
Veranstaltungsraum {m} function room
Veranstaltungsraum {m} cultural hall
verantworten to answer for
verantworten to take (the) responsibility for
verantwortet takes the responsibility
verantwortete took the responsibility
verantwortlich accountable
verantwortlich accountably
verantwortlich answerable
verantwortlich liably
verantwortlich responsible (for)
verantwortlich liable
verantwortlich gemacht werden für to be held responsible for
verantwortliche accountably
verantwortliche responsibly
Verantwortliche {f} person responsible
Verantwortliche {pl} those responsible
Verantwortlicher {m} person responsible
verantwortlichere more responsible
Verantwortlichkeit {f} accountability
Verantwortlichkeit {f} responsibility
Verantwortlichkeit {f} accountableness
Verantwortlichkeit {f} liability
Verantwortlichkeiten {pl} responsibilities
Verantwortlichkeiten {pl} (jdm. gegenüber) accountabilities
verantwortlichste most responsible

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