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Terminaldrucker {m} keyboard printer
terminalgesteuert terminal-controlled
Terminals {pl} terminals
Terminbuch {n} appointment book
Termine einhalten to adhere to deadlines
termingerecht in due time
Termingerüst {n} schedule template
Termingerüst {n}, Terminkette {f} scheduling framework
Termingeschäft {n} time bargain
Termingeschäfte {pl} time bargains
terminieren to terminate
Terminierung {f} termination
Terminkalender {m} appointment calendar
Terminkalender {m} diary
Terminkalender {m} appointment pad
Terminkalender {m} [-special_topic_jur.-] cause list [-special_topic_jur.-]
Terminkalender {m} [-special_topic_jur.-] docket (Am.) [-special_topic_jur.-]
Terminologie {f} terminology
Terminologien {pl} terminologies
terminologisch terminological
terminologische terminologically
Terminplan {m} follow up chart
Terminplan {m} schedule
Terminpläne {pl} follow up charts
Termintreue {f} adherence to schedules
Termintreue {f} (bezogen auf die Einhaltung von Lieferfristen) adherence to delivery dates
Terminvereinbarung {f} agreement on deadline
Terminvereinbarung {f} agreement on deadlines
Terminüberschreitung {f} missed deadline
Termiten {pl} termites
terorisierend bulldozing
Terpentin {n} turpentine
Terpentinersatz {m} turpentine substitute
Terpentinersatz {m} white spirit
Terpentinersatz {m} turps substitute
Terpentinöl {n} terpentine oil
Terracotta {f} terra-cotta
Terracotta {f} terracotta
Terrain {n} terrain
Terrain {n} (Grundstück) plot of land
Terrakotta {f} terra-cotta
Terrakotta {f} terracotta
Terrakotta... terra-cotta
Terrakottafigur {f} terra-cotta
Terrakottafigur {f} terracotta
Terrasse in einem Abhang offset (Am.)
Terrasse {f} terrace
Terrassen {pl} terraces
Terrassenhaus {n} stepped building
Terrassentür {f} French window
Terrassentür {f} terrace door
Terrassentür {f} patio door
terrestrisch {adj} terrestrial
Terrier {m} terrier
Terrine {f} tureen
Terrinen {pl} tureens
Territorialarmee {f} Territorial Army
Territorialarmee {f} Territorial Force
territoriale territorial
Territorien {pl} territories
Territorium {n} territory
Terror {m} terror
Terrorakt {m} act of terrorism
Terrorakt {m} terrorist act
Terroranschlag {m} terrorist attack
Terroranschlag {m} terrorist outrage
Terroranschläge {pl} terrorist attacks
Terrorbande {f} gang of terrorists
Terrorbekämpfung {f} counter-terrorism
Terrorbombe {f} terrorist bomb
Terrorgruppe {f} group of terrorists
Terrorherrschaft {f} reign of terror
terrorisieren to terrorize
terrorisieren to bulldoze
terrorisierend terrorizing
terrorisiert bulldozes
terrorisiert terrorizes
terrorisiert terrorized
terrorisierte bulldozed
Terrorismus {m} terrorism
Terroristen {pl} terrorists
Terroristenfahndung {f} search for terrorists
Terroristengruppe {f} group of terrorists
Terroristengruppe {f} terrorist group
Terroristenkreis {m} terrorist circle
Terroristenprozess {m} terrorist trial
Terroristenszene {f} terrorist scene
Terroristenunterschlupf {m} terrorist hideout
Terroristenversteck {n} terrorist hideout
Terroristenwohnung {f} (terrorist) safe house
terroristische Gruppen {pl} terrorist groups
Terrorkommando {n} terrorist command group
Terrorkommando {n} terrorist high command
Terrormethoden {pl} terrorist methods
Terrornetz {n} terrorist network
Terrornetzwerk {n} terrorist network
Terrornetzwerk {n} terrorist network
Terrororganisation {f} terrorist organization
Terrorprozess {m} terror trial
Terrorregime {n} terrorist regime
Terrorserie {f} series of terrorist outrages
Terrorszene {f} terrorist scene
Terrorwelle {f} wave of terrorism
Terrorzelle {f} terrorist cell
Tertianafieber {n} tertian
Tertiär {n} tertiary
Tertiär {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] Tertiary [-special_topic_geol.-]
Terz {f} third
Terzett {n} trio
Tesafilm {m} (Handelsmarke) Sellotape (Trademark)
Tesla-Transformator {m} (elektr.) Tesla transformer
Teslastrom {m} Tesla current
tesselieren to tessellate
tesselierend tessellating
tesseliert tessellates
tesselierte tessellated
Test unter Einsatzbedingungen live test
Test {m} test
Test {m} check
Testament {n} last will
Testament {n} last will and testament
testamentarisch testamentary
testamentarisch by will
Testamentseröffnung {f} opening of will
Testamentsvollstrecker {m} executor
Testamentsvollstreckerzeugnis {n} (jur.) letters testamentary (Am.)
Testanruf {m} mystery calling
Testanrufer {m} mystery caller
Testanrufer {m} mystery caller
Testanruferin {f} mystery caller
Testbesucher {m} mystery visitor
Testbesucherin {f} mystery visitor
Testbetrieb {m} test mode
Testdatensatz {m} test case
Testen {n} checking
testend testing
Tester {m} tester
Tester {m} probe
Testergebnisse {pl} test scores
testet tests
testet aus debugs
testet vor pretests
testet wieder retests
testete vor pretested
testete wieder retested
Testfahrer, Testfahrerin {m,f} test driver
Testfahrt {f} test drive
Testfrage {f} test question
Testhilfsprogramm {n} debugger
Testhypothese {f} alternate hypothesis
testieren to make a will
testierend making a will
testierte made a will
testierter Abschluss audited accounts
Testkauf {m} mystery shopping
Testkäufer {m} mystery shopper
Testkäuferin {f} mystery shopper
Testladen {m} audit store
Testlauf {m} test run
Testosteron {n} testosterone
Testperson {f} (test) subject
Testpilot {m} test pilot
Testpiloten {pl} test pilots
Testprotokoll {n} test log
Testreihe {f} series of tests
Teststrecke {f} test track
Testumfeld {n} test bed
Testumfeld {n} test environment
Testuntersuchung {f} pilot study
Tetanus {m} tetanus
Tetanusschutzimpfung {f} tetanus vaccination
Tetrachlorkohlenstoff {m} carbon tetrachloride
Tetrade {f} tetrade
Tetraeder {n} tetrahedron
Tetrameter {n} tetrameter
Tetrameter {pl} tetrameters
teuer dear
teuer dearly
teuer expensively
teuer pricey
teuer expensive
teuerer dearer
teuerste dearest
Teuerung {f} high cost of living
Teuerung {f} high prices
Teuerung {f} rising prises
Teuerungsrate {f} rate of price increases
teufel devil
Teufel noch mal dammit (sl.)
Teufel {m} devil
Teufel {m} demon
Teufel {m} deuce
Teufel {m} fiend
Teufel {pl} devils
Teufel, Teufel! bloody blimey! (Br.) (Cockney)
Teufelchen {n} imp
Teufelei {f} devilry
Teufelei {f} deviltry
Teufelei {f} ghoulishness
Teufeleien {pl} devilries

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