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Schmetterlingsfühler {m} butterfly antenna
Schmetterlingsfühler {m} butterfly's antenna
Schmetterlingsfühler {pl} butterfly antennae
Schmetterlingsfühler {pl} butterfly's antennae
Schmetterlingskunde {f} lepidopterology
Schmetterlingskundler {m} lepidopterologist
Schmetterlingskundlerin {f} (female) lepidopterologist
Schmetterlingslarve {f} butterfly larva
Schmetterlingslarven {pl} butterfly larvae
Schmetterlingsmücke {f} moth fly
Schmetterlingsnudeln {pl} bow ties (pasta)
Schmetterlingsnudeln, Farfalle {pl} farfalle
Schmetterlingsraupe {f} butterfly caterpillar
Schmetterlingssammler {m} butterfly collector
Schmetterlingssammlerin {f} (female) butterfly collector
Schmetterlingssammlung {f} butterfly collection
Schmetterlingsschwarm {m} butterflies swarm
schmettern to dash
schmettern dashing
schmettern blare
schmettern to clash
schmetternd clarion
schmetternd blaring
schmettert blares
schmetterte blared
Schmidt-Kamera {f} Schmidt camera
Schmied {m} blacksmith
Schmied {m} smith
Schmied {m} forger
schmiedbar forgeable
schmiedbarer Qualitätsstahl {m} forging quality steel
schmiedbarer Qualitätsstahl {m} forging grade steel
schmiedbarer Stahl {m} forging (quality) steel
Schmiede {f} forge
Schmiede {f} smithy
Schmiede {pl} blacksmith
Schmiedeeisen {n} low carbon steel
Schmiedeeisen {n} wrought iron
Schmiedeeiserne {n} ironwork
Schmiedehammer {m} forging hammer
Schmiedehammer {m} (Hammer eines Schmieds) blacksmith's hammer
Schmiedehammer {m} (Industrieanlage) forge hammer
Schmiedehammerbär {m} forging hammer tup
Schmiedemaschine {f} forging machine
schmieden to forge
Schmieden {pl} smithies
Schmiederohling {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] biscuit [-special_topic_tech.-]
Schmiedestahl {m} mild steel
Schmiedestahl {m} forged steel
Schmiedestück {n} forging
schmiedet forges
schmiedete forged
Schmiedeteil {n} forging
schmiege nestle to
Schmiege {f} sliding bevel
Schmiegeegge {f} flexible harrow
schmiegend nestling to
schmiegsam pliant
schmiegst nestles to
Schmiegungskurve {f} osculating curve
Schmiegungskurve {f} osculant curve
Schmierblock {m} scratchpad
Schmierbuchse {f} grease box
Schmierbüchse {f} grease cup
Schmiere stehen to keep a lookout
Schmiere {f} grease
Schmiere {f} lubricant
Schmiere {f} (schmieriges Zeug) mess
Schmiere {f} (Theater) ham-acting
schmieren to lubricate
schmieren to smear
schmieren to tallow
schmieren to daub
schmieren to grease
schmieren to lube
schmierend daubing
schmierend greasing
schmierend lubricating
schmierend smearing
Schmierenkomödiant {m} (veraltend, abwertend) ham (actor)
Schmierenkomödiantin {f} (veraltend, abwertend) ham (actress)
Schmierenkomödie {f} (abwertend) primitive knockabout comedy
Schmierentheater {n} (abwertend) second-rate theatre (Br.)
Schmierentheater {n} (abwertend) second-rate theater (Am.)
Schmierer {m} dauber
Schmierer {pl} daubers
Schmierereien {pl} smearings
Schmierfett {n} grease
Schmierfink {m} dirty fellow
Schmiergeld {n} bribemoney
Schmiergeld {n} payola
Schmiergeld {n} boodle
Schmiergeld {n} payoff
Schmiergeldaffäre {f} case of bribery
Schmiergelder {pl} bribemoney
Schmiergelder {pl} (ugs.) palm grease (coll.)
Schmiergeldskandal {m} bribery scandal
Schmiergeldzahlung {f} bribe payment
Schmiergeldzahlungen {pl} bribe payments
schmierig greasy
schmierig greasily
schmierig lubricious
schmierig sleazy
schmierig smeary
schmierig smudgy
schmierig slobbery
schmieriger smearier
Schmierigkeit {f} greasiness
schmierigste smeariest
Schmiermittel {n} lubricant
Schmiermittel {n} lubricative
Schmiermittel {n} lube
Schmiermittel {pl} lubricants
Schmiernippel {n} nipple head
Schmierpapier {n} scribbling paper
Schmierplatte {f} scratch disk
Schmierseife {f} soft soap
Schmierseifen {pl} soft soaps
Schmierstoff {m} lubricant
Schmierstoffuntersuchung {f} lubricant analysis
schmiert daubs
schmiert greases
schmiert lubricates
schmiert tallows
schmierte greased
schmierte smeared
Schmierung {f} lubrication
Schmiervorrichtung {f} lubricator
Schmieröl {n} lubricating oil
Schmieröl {n} lube
Schmierölkühlung {f} lubricating oil cooler
schmilz! to melt
schmilzt melts
schmilzt neu remelts
Schminke {f} make-up
Schminke {f} makeup
Schminkhocker {m} make-up stool
Schminkhocker {m} makeup stool
Schminkkoffer {m} vanity case
schminkte rouged
Schmirgel {m} emery
Schmirgelleinwand {f} emery cloth
schmirgeln to emery
Schmirgelpapier {n} sandpaper
Schmirgelpapier {n} emery paper
Schmirgelscheibe {f} emery wheel
schmiss threw
schmiss hin plunked
Schmiss {m} peppiness
schmissig racy
schmissig snappy
schmissig saucy
schmissiger zippier
Schmissigkeit {f} snappiness
schmissigste zippiest
Schmitt-Trigger {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] Schmitt trigger [-special_topic_electr.-]
Schmitt-Triggergatter {n} [-special_topic_electr.-] Schmitt trigger gate [-special_topic_electr.-]
Schmitt-Triggerschaltung {f} [-special_topic_electr.-] Schmitt trigger circuit [-special_topic_electr.-]
Schmitzring {m} (Druckmaschine) bearer ring
Schmitzringläufer {m} (Druckmaschine) bearer-to-bearer printing press
schmollen to pout
schmollen to sulk
schmollend pouting
schmollend sulking
schmollene pouting
schmollt pouts
schmollt sulks
schmollte pouted
schmollte sulked
Schmollwinkel {m} sulking corner
Schmollwinkel {m} growlery (Br.) (retreat for times of ill-humour)
schmolz smelted
schmolz melted
schmolz neu remelted
Schmorbraten {m} braised meat
Schmorbraten {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] pot roast [-special_topic_gastr.-]
schmoren to stew
schmoren to braise
schmorend braising
schmorend stewing
Schmorfleisch {n} braising steak
Schmorpfanne {f} sauté pan
Schmorpfanne {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] casserole [-special_topic_gastr.-]
schmort braises
schmort stews
schmorte braised
Schmu machen (coll.) (veraltend) to swindle
Schmu machen (coll.) (veraltend) to cheat
Schmu {m} (sl.) (old-fashioned) unfair gain
schmuck smug
schmuck saucy
Schmuck {m} emblazonment
Schmuck {m} emblazonments
Schmuck {m} jewelry
Schmuck {m} panoply
Schmuck {m} trappings
Schmuck {m} trinket
Schmuck {m} jewellery (Br.)
Schmuckanhänger {m} pendant
Schmuckfliege {f} picture-winged fly

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