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Tortenheber {m} cake shovel
Tortenheber {m} cake slice
Tortenmesser {n} tart knife
Tortenmesser {n} (fancy) cake knife
Tortenmesser {n} pie knife
Tortenschaufel {f} cake shovel
Tortenschaufel {f} cake slice
Tortenverzierung {f} cake decoration
Torwart {m} goal keeper
Torwart {m} goalie
Torwart {m} goalkeeper
Torwarte {f} goal keepers
Torwartfehler {m} goalkeeping error (football)
Torwarthandschuh {m} goalkeeper glove
Torwarthandschuhe {pl} goalkeeper gloves
Torwarttrainer {m} [-special_topic_sport-] goalkeeping coach (football) [-special_topic_sport-]
Torweg {m} gateway
Torweg {m} doorway
Torxschraube {f} torx screw
Tory {m} tory
tosend, stürmisch tumultuous
tot out of service
tot dead
total angesagt (ugs.) (Mode) all the vogue
total ausrasten to go nuts
total besoffen wasted (Br.) (sl.)
total blau drunk as a lord
total verrückt nutty as a fruitcake
Totalausfall {m} dead loss
Totalausverkauf {m} clearance sale
totale Ableitung {f} [-special_topic_math.-] total derivative [-special_topic_math.-]
Totale {f} (Film) long shot
totaler Anfänger {m} complete beginner
totales Durcheinander helter-skelter
Totalisator {m} totalizer
Totalisator {m} storage gauge
Totalisatoren {pl} totalizers
Totalitarist {m} totalitarian
totalitär totalitarian
totalitäre Systeme totalitarianisms
totalitärere more totalitarian
totalitäres System totalitarianism
totalitärste most totalitarian
Totalschaden {m} write-off
tote Hose {f} off-time
tote Saison {f} off-time
tote Spule {f} (Elektrotechnik) dummy coil
tote Windung {f} (Elektrotechnik) idle turn
tote Zeit {f} time loss
tote Zone {f} (Elektrotechnik, bei Dreipunktregelung) dead band
tote Zone {f} (Funktechnik, Funknavigation) silent zone
tote Zone {f} (Messtechnik) inactive neutral range
tote Zone {f} (Scanner) dead zone
tote Zone {f} (Telekommunikation) blind spot
tote Zone {f} (Telekommunikation) skip zone
tote Zone {f} (Telekommunikation, Funknavigation) zone of silence
tote Zone {f} (Verfahrenstechnik) death space
Tote {m,f} dead
Totempfahl {m} totem pole
Totems {pl} totems
Totenacker {m} cemetery
Totenacker {m} graveyard
Totenamt {n} requiem mass
Totenbahre {f} bier
Totenbestattung {f} burial of the dead
Totenbett {n} deathbed
totenblass pale as death
totenblass deathly pale
totenblasse deathly pale
totenbleich (as) white as a sheet
totenbleich deathly pale
Totenblässe {f} deathly pallor
Totenblässe {f} pallor of death
Totenehrung {f} commemoration of the dead
Totenehrung {f} honoring of the dead (Am.)
Totenehrung {f} honouring of the dead (Br.)
Toteneis {n} wasting ice
Toteneis {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] dead ice [-special_topic_geol.-]
Totenfeier {f} obsequies
Totenfeier {f} (Andacht) remembrance ceremony
Totenfeier {f} (Beerdigung) burial ceremony
Totenfeier {f} (Beerdigung) funeral ceremony
Totengedächtnis {n} requiem
Totenglocke {f} knell
Totenglocke {f} mourning bell
Totenglocke {f} death knell
Totenglocken {pl} knells
Totengräber {m} gravedigger
Totengräber {m} (Käferart) sexton beetle
Totengräber {m} (Käferart) burying beetle
Totenhalle {f} mortuary
Totenhemd {n} shroud
Totenklage {f} lamentation of the dead
Totenklage {f} keening
Totenklage {f} (lit.) threnody
Totenklage {f} (Literatur, Musik) dirge
Totenklage {f} (Literatur, Musik) lament
Totenklage {n} lament for the dead
Totenkopf {m} skull
Totenkopf {m} (auf Piratenflagge, als Warnsymbol) skull and crossbones
Totenkopf {m} (Falter) death's head (hawk) moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopf {m} (Falter) death's head hawk-moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopf-Falter {m} death's head (hawk) moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopffalter {m} death's head hawk moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopffalter {m} death's head hawkmoth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopffalter {m} death's head hawk-moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopffalter {m} death's head (hawk) moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopfflagge {f} Jolly Roger
Totenkopfschwärmer {m} (Falter) death's head hawk moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopfschwärmer {m} (Falter) death's head hawkmoth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopfschwärmer {m} (Falter) death's head hawk-moth (Acherontia atropos)
Totenkopfäffchen {n} squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)
Totenkult {m} cult of the dead
Totenliste {f} death roll
Totenmaske {f} death mask
Totenmesse {f} requiem (mass)
Totenreich {n} realm of the dead
Totenreich {n} kingdom of the dead
Totenreich {n} (in der griech. Mythologie) Hades
Totenruhe {f} rest in death
Totenruhe {f} peace in death
Totenschrein {m} casket
Totenschrein {m} coffin
Totenschädel {m} skull
Totensonntag {m} (kirchl.) last Sunday before Advent commemorating the dead
Totenstadt {f} necropolis
Totenstarre {f} mortis
Totenstarre {f} rigor mortis
totenstill deadly silent
totenstill deathly silent
totenstill deathly quiet
Totenstille {f} deathly hush
Totenstille {f} deathly silence
Totenstille {f} deathly quiet
Totentempel {m} funerary temple
Totentrompete {f} (Pilz) horn of plenty (Craterellus cornucopioides)
Totenuhr {f} (Holzschädling) deathwatch beetle
Totenuhr {f} (Holzschädling) death-watch beetle
Totenuhr {f} (lit.) dead clock
Totenuhr {f} (lit.) clock of the dead
Totenuhr {f} (mundartlich: Staublaus) common booklouse (Trogium pulsatorium)
Totenuhr {f} (Nagekäfer, Holzschädling) deathwatch (Anobium punctatum)
Totenuhr {f} (Nagekäfer, Holzschädling) death tick (Am.) (Anobium punctatum)
Totenurne {f} funeral urn
Totenvogel {m} (mundartlich: Steinkauz) bird of the dead (coll.)
Totenwache {f} death watch
Totenwache {f} deathwatch
Totenwache {f} (bes. Ritual, v. a. in keltischen Ländern) wake
totenähnlich deathlike
totenähnlich deathly
Toter dead
toter Gang {m} (einer Gewindespindel) backlash
toter Punkt dead center
toter Punkt {m} (Kinematik) neutral point
toter Punkt {m} (Telekommunikation) blind spot
toter Weg {m} (Maschine) idle motion
toter Weg {m} (Maschine) idle movement
toter Winkel blind spot
totes Gewicht deadweight
totes Gewicht dead weight
totes Gleis {n} (Eisenbahn) switcher pocket
totes Gleis {n} (mit Prellbock) dead-end track
totes Gleis {n} (mit Prellbock) pocket track
totes Inventar dead stock
totes Kapital dormant capital
totes Kapital dead stock
totes Kapital unemployed capital
Totes Meer {n} (the) Dead Sea
Totgang {m} lost motion
Totgang {m} (einer Gewindespindel) backlash
Totgebiet {n} (Telekommunikation) blind area
totgeboren stillborn
Totgeburt {f} stillbirth
Totgeburt {f} stillborn child
Totgeburt {f} (Kind) stillborn baby
Totgeburten {pl} stillbirths
Totgeburten {pl} stillborn children
totgeglaubt presumed dead
Totgeglaubte {f} girl/woman/... thought dead
Totgeglaubte {f} the girl/woman/... presumed dead
Totgeglaubten {pl} people/persons/... presumed dead
Totgeglaubten {pl} people/persons/... thought dead
Totgeglaubter {m} man/one/person/... thought dead
Totgeglaubter {m} man/one/person/... presumed dead
totgelacht (almost) died of / from / with laughter
totgelaufen fizzled out
totgemahlen overground
totgemahlen dead-beaten
totgeröstet dead-roasted
totgesagt declared dead
totgesagt (fig.) written off
Totgesagte leben länger (ugs.) there's life in the old dog yet (coll.)
Totgesagte {f}, Totgesagter {m} person/man/woman/ ... said to be dead
Totgesagte {pl} people/men/women/ ... said to be dead
Totgesagte {pl} leben länger. The condemned live longer.
totgeschossen shot to death
totgestellt feigned death
totgewalzt dead-rolled
totgewalzt (Walzwerk) dead-milled
tothetzen to hound to death

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