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telefonieren to telephone
telefonieren to phone
telefonieren to phone (Br.)
telefonieren to make a telephone call
telefonieren to make a phone call
telefonierend telephoning
telefonierend phoning
telefoniert phoned
telefoniert phones
telefonierte telephoned
telefonierte phoned
Telefoniesender {m} radiotelephone transmitter
Telefonieserver {m} telephony server
Telefoniesoftware {f} telephony software
telefonisch telephonic
telefonisch by telephone
telefonisch anfragen to call to ask
telefonische Anfrage {f} telephone inquiry
telefonische Anfrage {f} inquiry on phone
telefonische Anfrage {f} inquiry on telephone
telefonische Anfrage {f} inquiry by telephone
telefonische Anfrage {f} inquiry by phone
telefonische Auskunft {f} telephone information
telefonische Auskunft {f} telephone advice service
telefonische Beratung {f} advice over the telephone
telefonische Beratung {f} advice by telephone
telefonische Beratung {f} advice by phone
telefonische Bestellung {f} order by telephone
telefonische Bestellung {f} telephone order
telefonische Kommunikation {f} telephone communication
telefonische Mitteilung {f} phone message
telefonische Mitteilung {f} telephone message
telefonische Verständigung {f} telephone communication
telefonische Zeitangabe {f} the Speaking Clock (Br.) (coll.)
telefonische Zeitangabe {f} telephone time service
telefonische Zeitansage {f} the Speaking Clock (Br.) (coll.)
telefonische Zeitansage {f} telephone time service
telefonischer Informationsdienst {m} call center (service) (Am.)
telefonischer Informationsdienst {m} call centre (service) (Br.)
Telefonistin {f} (female) telephonist
Telefonistin {f} (in einem Betrieb) (female) switchboard operator
Telefonjoker {m} phone joker
Telefonjoker {m} telephone joker
Telefonkabel {n} telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (am Endgerät) telephone cord
Telefonkabel {n} (am Endgerät) telephone flex
Telefonkabel {n} (Erdkabel) (buried) telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (Erdkabel) (underground) telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (Luftkabel) (overhead) telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (Luftkabel) (aerial) telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (Seekabel) (submarine) telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (Seekabel) (undersea) telephone cable
Telefonkabel {n} (Unterwasserkabel) (underwater) telephone cable
Telefonkabine {f} telephone cabin
Telefonkabine {f} phone cabin
Telefonkabine {f} telephone booth
Telefonkabine {f} telephone box
Telefonkarte {f} calling card
Telefonkarte {f} dialling card
Telefonkette {f} telephone chain
Telefonkette {f} (organisatorischer Zusammenschluss per Telefon) telephone tree
Telefonklingel {f} (telephone) bell
Telefonklingel {f} ringer
Telefonklingel {f} phone bell
Telefonkonferenz {f} teleconferencing
Telefonkonferenz {f} teleconference
Telefonkunde {m} telephone subscriber
Telefonkunde {m} telephone customer
Telefonkunde {m} subscriber of telephone services
Telefonladen {m} telephone store (Am.)
Telefonladen {m} phone store (Am.)
Telefonladen {m} phone shop (Br.)
Telefonladen {m} telephone shop (Br.)
Telefonliste {f} telephone list
Telefonliste {f} phone list
Telefonmarketing {n} telemarketing
Telefonmast {m} telephone pole
Telefonmuschel {f} (Hörmuschel) telephone's ear-piece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Hörmuschel) telephone ear-piece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Hörmuschel) (phone) ear-piece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Hörmuschel) phone's ear-piece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Sprechmuschel) (phone) mouthpiece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Sprechmuschel) phone's mouthpiece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Sprechmuschel) telephone mouthpiece
Telefonmuschel {f} (Sprechmuschel) telephone's mouthpiece
Telefonnetz {n} voice network
Telefonnummer {f} telephone number
Telefonnummer {f} phone number
Telefonnummern {pl} telephone numbers
Telefonrechnung {f} telephone bill
Telefonrechnung {f} phone bill
Telefonsatellit {m} telephone satellite
Telefonsatellit {m} (veraltend) telecommunications satellite
Telefonschere {f} electrician scissors
Telefonschere {f} electrician's scissors
Telefonschnur {f} telephone cord
Telefonschnur {f} telephone flex
Telefonseelsorge {f} Samaritan telephone service (Br.)
Telefonseelsorge {f} Samaritans (Br.)
Telefonseelsorge {f} pastoral advice service
Telefonseelsorger {m} Samaritan (Br.)
Telefonseelsorgerin {f} (female) Samaritan (Br.)
Telefonsex {m} telephone sex
Telefonsex {m} phone sex
Telefonsteckdose {f} telephone socket
Telefonsteckdose {f} telephone jacket
Telefonstecker {m} phone plug
Telefonstecker {m} telephone plug
Telefonstörung {f} (Interferenz) telephone interference
Telefontastenfeld {n} telephone keypad
Telefontastenfeld {n} phone keypad
Telefontechnik {f} telephone engineering
Telefontechniker {m} telephone engineer
Telefontechnikerin {f} (female) telephone engineer
Telefontelegramm {n} phonogram
Telefonverbindung {f} phone connection
Telefonverbindung {f} telephone line
Telefonverbindung {f} (zwischen Orten) telephone link
Telefonverkehr {m} phone traffic
Telefonverkehr {m} telephone traffic
Telefonvermittlungsschrank {m} telephone switch box
Telefonverstärker {m} telephone amplifier
Telefonverstärker {m} telephone repeater
Telefonverteiler {m} telephone junction box
Telefonverzeichnis {n} phone directory
Telefonverzeichnis {n} (Liste) telephone list
Telefonverzeichnis {n} (Liste) phone list
Telefonwahl {f} telephone dialling
Telefonwerbung {f} telephone advertising
Telefonwerbung {f} (im Wahlkampf) telephone canvassing
Telefonwählgerät (TWG) {n} (automatic) telephone dialer
Telefonwählscheibe {f} telephone dial
Telefonwählscheibe {f} (telephone) dial selector
Telefonüberwachung {f} telephone tapping
Telefonüberwachung {f} telephone surveillance
Telefonüberwachung {f} telephone monitoring
Telefonzange {f} telephone pliers
Telefonzange {f} long nose pliers with cutter
Telefonzelle {f} telephone box
Telefonzelle {f} telephone booth
Telefonzelle {f} callbox
Telefonzelle {f} phone box
Telefonzelle {f} phone booth
Telefonzelle {f} telephone kiosk (Br.) (rare)
Telefonzelle {f} telephone cabin
Telefonzelle {f} pay phone (box) (Am.)
Telefonzellen {pl} telephone boxes
Telefonzellen {pl} telephone boothes
Telefonzentrale {f} switchboard
Telefonzentrale {f} telephone exchange
telefotografisch telephotographic
telefotografisches telephotographically
Telefotographien {pl} telephotographs
Telegraf {m} telegraph
Telegrafen {pl} telegraphs
Telegrafenamt {n} telegraph office
Telegrafie {f} telegraphy
telegrafieren to telegraph
telegrafisch by telegram
telegrafisch telegrafic
telegrafisch telegraphicly
telegrafisch by wire
telegrafische Geldüberweisung {f} wire transfer (Am.)
telegrafische Überweisung telegraphic transfer
telegrafische Überweisung cable transfer
Telegramm {n} wire
Telegramm {n} telegram
Telegrammanschrift {f} telegraphic address
Telegrammanschriften {pl} telegraphic addresses
Telegramme {pl} telegrams
Telegrammformular {n} telegraph form
Telegrammformulare {pl} telegraph forms
Telegrammstiel {m} telegraphic style
Telegrammstil {m} telegraphese
Telegraphen {pl} telegraphs
Telegraphenamt {n} telegraph office
Telegraphenmast {m} telegraph pole
Telegraphenmasten {pl} telegraph poles
Telegraphenämter {pl} telegraph offices
Telegraphie {f} telegraphy
telegraphieren to telegraph
telegraphierend telegraphing
telegraphierte cabled
telegraphierte telegraphed
Telegraphiezeichen {n} telegraph signal
telegraphisch telegraphic
telegraphisch telegraphical
telegraphisch by wire
telegraphisches telegraphically
Telegraphist {m} telegrapher
Telegraphist {m} telegraphist
Telegraphisten {pl} telegraphers
Telegraphisten {pl} telegraphists
Telekommunikation {f} telecommunications
Telekommunikation {f} remote communication
Telekommunikation {f} telecommunication
Telekommunikationssatellit {m} telecommunication satellite
Telekommunikationssatellit {m} telecommunications satellite
Telemetrie {f} telemetry
telemetrisch telemetric

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