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Tatar {n} (Fleisch) raw hamburger (Am.)
Tatar {n} (Fleisch) ground beef (esp. Am.)
Tatar {n} (zubereitetes Beefsteak) steak tartare
Tatarbeefsteak {n} steak tartare
Tatarbrötchen {n} steak tartare in a bun
Tatarensauce {f} tartar sauce
Tatarensoße {f} tartar sauce
Tatarin {f} Tatar
Tatarin {f} Tartar
Tatarin {f} Tatar lady
Tatarin {f} Tartar lady
Tatarin {f} (betont: Frau) Tatar woman
Tatarin {f} (betont: Frau) Tartar woman
Tatarin {f} (betont: Mädchen) Tatar girl
Tatarin {f} (betont: Mädchen) Tartar girl
tatarisch Tartar
tatarisch Tatar
Tatarische Republik {f} Tatar Republic
Tatarstan Tataria
Tatarstan Tartary
Tatarstan ({n}) (geogr.) Tatarstan
Tatbestand {m} state of affairs
Tatbestand {m} facts of the case
taten did
Taten zählen mehr als Worte Actions speak louder than words
Taten {pl} deeds
Taten {pl} doings
Tatendrang {m} zest for action
tatendurstig burning for action
tatenlos inactive
Tatenlosigkeit {f} inaction
Tatenschaften {pl} guilts
Tatkraft {f} energy
tatkräftigere more energetic
tatkräftigste most energetic
Tatort {m} site of crime
Tatort {m} crime scene
Tatorte {pl} sites of crime
Tatsache werden to materialize
Tatsache {f} fact
Tatsache {f} virtuality
Tatsachen verdrehen to give a false colour
Tatsachen {pl} actualities
Tatsachen {pl} facts
Tatsachen {pl} virtualities
Tatsachenbericht {m} factual report
Tatsachenentscheid {m} decision based on facts
Tatsachenverdreher {m} spin doctor
tatsächlich virtual
tatsächlich actually
tatsächlich real
tatsächlich actual
tatsächlich as a matter of fact
tatsächlich defacto
tatsächlich in fact
tatsächlich indeed
tatsächliche Adresse real address
tatsächliche Nutzungsdauer actual life
tatsächlicher Bestand actual stock
tatsächlicher Parameter {m} actual parameter
tatsächlicher Zählerstand {m} actual count
tatterig doddery
tattrig doddery
Tatze {f} paw
Tatzen {f} {pl} paws {pl}
Tatzlager {n} (tech.) axle bearing
Tau {m} dew
Tau {n} rope
taub deaf
taub deafly
taub wie eine Nuss sein to be as deaf as a doorpost
Taube {f} dove
Taube {f} pigeon
Taubelag {m} dew coating
Tauben {pl} doves
Tauben {pl} pigeons
Taubenabwehr {f} pigeon defence (Br.)
Taubenabwehr {f} pigeon defense (Am.)
Taubenabwehrsystem {n} pigeon defense system (Am.)
Taubenabwehrsystem {n} pigeon defence system (Br.)
Taubendreck {m} pigeon dirt
Taubendreck {m} pigeon muck
Taubendreck {m} pigeon droppings
Taubenei {n} pigeon's egg
Taubenei {n} dove's egg
taubeneigroß the size of a golf ball
Taubenerkrankung {f} pigeon disease
Taubenfeder {f} dove feather
Taubenfeder {f} pigeon feather
Taubenfutter {n} pigeon feed
Taubenfütterung {f} dove feeding
Taubenfütterung {f} pigeon feeding
Taubengefieder {n} pigeon plumage
Taubengefieder {n} dove plumage
Taubengefieder {n} dove's plumage
Taubengefieder {n} pigeon's plumage
Taubengefieder {n} pigeon's feathers
Taubengefieder {n} pigeon feathers
Taubengefieder {n} dove feathers
Taubengefieder {n} dove's feathers
taubengrau dove coloured
taubengrau dove-colored
taubengrau dove grey (Br.)
taubengrau dove gray (Am.)
Taubenhaus {n} dovecot
Taubenhaus {n} dovecote
Taubenhaus {n} (Brieftauben) pigeon loft
Taubenjagd {f} dove hunting
Taubenjagd {f} pigeon hunting
Taubenjagen {n} dove hunting
Taubenjagen {n} pigeon hunting
Taubenjäger {m} pigeon hunter
Taubenjäger {m} dove hunter
Taubenkot {m} dove droppings
Taubenkot {m} pigeon droppings
Taubenkrankheit {f} pigeon disease
Taubenmilbe {f} (ugs.) poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae)
Taubenplage {f} pigeon plague
Taubenplage {f} pigeon pest
Taubenpost {f} pigeon post
Taubenschießen {n} pigeon shooting
Taubenschlag {m} pigeonry
Taubenschläge {pl} pigeonries
Taubenschwänzchen {n} hummingbird hawk moth (Macroglossum stellatarum)
Taubenschwänzchen {n} hummingbird hawkmoth (Macroglossum stellatarum)
Taubenschwänzchen {n} hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum)
Taubensport {m} pigeon racing
Taubenwanze {f} (zool.) pigeon bug
Taubenwanze {f} (zool.) nest bug
Taubenzecke {f} pigeon tick (Argas reflexus)
Taubenzucht {f} pigeon breeding
Taubenzucht {f} pigeon fancying
Taubenzüchter {m} pigeon breeder
Taubenzüchter-Krankheit {f} (Form der exogen-allergischen Alveolitis) [-special_topic_med.-] pigeon breeder's disease [-special_topic_med.-]
Taubenzüchterin {f} (female) pigeon breeder
Taubenzüchterkrankheit {f} (Form der exogen-allergischen Alveolitis) [-special_topic_med.-] pigeon breeder's disease [-special_topic_med.-]
Taubenzüchterlunge {f} (Form der exogen-allergischen Alveolitis) [-special_topic_med.-] pigeon breeder's lung [-special_topic_med.-]
Tauber {m} cock pigeon
taubere more deaf
Taubheit {f} deafness
Taubnessel {f} deadnettle
Taubnessel, rote (Lamium purpureum) red dead nettle
Taubnessel, weiß (Lamium album) white dead nettle
Taubnesseln {pl} deadnettles
taubste most deaf
taubstumm deaf and dumb
Tauchausrüstung {f} diving equipment
Tauchbad {n} dip
tauchbar submergible
Tauchclub {m} diving club
tauchen to immerse
tauchen to plunge
tauchen (als Sport) to skin-dive
tauchen (mit Gerät) to scuba-dive
tauchen (nach) to dive (for)
tauchen (U-Boot) to dive
tauchen (U-Boot) to submerge
Tauchen {n} dive
tauchen, eintauchen to dip (in, into)
tauchend dipping
tauchend diving
tauchend immersing
tauchend plunging
Tauchentchen {n} dabchick
Taucher {m} diver
Taucher {m} plunger
Taucher {m} aquanaut
Taucher {pl} divers
Taucheranzug {m} diving suit
Taucheranzug {m} diving dress
Taucheranzug {m} diver's suit
Taucheranzug {m} (für Sporttaucher) wetsuit
Taucheranzug {m} (für Sporttaucher) wet suit
Taucherausrüstung {f} diver's equipment
Taucherbrille {f} diving goggles
Taucherbrille {f} diver's goggles
Taucherflasche {f} diving cylinder
Taucherflasche {f} scuba tank
Tauchergerät {n} aqualung
Taucherglocke {f} diving bell
Taucherhelm {m} diver's helmet
Taucherkamera {f} scuba camera
Taucherkamera {f} scubacam
Taucherkamera {f} scuba cam
Taucherkamera {f} scuba-cam
Taucherkrankheit {f} the bends
Taucherkrankheit {f} [-special_topic_med.-] diver´s paralysis [-special_topic_med.-]
Taucherkrankheit {f} [-special_topic_med.-] caisson disease [-special_topic_med.-]
Taucherlunge {f} aqualung
Tauchermaske {f} diving mask
Tauchermaske {f} diver's mask
Tauchhelm {m} diving helmet
Tauchkerntransformator {m} (E-Technik) telescoping coil transformer
Tauchklub {m} diving club
Tauchkolben {m} plunger
Tauchlöten {n} dip soldering
Tauchlöten {n} dip brazing
Tauchmotor {m} submersible motor
Tauchmotorpumpe {f} submersible pump
Tauchmotorpumpe {f} immersion pump

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