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Trommel {f} drum
Trommel {f} barrel
Trommel {f} des Revolvers clip
Trommelbremse {f} drum brake
Trommelentsafter {m} cylinder-type juice separator
Trommelfell {n} eardrum
Trommelfell {n} drumhead
Trommelfell {n} tympanic membrane
Trommelfell {n} ear drum
Trommelfeuer {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] barrage [-special_topic_mil.-]
trommeln to beat the drum
trommelnd drumming
Trommelprüfstand {m} roller drum test rig
Trommelrevolver {m} revolver
Trommelsieb {n} rotary drum strainer
Trommelsieb {n} drum screen
Trommelsieb {n} revolving screen
Trommelsieb {n} revolving shield
Trommelstock {m} drumstick
Trommelstöcke {pl} drumsticks
Trommelsynthesizer {m} drum machine
Trommelsäge {f} crown saw
Trommelsäge {f} cylinder saw
trommelt drums
Trommelwirbel {m} rataplan
Trommelwirbel {m} drum roll
Trompete {f} trumpet
Trompete {f} (Knoten) sheepshank
Trompetenbaum (Catalpa bignonioides) indian bean tree
trompetend trumpeting
Trompetenhose {f} bell-bottomed trousers
Trompetenhose {f} bell-bottomed pants (esp. Am.)
Trompetenhose {f} bell-bottomed slacks (esp. Am.)
Trompetenhose {f} (a pair of) bell bottoms (coll.)
Trompetenhose {f} trumpet trousers
Trompetenhose {f} trumpet pants (esp. Am.)
Trompetenrock {m} trumpet skirt
Trompeterschwan {m} trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator)
trompetete trumpeted
Tropenanzug {m} tropical suit
tropenfestere more tropicalized
tropenfesteste most tropicalized
Tropenhelm {m} pith helmet
Tropenhelm {m} topee
Tropenhemd {n} tropical shirt
Tropenhut {m} tropical hat
Tropenrock {m} (hist.) [-special_topic_mil.-] tropical tunic [-special_topic_mil.-]
Tropensturm {m} tropical storm
tropentauglich tropicalized
Tropenuniform {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] tropical uniform [-special_topic_mil.-]
Tropenwolle {f} tropical wool
Tropf {m} [-special_topic_med.-] drip [-special_topic_med.-]
tropfen to drop
tropfen to seep
tropfen to trickle
tropfen (Kerze) to gutter
Tropfen {m} drop
Tropfen {m} drip
Tropfen {pl} drops
Tropfenabschläger {m} drop hammer
Tropfenabschläger {m} drop knocker
Tropfenabschläger {m} drop terminator
tropfend seeping
Tropfenflughuhn {n} spotted sandgrouse (Pterocles senegallus)
tropfenförmig drop shaped
tropfenweise drop by drop
Tropfenzahl {f} drop count
Tropfkörper {m} percolating filter
Tropfkörper {m} trickling filter (Am.)
tropft drops
tropft seeps
tropft drips
tropfte dripped
Trophäe {f} trophy
Tropikvögel {pl} tropic birds
tropisch tropical
tropisch tropically
tropische Regenfälle {pl} tropical rains
tropischen tropically
tropischere more tropical
tropischste most tropical
Trosse {f} hawser
Trossenstek {m} Carrick bend
Trost und Rat tea and sympathy
Trost {m} consolation
Trost {m} comfort
Trost {m} solace
trostlos inconsolable
trostlos comfortless
trostlos comfortlessly
trostlos disconsolate
trostlos dismal
trostlos dismally
trostlos dreary
trostlos cheerless
trostlose disconsolately
trostlose drearily
trostlose inconsolably
trostloser drearier
trostlosere more disconsolate
trostloses Dasein living death
trostloseste dreariest
trostloseste most disconsolate
Trostpreis {m} consolation prize
trostreich comforting
trostreich comfortable
trostreichere more comforting
trostreichste most comforting
Trott {m} jog
Trottel {m} schmuck (sl.)
Trottel {m} zombie
Trottel {m} jackass
Trottel {m} moron
Trottel {m} twat (vulg.)
Trottel {m} sap
Trottel {m} wally (Aus.)
Trottel {m} goon (coll.)
Trottel {m} berk (Br.)
Trottel {m} prat (Br.)
Trottel, Dämlack {m} jerk
Trottelchen {m} little idiot
trottelig gawkly
Trottellumme {f} common murre (Uria aalge)
Trottellumme {f} guillemot (Uria aalge)
trotten to jog
trotten to trot
trotten to plod
trotten to lollop
trottend jogging
trottend trotting
trottet jogs
trottet trots
trottet plods
trottete plodded
trottete trotted
trotz despite
trotz in spite of
trotz notwithstanding
trotz defiantly
trotz alledem but for all that
trotz alledem nontheless
trotz allem whatever
Trotz bieten to face
Trotz bieten to beard
Trotzanfall {m} tantrum
trotzdem nonetheless
trotzdem all the same
trotzdem even so
trotzdem nevertheless
trotzdem anyhow
trotzdem still
trotzdem despite
trotzdem anyway
trotzen to defy
trotzend braving
trotzend defying
trotzendere more defying
trotzendste most defying
trotzig defiant
trotzige defiantly
trotzigere more defiant
trotzigste most defiant
trotzt defies
trotzte defied
Trubel {m} hustle and bustle
trudeln trundle
trudeln [-special_topic_sport-] to trickle (fig.) [-special_topic_sport-]
Trudeln {n} [-special_topic_aviat.-] spin [-special_topic_aviat.-]
trudelnd trundling
trudelt trundles
trudelt spins
trudelte trundled
trug shouldered
trug sustained
trug toted
trug wore
trug den Tisch herein carried in the table
trug den Tisch hinaus carried out the table
trug ein inscribed
Trug {m} swindle
Trugbild {n} phantom
Truhe {f} chest
Trumm {n} (ugs., großes, schweres Ding) whopper (coll.)
Trumpf {m} trump
trumpfend trumping
Trumpfkönig {m} king of trumps
trumpfte trumped
trunken drunken
Trunkenbold {m} drunkard
trunkenere more drunken
Trunkenheit {f} drunkenness
Trunkenheit {f} am Steuer driving under the influence
trunkenste most drunken
Trunkierung {f} truncation
Trunksucht {f} alcoholism
Trunksucht {f} alcoholic addiction
Trunksucht {f} addiction to drink
trunksüchtig bibulous
trunksüchtige bibulously
trunksüchtigere more alcoholic

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