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Trakt {m} wing
Trakt {m} block
Traktionskette {f} tyre chain
Traktionskraft {f} tractive force
Traktor {m} tractor
Traktoren {pl} tractors
Traktorpflug {m} tractor plough
Traktur {f} (der Orgel) action
Trampdampfer {m} [-special_topic_naut.-] tramp steamer [-special_topic_naut.-]
Trampel {m} (ugs., Frau) klutz (Am.)
Trampel {m} (ugs., verächtlich) boor
trampelig (ugs.) clumsy
trampelig (ugs.) oafish
trampelig (ugs.) lumbering
trampeln trample
trampeln to lumber
trampeln (auf der Stelle) to stamp
trampeln (auf) to tramp (on)
Trampeln {n} trampling
Trampeln {n} tramp
trampelnd trampling
Trampelpfad {m} beattrack
Trampelpfad {m} trail
Trampelpfad {m} beaten path
Trampelpfade {pl} trails
trampelt tramples
Trampeltier {n} bactrian (camel)
Trampeltier {n} (ugs., verächtlich; Person) clumsy oaf
trampen to hitchhike
trampen to hitch (it)
Trampen {n} hitchhiking
trampend hitchhiking
trampend tramping
Tramper {m} hitchhiker
Tramperin {f} (female) hitchhiker
Trampolin {n} trampoline
Trampoline {pl} trampolines
Trampschifffahrt {f} [-special_topic_naut.-] tramp shipping [-special_topic_naut.-]
trampt hitchhikes
trampt tramps
trampte hitchhiked
Trance {f} trance
Trancen {pl} trances
Tranchierbrett {n} carving board
Tranchiergabel {f} carving fork
Tranchiermesser {n} carving knife
Tranchiermesser {n} slicing knife
Tranchiermesser {pl} carving knives
Tranfunsel {f} (ugs.: langweiliger/geistig schwerfälliger Mensch) slowpoke (Am.)
Tranfunsel {f} (ugs.: langweiliger/geistig schwerfälliger Mensch) slowcoach (Br.)
Tranfunsel {f} (ugs.: sehr schwache Lampe) (very) dim light
Tranfunzel {f} (ugs.: langweiliger/geistig schwerfälliger Mensch) slowcoach (Br.)
Tranfunzel {f} (ugs.: langweiliger/geistig schwerfälliger Mensch) slowpoke (Am.)
Tranfunzel {f} (ugs.: sehr schwache Lampe) (very) dim light
trank bibbed
trank drank
Trank {m} drink
Trankopfer {n} libation
Tranquilizer {m} (pharm.) tranquilizer (esp. Br.)
Tranquilizer {m} (pharm.) tranquillizer (esp. Am.)
Tranquillanzien {pl} (pharm.) tranquilizers (esp. Br.)
Tranquillanzien {pl} (pharm.) tranquillizers (esp. Am.)
trans-Fettsäuren {pl} trans fatty acid
Transaktion {f} transaction
Transaktionen {pl} operations
Transaktionssatz {m} amendment record
transatlantisch transatlantic
Transe {f} drag queen
transferiert transfers
transferierte transferred
Transformator {m} (E-Technik) transformer
Transformator {m} mit geteilter Wicklung (E-Technik) split transformer
Transformator {m} mit Luftkühlung (E-Technik) air-cooled transformer
Transformator-Wicklungsdraht {m} transformer wire
Transformatorabgriff {m} (E-Technik) transformer tap
Transformatoranzapfung {f} (E-Technik) transformer tap
Transformatorbank {f} (elektr.) transformer bank
Transformatorblech {n} transformer plate
Transformatorblech {n} (relativ dünn) transformer sheet
Transformatoren {pl} transformers
Transformatoren-Blechpaket {n} (E-Technik) laminated transformer core
Transformatorenblechpaket {n} (E-Technik) laminated transformer core
Transformatorenöl {n} transformer oil
transformatorgekoppelt (elektr.) transformer-coupled
transformatorische Rückkopplung {f} (elektr.) transformer feedback
Transformatorisolation {f} (elektr.) transformer Isolation
Transformatorkern {m} (elektr.9 transformer core
Transformatorkessel {m} (E-Technik) transformer tank
Transformatorkopplung {f} (elektr.) transformer coupling
Transformatorleistung {f} (elektr.9 transformer capacity
Transformatormantel {m} (E-Technik) transformer shell
Transformatorrückkopplung {f} (elektr.) transformer feedback
Transformatorspule {f} (elektr.) transformer coil
Transformatorsystem {m} (elektr.) transformer system
Transformatorverlust {m} (E-Technik) transformer loss
Transformatorverlust {m} (E-Technik) transformer losses
Transformatorverlustleistung {f} (E-Technik) transformer loss
Transformatorverlustleistung {f} (E-Technik) transformer losses
Transformatorwagen {m} (auf Schiene) transformer carriage
Transformatorwagen {m} (für die Straße) transformer truck
Transformatorwicklung {f} (E-Technik) transformer winding
Transformatorwicklungsdraht {m} transformer wire
Transformatorübersetzungsverhältnis {n} (elektr.) transformer ratio
Transformatorzusatzschaltung {f} (elektr.) transformer equivalent circuit
Transformatoröl {n} transformer oil
transformieren to transform
transformierend transforming
transformiert transforms
transformiert transformed
Transfusionen {pl} transfusions
transgen [-special_topic_biol.-] transgenic [-special_topic_biol.-]
transgene Zelle [-special_topic_biol.-] transgenic cell [-special_topic_biol.-]
Transistor {m} transistor
Transistoren {pl} transistors
transistorisieren to transistorize
transistorisierend transistorizing
transistorisiert semi-conductors
transistorisiert transistorized
transistorisiert transistorizes
Transitfrequenz {f} unity gain frequency
Transithandel {m} transit trade
transitiv transitive
transitiven transitively
Transitstrecke {f} transit route
transkontinental transcontinental
transkribieren to transliterate
transkribierend transliterating
transkribiert transliterates
transkribierte transliterated
Transkription {f} transcription
Translation {f} [-special_topic_math.-] translation [-special_topic_math.-]
Translationsinvarianz {f} [-special_topic_math.-] translation invariance [-special_topic_math.-]
Transliteration {f} transliteration
Transmission {f} transmissivity
Transmissionselektronenmikroskop (TEM) {n} transmission electron microscope (TEM)
Transmissionspositronenmikroskop {n} (TPM) transmission positron microscope (TPM)
Transmissionsrasterelektronenmikroskop {n} (TM-REM) scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM)
Transmissionsrasterionenmikroskop {n} scanning transmission ion microscope (STIM)
Transmissionsrasterröntgenmikroskop {n} scanning transmission X-ray microscope (STXM)
Transmissionsröntgenmikroskop {n} transmission X-ray microscope (TXM)
Transmutation {f} (physik.) atomic transformation
Transmutationsanlage {f} transmutation plant
Transnationale Kooperation {f} TNC (Transnational Corporation)
Transparent {n} banner
Transparent {n} reproducible copy
Transparent {n} transparentness
Transparent-BH {m} sheer bra
Transparent-BH {m} transparent bra
Transparent-Kleid {n} sheer dress
Transparent-Träger {pl} (BH) clear straps
transparente Körbchen {pl} (BH) sheer cups
transparenter BH {m} translucent bra
transparentere more transparent
transparenteste most transparent
Transparentträger {pl} (BH) clear straps
Transparenz {f} transparency
Transparenz {f} lucency
Transpiration {f} perspiration
Transplantat {n} graft
Transplantation {f} transplantation
Transplantationen {pl} transplantations
Transplantationsmedizin {f} transplant medicine
Transplantationsmedizin {f} transplantation medicine
transplantieren to transplant
transplantierend transplanted
transplantierende transplanting
transplantiert transplants
transponieren to transpose
Transponierte {f} [-special_topic_math.-] transpose [-special_topic_math.-]
Transport {m} conveyance
Transport {m} portage
Transport {m} transport
Transport {m} transportation
Transport {m} porterage
Transport {m} carriage
Transport {m} traction
Transport {m} (bezüglich Ausführung, Unternehmen) transport operation
Transport {m} (mit Schiff, Zustelldienst) shipment
Transport {m} (mit Schiff, Zustelldienst) shipping
Transport {m} (tech.) (Filmtransport) winding (mechanism)
Transport {m} (Versand) shipping
Transport {m} (von Gütern) freightage
Transport {m} (von Gütern) freight
Transport {m} (von Gütern) haulage
Transport {m} (von Personen, Fracht etc.) carriage
Transport {m} (von Waren, Hilfsgütern etc.) consignment
Transport {m} Vorschub {m} feed
transportabel transportable
transportabelste most transportable
transportablere more transportable
Transportarbeiter {m} transport worker
Transportarbeiter {pl} transport workers
Transportarbeitergewerkschaft TGWU : Transport and General Workers' Union (Br.)
Transportband {n} conveyer belt
Transportbehälter {m} casket
Transportbehälter {m} tote box (Am.)
Transportbeton {m} transit-mixed concrete
Transportbeton {m} ready-mixed concrete
Transportbeton {m} truck-mixed concrete
Transportbeton {m} ready-mix concrete

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