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T-Bone-Steak {n} T-bone steak
T-Bruch {m} T-break
T-Glied {n} (Lichtwellenleiter) T-section
T-Glied {n} (Lichtwellenleiter) T-junction
T-Helferzelle {f} (med.) T-helper cell
T-Leitwerk {n} [-special_topic_aviat.-] T-tail [-special_topic_aviat.-]
T-Nutenschraube {f} T-bolt
T-Shirt {n} T-shirt
T-Shirt-BH {m} t-shirt bra
T-Shirt-BH {m} tee bra (coll.)
T-Shirt-BH {m} tee-shirt bra
T-Shirt-Kleid {n} T-shirt dress
T-Shirt-Kleid {n} tee dress
T-Stahl {m} basic Bessemer steel
T-Träger {m} (tech.) T girder
Tabak (Nicotiana spp.) tobacco
Tabak {m} tobacco
Tabakanbau {m} cultivation of tobacco
Tabakblasenfuß {m} (Insekt) tobacco thrip
Tabakbrühe {f} (als Pflanzenschutzmittel) tobacco juice
Tabakerzeugnis {n} tobacco product
Tabakhändler {m} tobacconist
Tabakhändler {pl} tobacconists
Tabakkonzern {m} tobacco group
Tabakpflanze {f} tobacco (plant)
Tabakqualm {m} tobacco smoke
Tabaksbeutel {m} tobacco pouch
Tabaksbeutel {pl} tobacco pouches
Tabaksdose {f} tobacco box
Tabaksdosen {pl} tobacco boxes
Tabaksteuer {f} tobacco duty
Tabaksteuer {f} duty on tobacco
Tabakwaren {pl} tobacco goods
Tabakwaren {pl} tobacco products
Tabakwarenladen {m} tobacconist's
tabellarisch tabular
tabellarisch anordnen to tabulate
tabellarische tabularly
tabellarische Anordnung tabulation
tabellarischer Lebenslauf personal data sheet
tabellarisierend tabulating
tabellarisiert tabulates
tabellarisiert tabulated
Tabelle erstellen to tabulate
Tabelle {f} index
Tabelle {f} table
Tabelle {f} chart
Tabelle {f} schedule
Tabelle {f} [-special_topic_sport-] standings [-special_topic_sport-]
Tabellen {pl} spreadsheets
Tabellen {pl} tabulations
Tabellen {pl} tables
Tabellen {pl} charts
Tabellenbearbeitung {f} table handling
Tabellenbuch {n} table book
Tabellenfeld {n} table element
Tabellenkalkulation {f} spreadsheet
tabellenorientiert table-oriented
Tabellenspitze {f} [-special_topic_sport-] head of the standings [-special_topic_sport-]
tabellieren to tabulate
Tabelliermaschine {f} tabulator
tabelliert tabulated
Table Dance {m} (erotischer "Tischtanz", Striptease) table dance
Tablett {n} tray
Tablett {n} salver
Tablette {f} tablet
Tablette {f} tabloid
Tablette {f} pill
Tabletten {pl} tablets
Tabletts {m} trays
Taborit {m} Taborite
tabu taboo
tabu sein to be taboo
Tabu {m} taboo
Tabu {m} tabu
tabuisieren to taboo
Tabula Rasa tabula rasa
Tabula {f} (Tafel des Schädeldachs) table
Tabulator löschen tab clear
Tabulator setzen tab set
Tabulator {m} tabulator
Tabulator {m} tab
Tabulator {m} tab stop
Tabulatoren {pl} tabs
Tabulatortaste {f} tab key
Tabulatortaste {f} skip key
Tabus {pl} taboos
Tabuthema {n} taboo subject
Tacco (mexikanisches Essen) taco
Tachograph {m} tachograph
Tachometer {m} speedometer
Tachometer {m} tachometer
Taco (mexikanisches Essen) taco
Tadel {m} reproof
Tadel {m} animadversion
Tadel {m} censure
Tadel {m} objurgation
Tadel {m} rebuke
Tadel {m} blame
Tadel {m} impeachment
Tadel {m} (in der Schule) bad mark
Tadel {m} (Vorwurf) reproach
tadellos blamelessly
tadellos reproachless
tadellos blameless
tadellosem blameless
tadellosere more blameless
tadelloseste most blameless
Tadellosigkeit {f} faultlessness
tadeln to blame
tadeln animadvert
tadeln censure
tadeln chide
tadeln dispraise
tadeln objurgate
tadeln rebuke
tadeln reprehend
tadeln reprehension
tadeln reprove
tadeln to vituperate
tadeln reproaches
tadeln to damn
tadeln to darn
tadelnd animadverting
tadelnd blaming
tadelnd censuring
tadelnd chiding
tadelnd dispraising
tadelnd objurgating
tadelnd rebuking
tadelnd reprehending
tadelnd reproving
tadelnd vituperating
tadelnswert censurable
tadelnswert reprehensible
tadelnswerte reprehensibly
tadelnswertere more reprehensible
tadelnswerteste most reprehensible
tadelnswürdig blameful
tadelnswürdige blamefully
Tadelsucht {f} criticalness
tadelsüchtig censorial
tadelsüchtig carping
tadelsüchtige censoriously
tadelsüchtigen censorious
tadelsüchtigere more carping
Tadelsüchtigkeit {f} censoriousness
tadelsüchtigste most carping
tadelt animadverts
tadelt blames
tadelt censures
tadelt chides
tadelt dispraises
tadelt objurgates
tadelt rebukes
tadelt reprehends
tadelt reproves
tadelt vituperates
tadelte animadverted
tadelte censured
tadelte objurgated
tadelte blamed
Tadler {m} criticizer
Tadschike {m} Tajik
Tadschikin {f} Tajik (woman / girl)
tadschikisch Tajik
Tadshikistan Tajikistan (tj)
Tafel schmücken to deck the table
Tafel {f} slab
Tafel {f} blackboard
Tafel {f} board
Tafel {f} plate
Tafel {f} table
Tafel {f} chalkboard (Am.)
Tafelbutter {f} best fresh butter
Tafelente {f} (common) pochard (Aythya ferina)
Tafelente {f} Eurasian pochard (Aythya ferina)
tafelfertig {m} instant
Tafelgabel {f} table fork
Tafelgabel {f} dinner fork
Tafelglas {n} (Glas für eine Speisetafel) ewry (Br.) (< ewer)
Tafelland {n} mesa
Tafelland {n} tableland
Tafellappen {m} rag to wipe off blackboard
Tafelländer {pl} tablelands
Tafellöffel {m} table spoon
Tafellöffel {m} dinner spoon
Tafelmesser {n} dinner knife
Tafelmesser {n} table knife
Tafelmesser {n} place knife
Tafeln {pl} boards
Tafelobst {n} dessert fruit
Tafelrunde {f} company at table
Tafelrunde {f} table
Tafelschere {f} guillotine shears
Tafelschere {f} guillotine shear
Tafelschmücker(in) {m} {f} table decker (Br.)
Tafelsilber {n} silverware
Tafelspitz {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] soured boiled rump [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Tafelstein {m} table

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