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telemetrische telemetrically
Teleobjektiv {n} telephoto
Teleobjektiv {n} telephoto lens
Teleobjektive {pl} telephoto lenses
teleogisch teleological
Teleologie {f} teleology
Telepathie {f} telepathy
Telepathien {pl} telepathies
telepathisch telepathic
telepathische telepathically
telepathischere more telepathic
telepathischste most telepathic
Telephon (veraltet) telephone
Teleprompter {m} autocue
Teleskop {n} telescope
Teleskopgabel {f} (Motorrad) telescopic fork
teleskopisch {adv} telescopically
Teleskopkran {m} telescopic crane
Teleskopreihe {f} [-special_topic_math.-] telescoping series [-special_topic_math.-]
Teleskopspiegel {m} [-special_topic_med.-] speculum [-special_topic_med.-]
Telethon {n} telethon
Television {f} television
Telexdienst {m} telex service
Telexdienste {pl} telex services
Telexnetz {n} telex network
Teller {m} plate
Teller {m} plunger cup
Teller {m} (am Skistock) disk
Teller {m} (Schistock) basket (ski-stick)
Teller {m} (Schistock) disc (Br.) (ski-stick)
Tellerdichtung {f} cup gasket
Tellerdichtung {f} plunger washer
Tellerfeder {f} dished washer
Tellerfeder {f} plate spring
Tellerfeder {f} Belleville washer
Tellerfeder {f} spring cup
Tellermesser {n} (Papierherstellung) circular slitting knife
Tellermesser {n} (Papierherstellung) disc knife
Tellermesser {n} (Papierherstellung) disk knife (Am.)
Tellermesser {n} (Papierherstellung) slitter
Tellermütze {f} flat cap
Tellermützen {pl} flat caps
Tellerrad {n} crown wheel
Tellerrand {m} edge of a/the plate
Tellerrock {m} circle skirt
Tellerschraube {f} mit Nasen [-special_topic_tech.-] elevator bolt [-special_topic_tech.-]
Tellervoll {m} plateful
Tellerwäscher {m} dishwasher
Tellur {n} tellurium
Temminck-Strandläufer {m} (Vogel) Temminck's stint (Calidris temminckii)
Temmoku-Glasur {f} tenmoku glaze
Tempel {m} temple
Tempel {pl} temples
Tempelanlage {f} temple
Tempelbaum {m} (Ginkgo) temple tree (Ginkgo biloba)
Tempelritter {m} Templar
Tempelritter {m} Knight of the Temple
Tempelritter {pl} Temple Lords
Tempelritter {pl} Lords Templar
Tempelschändungen {pl} sacrileges
Temperafarbe {f} tempera
Temperafarben {pl} temperas
Temperamalerei {f} tempera
Temperament {n} temper
Temperament {n} temperament
Temperament {n} disposition
Temperamente {pl} temperaments
temperamentvoll full of spirits
temperamentvoll temperamental
temperamentvoll spirited
temperamentvolle temperamentally
temperamentvollere fuller of spirits
temperamentvollste fullest of spirits
Temperatur {f} temperature
Temperatur-Kalibrator {m} temperature calibrator
Temperaturabfall {m} drop in the temperature
Temperaturabfall {m} drop of temperature
temperaturabhängig temperature dependent
temperaturabhängig temperature-sensitive
Temperaturabhängigkeit {f} temperature dependence
Temperaturanstieg {m} rise in temperature
Temperaturanstieg {m} temperature rise
Temperaturausgleich {m} temperature equalization
Temperaturaustausch {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] temperature exchange [-special_topic_tech.-]
Temperaturbereich {m} temperature range
Temperaturen {pl} temperatures
temperaturgesteuerter Widerstand thermistor
Temperaturregler thermostat
Temperaturschock {m} thermal shock
Temperaturschwankung {f} variation in temperature
Temperaturschwankungen {pl} variations in temperature
Temperatursturz {m} drop in the temperature
Temperatursturz {m} drop of temperature
Temperaturumkehr {f} [-special_topic_meteo.-] inversion [-special_topic_meteo.-]
Temperaturwechselbeständigkeit {f} thermal shock resistance
Temperaturänderung {f} temperature change
Temperenzler {m} abstainer
Temperenzler {m} teetotaller
temperierend tempering
temperiert tempered
tempern to anneal
Tempi {pl} tempos
Templer {m} templar
Tempo machen (auf einer Autobahn) to cruise at speed (on a motorway)
Tempo vorlegen to set the pace
Tempo {n} speed
Tempo {n} clip
Tempo {n} tempo
Tempo {n} time
Temporaladverb {n} (ling.) temporal adverb
Temporaladverbien {pl} (ling.) temporal adverbs
Temporalsatz {m} (ling.) temporal clause
Temporalsatz {m} (ling.) adverbial clause of time
temporeich pacy (Br.)
temporär temporary
Tendenz {f} tendency
Tendenz {f} trend
Tendenz {f} bias
Tendenzen {pl} leanings
Tendenzen {pl} tendances
Tendenzen {pl} tendencies
tendenziös tendentious
tendenziöse tendentiously
tendenziösere more tendentious
tendenziöseste most tendentious
Tender {m} tender
Tender {m} support ship
Tenderlokomotive {f} tank locomotive
tendieren to incline
tendiert inclines
tendierte inclined
Teneriffa ({n}) Tenerife
Teneriffa ({n}) Teneriffe
Tenne {f} barn floor
Tennen {pl} barn floors
Tennis {n} tennis
Tennis-Ass {n} tennis ace
Tennisarm {m} tennis elbow
Tennisball {m} tennis ball
Tennisbekleidung {f} tennis clothing
Tennisbälle {pl} tennis balls
Tennisclub {m} tennis club
Tennisfachgeschäft {n} tennis store (Am.)
Tennisfachgeschäft {n} tennis shop (Br.)
Tennisgeschäft {n} tennis business
Tennishalle {f} indoor tennis centre (Br.)
Tennishalle {f} indoor tennis center (Am.)
Tennismatch {n} tennis match
Tennisplatz {m} tennis court
Tennisplätze {pl} tennis courts
Tennisrasen {m} (auf dem Tennis gespielt wird) grass tennis court
Tennisrasen {m} (strapazierfähiger Rasen) tennis lawn
Tennisrock {m} tennis skirt
Tennisschläger {m} tennis racket
Tennisschläger {pl} tennis rackets
Tennisschuh {m} tennis shoe
Tennisschuh {m} sneaker
Tennisschuhe {pl} tennis shoes
Tennisschuhe {pl} sneakers
Tennissocken {pl} tennis socks
Tennisspiel {n} tennis game
Tennisspiel {n} (bei Wettkampf, Turnier) tennis match
Tennisspieler {m} tennis player
Tennisspieler {pl} tennis players
Tennistrainer(in) {m} {f} tennis coach
Tennisturnier {n} tennis tournament
Tennisturniere {pl} tennis tournaments
Tennisverein {m} tennis club
Tenniszirkus {m} tennis circus
Tenor {m} tenor
Tensid {n} surfactant
Tensid {n} detergent
Tensid {n} tenside
Tensorenrechnung {f} (math.) tensor calculus
Tentakel {m,n} tentacle
Tentakel {m} tentacular
Tenöre {pl} tenors
Teppich {m} carpet
Teppichboden {m} carpeted floor
Teppichboden {m} wall-to-wall carpet
Teppichbodenmesser {n} trimming knife
Teppichbodenmesserklinge {f} trimming knife blade
Teppiche {pl} rugs
Teppiche {pl} carpets
Teppichkehrmaschine {f} carpet sweeper
Teppichmesser {n} trimming knife
Teppichmesserklinge {f} trimming knife blade
Teppichmotte {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] carpet moth (Tineola biselliella) [-special_topic_zool.-]
Tequila {m} tequila
terassenförmig terraced
Terbium {n} terbium
Terekwasserläufer {m} (Vogel) Terek sandpiper (Xenus cinereus)
Termin {m} date
Termin {m} term
Termin {m} appointed day
Termin {m} appointed time
Termin {m} appointment
Termin {m} time limit
Terminal {n} terminal
Terminal {n} data terminal

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