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Schulkenntnisse {pl} knowledge aquired at school
Schulkind {n} pupil
Schulkind {n} schoolchild
Schulkind {n} student (Am.)
Schulkind {n} school kid (Am.)
Schulkinder {pl} school kids (Am.)
Schulklasse {f} form
Schulklasse {f} school class
Schullehrer {m} schoolteacher
Schullehrer {pl} schoolteachers
Schullehrerin {f} schoolmarm
Schullehrerin {f} schoolmistress
Schullehrerin {f} (female) schoolteacher
Schullehrerin {f} (woman) schoolteacher
Schulleiter / Schulleiterin headmaster / headmistress (Br.), principal (Am.)
Schulleiter {m} principal (Am.)
Schullektüre sein to be read in schools
Schullektüre {f} book/books read in school
Schulmappe {f} schoolbag
Schulmappe {f} schoolbag
Schulmappe {f} school bag
Schulmedizin {f} orthodox medicine
Schulmediziner {m} orthodox medical practitioner
Schulmeinung {f} received opinion
Schulmeister {m} dominie
Schulmeister {m} schoolmaster
schulmeisterlich schoolmasterly
schulmeistern to lecture
Schulmikroskop {n} school microscope
Schulmädchen {n} schoolgirl
Schulmädchenrock {m} schoolgirls' skirt
Schulmädchenstrich {m} schoolgirl prostitution
Schulmädel {n} schoolgirl
Schulmädel {n} schoolgal
Schulmädel {n} schoolgirlie
schulmäßig scholastic
schulmäßig scholastically
schulmäßig (fig.) (wie im Lehrbuch) textbook
schulmäßig (Lehrbuch, Unterricht) didactic
schulmäßig (machen) strictly by the book
schulmäßig (reglementiert) just like in school
schulmäßig gekleidet sein to be dressed for school
Schulnote {f} grade
Schulnote {f} school grade
Schulordnung {f} school regulations
Schulordnung {f} school rules
Schulpferd {n} trained horse
Schulpferde {pl} trained horses
Schulpflicht {f} compulsory education
schulpflichtig (Kind) required to attend school
Schulpolitik {f} education policy
Schulpolitik {f} schools policy
Schulpsychologe, Schulpsychologin {m,f} educational psychologist
Schulranzen {m} (school) satchel
Schulrat {m} schools inspector
Schulraum {m} class room
Schulreform {f} educational reform
Schulreife {f} school readiness
Schulreifeprüfung {f} school readiness test
Schulreifetest {m} school readiness test
Schulreiten {n} schooling
Schulrätin {f} (female) schools inspector
Schulrätin {f} (woman) schools inspector
Schulschiff {n} training ship
Schulschiffe {pl} training ships
Schulschlampe {f} (vulg.) school slut (vulg.)
Schulschluss ist um 13.30 school finishes at 13.30
Schulschluss {m} end of school
Schulschluss {m} (vor den Ferien) end of term
Schulschwester {f} school nurse
Schulschwänzen {n} truancy
Schulschwänzer {m} truant
Schulschwänzer {pl} truants
Schulschwänzerei {f} truancy
Schulschwänzerin {f} girl truant
Schulschwänzerin {f} (female) truant
Schulschwänzerinnen {pl} (female) truants
Schulschwänzerinnen {pl} girl truants
Schulsekretärin {f} school secretary
Schulspeisung {f} school lunch
Schulspeisung {f} free school meals
Schulsport {m} school sport
Schulsprecher {m} head boy (Br.)
Schulsprecherin {f} head girl (Br.)
Schulsprengel {m} (österreichisch) (school) catchment area
Schulstress {m} stress at school
Schulstunde {f} lesson
Schulstunde {f} (school) period
Schulstunde {f} period
Schulsystem {n} school system
schult indoctrinates
schult um re-educates
schult um retrains
Schultafel {f} blackboard
Schultafel {f} board
Schultafel {f} chalkboard (Am.)
Schultag {m} school day
Schultasche {f} schoolbag
Schultasche {f} school bag
schulte indoctrinated
schulte um retrained
schulte um re-educated
Schulter {f} humeral
Schulter {f} scapular
Schulter {f} shoulder
Schulterblatt {n} scapula
Schulterblatt {n} shoulder blade
Schulterblatt {n} bladebone
Schulterblätter {pl} scapulas
Schulterblätter {pl} shoulder blades
Schulterbreite {f} bead seat width
Schulterbreite {f} (Reifen) shoulder width (tyre)
Schulterdichtung {f} stepped grommet
schulterfrei strapless
schulterfrei (z. B. Kleid) off-the-shoulder
schulterfreies Abendkleid {n} off-the-shoulder evening gown (esp. Am.)
schulterfreies Abendkleid {n} off-the-shoulder evening dress
schulterfreies Abendkleid {n} (ohne Träger) strapless evening gown (esp. Am.)
schulterfreies Abendkleid {n} (ohne Träger) strapless evening dress
schulterfreies Kleid {n} off-the-shoulder dress
schulterfreies Kleid {n} (ohne Träger) strapless dress
schulterfreies Oberteil {n} off-the-shoulder top
schulterfreies Oberteil {n} (ohne Träger) strapless top
schulterfreies Top {n} off-the-shoulder top
schulterfreies Top {n} (ohne Träger) strapless top
Schultergelenk {n} shoulder joint
Schultergurt {m} shoulder strap
Schulterklappe {f} epaulette
Schulterklappen {pl} epaulettes
Schulterklopfen {n} backslapping
Schulterkontakt {f} (Reifen) shoulder contact (tyre)
Schulterkontur {f} (Felge) bead seat contour (rim)
Schulterlager {n} (tech.) separable bearing
schultern to shoulder
Schultern {pl} shoulders
schulternd shouldering
Schulterpasse {f} (z. B. an Bluse) shoulder yoke
Schulterpolster {n} shoulder pad
Schulterpolster {n} {m} mit Stirnschleife porter's knot
Schulterpolster {pl} shoulder pads
Schulterradius {m} well top radius
Schulterradius {m} (Reifen) shoulder radius (tyre)
Schulterschräge {f} bead seat inclination
Schultersieg {m} win by fall
Schulterstück {n} shoulder strap
Schulterstücke {pl} shoulder straps
Schulterstütze {f} shoulder support
Schultertuch {n} fichu
Schultertuch {n} scarf (round the shoulders)
Schulterwaffe {f}, von der Schulter abzufeuernde Waffe (z. B. Panzerfaust) shoulder weapon
Schulterwinkel {m} bead seat angle
Schulterzone {f} (Reifen) shoulder area (tyre)
Schultüte {f} A long pointed cone made of cardboard and filled with sweets or small presents. Given to children on their first school day.
Schultüte {f} paper funnel
Schultüte {f} schoolcone
Schuluhr {f} school clock
Schulung {f} schooling
Schulung {f} education
Schulungen {pl} trainings
Schulungen {pl} schoolings
Schulungsbombe {f} training bomb
Schulungsraum {m} training room
Schulungszimmer {n} training room
Schuluniform {f} student's uniform
Schuluniform {f} school uniform
Schulversäumnis {n} non attendance
Schulverwaltung {f} school administration
Schulweg {m} way to school
Schulwege {pl} ways to school
Schulwörterbuch {n} school dictionary
Schulzeit {f} school days
Schulzeitung {f} school magazine
Schulzeugnis {n} school report
Schulärztin {f} school doctor
schulärztlich by the school doctor
schulärztliches Attest {n} school doctor's certificate
schummeln to cheat
schummeln to diddle
schummeln to chisel
schummrig dim
Schund {m} shoddy
Schund {m} trash
Schund {m} (unsittliches Zeug) dirt
Schundliteratur {f} trashy literature
Schundliteratur {f} trash
Schundroman {m} shilling shocker
Schundromane {pl} shilling shockers
Schupflehen {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] tenancy at will [-special_topic_hist.-]
Schupfnudeln {pl} [-special_topic_gastr.-] finger-shaped potato dumplings [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Schuppe {f} scale
Schuppe {f} flake
Schuppen {m} hovel
Schuppen {m} shanty
Schuppen {m} shelter
Schuppen {m} shed
Schuppen {m} shack
Schuppen {pl} scurfs {pl}
Schuppen {pl} shelters
Schuppen {pl} dandruffs {pl}
Schuppen {pl} (am Kopf) dandruff

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