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Teufeleien {pl} deviltries
Teufelsapfel {m} mandrake
Teufelsbraten {m} hellion
Teufelsglaube(n) {m} satanism
Teufelskerl {m} devil of a fellow
Teufelskerl {m} hotshot
Teufelskerl {m} son of a gun
Teufelsknoten {m} burr puzzle
Teufelskreis {m} vicious circle
Teufelskreis {m} doom loop
Teufelswerk {n} devil´s handiwork
Teufelszeug {n} infernal stuff
Teufelszeug {n} hellish stuff
Teufelszeug {n} appalling stuff
teuflisch devilish
teuflisch devilishly
teuflisch fiendish
teuflische fiendishly
teuflischere more devilish
teuflischste most devilish
teurer dearer
teurer more expensive
teurer Markt high-priced market
teurer Verkaufsartikel big ticket
teures Geld, gutes Geld serious money
Teutone {m} Teuton
teutonisch Teutonic
Text {m} words
Text {m} text
Text {m} lyric
Text {m} lyrics
Text... textual
textabhängig contextual
Textbaustein {m} text block
Textbearbeitung {f} word processing
Textbearbeitung {f} text editing
Textbegrenzer {m} text delimiter
Textbuch {n} (Lehrbuch) textbook
Textbuch {n} (Liederbuch) songbook
Textbuch {n} (Liederbuch) song book
Textbuch {n} (Musical) book
Textbuch {n} (Oper, Operette) libretto
Textbuch {n} (Theater, Film) script
Textdatei {f} text file
Texte {pl} texts
Texteingabefeld {n} text gadget
Texteingabefeld {n} string gadget
texten to text
Textende {n} end of text (EOT)
Texter {m} (Lied-) songwriter
Texter {m} (Werbe-) copywriter
Textfarbe {f} textcolor (Am.)
Textfarbe {f} textcolour (Br.)
Textfile {n} text file
Textfolge {f} text string
Textil... textile
Textilbranche {f} textiles sector
Textilfaser {f} fiber (Am.)
Textilgewebe {n} textile fabric
Textilgürtelreifen {m} rayon belted tyre
Textilien {pl} textiles
Textilienhändler {m} mercer
Textilienhändler {pl} mercers
Textilkarkasse {f} cord body
Textilkord {m} textile cord
Textilreifen {m} textile cord tyre
Textinformation {f} textual information
Textkommunikation {f} written communication
textliche textually
textsicher (Schauspieler etc.) letter-perfect
Textstelle {f} passage in the text
Textumbruch {m} wordwrap
Textumbruch {m} text wrapping
Textur {f} texture
Textverarbeiter {m} word processor
Textverarbeitung {f} text processing
Textverarbeitung {f} word processing
Textverarbeitungsprogramm {n} text processing program
Textverarbeitungssystem {n} word processor
tgl., tägl. : täglich daily, a day, per day
TH : Technische Hochschule college of technology, technical university
Thailand Thailand (th)
Thailänder {m} Thai
Thailänderin {f} Thai
thailändisch Thai
Thalamusstarre {f} (med.) thalamic rigidity (med.)
Thaler {pl} thaler (large coins used in Germanic countries during the 15th-19th centuries)
Thallium {n} thallium
Thallium-Atomuhr {f} thallium (atomic) beam clock
Thalliumatomuhr {f} thallium (atomic) beam clock
Thanatologe {m} thanatologist
Thanatologie {f} thanatology
Theater spielen to act
Theater {n} theatre
Theater {n} theater (Am.)
Theater {pl} theatres
Theater {pl} theaters (Am.)
Theater-Make-up {n} theatre make-up (Br.)
Theater-Make-up {n} theater make-up (Am.)
Theater-Schminke {f} theater make-up (Am.)
Theater-Schminke {f} theatre make-up (Br.)
Theaterbesucher {m} theatregoer
Theaterbesucher {m} playgoer
Theaterbesucher {m} theatergoer (Am.)
Theaterbesucher {pl} theatregoers
Theaterkasse {f} box office
Theaterkasse {f} theatre box office (Br.)
Theaterkasse {f} theater box office (Am.)
Theaterkassen {pl} box offices
Theaterprobe {f} rehearsal
Theaterrequisiten {pl} stage properties
Theaterschiff {n} showboat
Theaterschiffe {pl} showboats
Theaterschminke {f} theatre make-up (Br.)
Theaterschminke {f} theater make-up (Am.)
Theaterstück {n} (stage) play
Theaterzettel {m} play bill
Theatralik {f} staginess
theatralisch histrionic
theatralisch stagy
theatralisch theatric
theatralisch theatrical
theatralische histrionically
theatralische stagily
theatralische theatrically
theistisch theistical
theistische theistically
Theke {f} bar
Theke {f} shop counter
Thema {n} theme
Thema {n} topic
Thema {n} subject
Thema {n} issue
Thema {n} (E-Mail) [-special_topic_comp.-] thread (email) [-special_topic_comp.-]
themabezogen relevant
Thematik {f} subject matter
thematisch topical
thematisch thematic
thematische thematically
thematische topically
thematisieren to make something a subject of discussion
Themen {pl} themes
Themen {pl} subjects
Themen {pl} issues
Themen {pl} topics
Themenabend {m} (TV) theme evening
Themenbereich {m} subject area
Themenkreis {m} subjects, topics
Themse {f} Thames
Theodolit theodolite
Theokratie {f} theocracy
Theokratie {f} theocrasy
Theokratien {pl} theocrasies
theokratisch theocratic
theokratische theocratically
Theologe {m} theologian
Theologen {pl} theologians
Theologie {f} theology
Theologien {pl} theologies
theologisch theologic
theologisch theological
theologische theologically
Theorem {n} (math., phys.) theorem
Theoretiker {m} theoretician
Theoretiker {m} theoretist
Theoretiker {m} theorist
Theoretiker {pl} theoreticians
Theoretiker {pl} theorists
theoretisch theoretic
theoretisch theoretical
theoretisch theoretically
theoretisch theoreticly
theoretische Felge {f} theoretical rim
theoretischen theoretical
theoretischere more theoretical
theoretisches theoretically
theoretischste most theoretical
theorie theory
Theorie der administrierten Preise administered price theory
Theorie {f} theory
Theorien {pl} theories
theorisieren to theorize
theorisieren to theorise (Br.)
theorisierend theorizing
theorisiert theorizes
theorisiert theorized
Theosoph {m} theosophist
Theosophen {pl} theosophists
Theosophie {f} theosophy
Theosophien {pl} theosophies
theosophisch theosophical
theosophisch theosophically
theosopisch theosophic
Therapeut {m} therapist
Therapeuten {pl} therapists
Therapeutik {f} therapeutics
Therapeutin {f} (female) therapist
therapeutisch therapeutic
therapeutisch therapeutical
therapeutische therapeutically

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