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Takt {m} measure
Takt {m} time
Takt {m} [-special_topic_mus.-] bar [-special_topic_mus.-]
Taktausgang {m} clocked output
Taktausgang {m} clock output
Taktbetrieb {m} clock mode
Takte {pl} tacts
Takteingang {m} clocked input
Takteingang {m} clock input
Takteinrichtung {f} clock system
takten to clock
takten to time
Takterzeuger {m} clock generator (PG)
Takterzeuger {m} timing generator
Takterzeuger {m} clock (coll.)
Takterzeuger {m} clock-pulse generator
Takterzeugung {f} clocking
Takterzeugung {f} generation
taktfesteste soundest
Taktfrequenz {f} clock frequency
Taktfrequenz {f} frequency
Taktgatter {n} clock gate
Taktgeben {n} clocking
Taktgeber {m} clock
Taktgeber {m} clock generator
Taktgeber {m} clock generator (PG)
Taktgeber {m} timing generator
Taktgeber {m} clock-pulse generator
Taktgeberfrequenz {f} clock frequency
Taktgeberimpuls {m} timing pulse
Taktgeberimpuls {m} clock pulse
Taktgeberspur {f} clock track
Taktgenerator {m} clock generator
Taktgenerator {m} clock generator (PG)
Taktgenerator {m} timing generator
Taktgenerator {m} clock (coll.)
taktgesteuert synchronous
taktieren to beat time
taktierend beating time
taktiert beats time
Taktik {f} policy
Taktik {f} tactic
Taktik {f} tactics
Taktiken {pl} tactics
Taktiker {m} maneuverer
Taktiker {m} tactician
Taktiker {m} tactitian
Taktiker {pl} tacticians
taktile Defensivität {f} tactile hypersensitivity
taktile Defensivität {f} hypersensitivity to tactile perception
taktile Defensivität {f} hypersensitivity to touch
taktile Defensivität {f} tactile defensiveness
taktile Überempfindlichkeit {f} tactile hypersensitivity
taktile Überempfindlichkeit {f} hypersensitivity to tactile perception
taktile Überempfindlichkeit {f} hypersensitivity to touch
taktile Überempfindlichkeit {f} tactile defensiveness
Taktimpuls {m} clocked pulse
Taktimpuls {m} timing pulse
Taktimpuls {m} clock pulse
Taktimpulsflanke {f} clock-pulse edge
Taktimpulsflanke {f} clock edge
Taktimpulsfolge {f} timing-pulse rate
Taktimpulsgeber {m} clock-pulse generator
Taktimpulsverteiler {m} clock-pulse distributor
taktisch tactical
taktisch geschickt kid-glove (fig.)
taktische tactically
taktische Aufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] tactical reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
taktische Luftaufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] tactical air reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
taktisches Foul {n} [-special_topic_sport-] tactical foul (football) [-special_topic_sport-]
taktlos indelicate
taktlos indelicately
taktlos maladroit
taktlos tactless
taktlos tactlessly
taktlose maladroitly
taktlose tactlessly
taktlosere more tactless
taktloseste most tactless
Taktlosigkeit {f} gaucherie
Taktlosigkeit {f} maladroitness
Taktlosigkeit {f} tactlessness
Taktlosigkeiten {pl} gaucheness
Taktmarke {f} timing mark
Taktmesser {m} metronome
Taktphase {f} clock phase
Taktprogramm {n} clock program
Taktraster {m} timing pattern
Taktrate {f} clock speed
Taktrate {f} clock rate
Taktrückgewinnung {f} clock recovery
Taktrückgewinnung {f} timing recovery
Taktsignal {n} clock signal
Taktsignal {n} clock pulse
Taktsignal {n} timing signal
Taktspur {f} clock marker
Taktspur {f} clock (marker) track
Taktspur {f} timing track
Taktstock {m} baton
Taktstöcke {pl} batons
taktsynchron synchronus
taktsynchroner Zähler clocked counter
taktvoll tactful
taktvoll tactfully
taktvolle tactfully
taktvollere more tactful
taktvollste most tactful
Taktzeit {f} clock cycle
Taktzeitpunkt {m} clock moment
Taktzentrale {f} central clock
Taktzyklus {m} clock cycle
Tal {n} ale
Tal {n} dale
Tal {n} vale
Tal {n} valley
Talar {m} gown
Talboden {m} valley floor
Talent {n} talent
Talent {n} endowment
Talent {n} flair
talentlos untalented
talentlosere more untalented
talentloseste most untalented
Talentsucher {m} talent scout
Talentsucher {pl} talent scouts
talentvoll gifted
talentvollere more gifted
talentvollste most gifted
Talfahrt {f} skid
Talfahrt {f} descent
Talg {m} sebaceous
Talg {m} suet
Talg {m} tallow
Talgdrüse {f} sebaceous gland
Talge {pl} suets
talgig tallowy
talgig suety
Talglicht {n} tallow candle
Talglichter {pl} tallow candles
Talgrund {m} valley bottom
Talisman {m} (lucky) charm
Talisman {m} mascot
Talisman {m} mojo
Talismane {pl} talismans
Talk {m} talc
Talk-Show {f} talk show
Talkmaster {m} host
Talkmaster {m} chat-show host
Talkmaster {m} talk show host
Talkum {n} talcum
Talkum {n} French chalk
Talkum {n} talc
Talkum {n} talcum powder
talmudisch talmudic
Talon {m} counterfoil
Talschluss {m} head of the valley
Talsohle {f} bottom of a valley
Talsohlen {pl} bottoms
Talsperre {f} dam
Taltal {n} tantalum
Tamarakholz {n} tamarack
Tamarinde {f} tamarind
Tamarinden {pl} tamarinds
Tamariskengrasmücke {f} (Vogel) Menetries's warbler (Sylvia mystacea)
Tambourstock {m} baton
Tamburin {n} tambourine
Tamburin {n} timbrel
Tamburine {pl} tabors
Tamburine {pl} tambourines
Tamburine {pl} timbrels
Tamile {m} Tamil
Tamilin {f} Tamil
tamilisch Tamil
Tampon {m} (Drucktechnik) dabber
Tampon {m} (Kunst) canvas
Tampon {m} (med.) (für Wunden) tent
Tampon {m} (med.) (für Wunden) swab
Tampon {m} (Wattepfropf) plug
Tampon {m} (zum Verschließen von Körperöffnungen etc.; zur Menstruationshygiene) tampon
Tampondruck {m} (Druckverfahren) dabber printing
Tamtam {n} tomtom
TAN : Transaktionsnummer transaction number
Tand {m} trumpery
Tandem-Scheibenegge {f} tandem disc harrow (Br.)
Tandem-Scheibenegge {f} tandem disk harrow (Am.)
Tandem-Walze {f} tandem roller
Tandembetrieb {m} tandem processing
Tandemform-Scheibenegge {f} tandem disc harrow (Br.)
Tandemform-Scheibenegge {f} tandem disk harrow (Am.)
Tandemhubschrauber {m} tandem-rotor helicopter
Tandemscheibenegge {f} tandem disc harrow (Br.)
Tandemscheibenegge {f} tandem disk harrow (Am.)
Tandemwalze {f} tandem roller
Tang {m} seaweed
Tanga ouvert {m} crotchless tanga
Tanga ouvert {m} (bes. knapp) crotchless thong
Tanga {m} tanga
Tanga {m} (String-Tanga) thong
Tanga-Bikini {m} tanga bikini
Tanga-Bikini {m} thong bikini

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