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Stummfilmära {f} silent film era
Stummfilmära {f} silent movie era (esp. Am.)
Stummheit {f} dumbness
Stummheit {f} muteness
Stummheit {f} wordlessness
stummste dumbest
stumpf blunt
stumpf bluntly
stumpf dull
stumpf machen to take the edge off
stumpf machen (gegen) to blunt (to)
stumpf sein to have no edge
Stumpf und Stiel root and branch
Stumpf {m} stub
Stumpf {m} stump
stumpfartig stumpy
Stumpfblättriger Ampfer (rumex obtusifolius) round-leaved dock
stumpfe Verbindung {f} (Holztechnik) butt joint
stumpfend blunting
stumpfer blunter
stumpfer Winkel obtuse angle
Stumpfheit {f} bluntness
Stumpfheit {f} obtuseness
Stumpfheit {f} stupor
Stumpfschweißen {n} butt welding
stumpfsinnig obtuse
stumpfsinnig obtusely
stumpfsinnig humdrum
stumpfsinnige dully
stumpfsinnige obtusely
stumpfsinniger duller
stumpfsinnigste dullest
stumpfste bluntest
stumpft blunts
stumpft ab deadens
stumpfwinkelig obtuse angled
Stunde {f} hour
stunden to defer
Stunden {pl} hours
Stundenbuch {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] book of hours [-special_topic_hist.-]
Stundenbuch {n} (hist.) book of hours
Stundengebet {n} (kath.) prayer said at the canonical hours
Stundengeschwindigkeit {f} (average) speed per hour
Stundenglas {n} hour glass
Stundenglas {n} hourglass
Stundengläser {pl} hour glasses
Stundengläser {pl} hourglasses
Stundenhotel {n} hotel letting rooms by the hour (to couples)
Stundenhotel {n} transient hotel
Stundenhotel {n} sleazy hotel (which lets rooms by the hour)
Stundenkilometer {pl} (ugs.) kilometres per hour (kph) (Br.)
Stundenkilometer {pl} (ugs.) kilometers per hour (kph) (Am.)
Stundenkreis {m} (einer Uhr; auch astron.) hour circle
Stundenkreisprojektor {m} (astron.) hour circle projector
stundenlang for hours
stundenlang for hours together
stundenlang lasting for hours
Stundenleistung {f} (bei Produktion ect.) output per hour
Stundenleistung {f} (bei Produktion etc.) hourly output
Stundenleistung {f} (bez. auf Herstellungsprozess) production rate per hour
Stundenleistung {f} (von Antriebsmaschinen) one-hour (capacity) rating
Stundenlohn {m} wages per hour
Stundenlohn {m} hourly wage
Stundenmeilen {pl} mph : miles per hour
Stundenplan {m} timetable
Stundenplan {m} time-table
Stundenplan {m} time table
Stundenplan {m} schedule (Am.)
Stundenpläne {pl} timetables
Stundensatz {m} hourly rate
Stundensatz {m} hourly wage
Stundensatz {m} rate by the hour
Stundenschlag {m} stroke (of the clock)
Stundenschlag {m} striking of the hour
Stundenverpflichtung {f} (Schulwesen) obligation to teach a certain number of lessons
stundenweise part time
Stundenwinkel {m} hour angle
Stundenzeiger {m} hour hand
Stundenzeiger {m} hour-hand
Stundenzähler {m} hour meter
Stundung {f} forbearance
Stundung {f} deferment (of payment)
Stundungen {pl} forbearances
Stundungsantrag {m} request for a respite
Stundungsgesuch {n} request for a respite
Stuntman stuntman
stupsen to prod
stupsend prodding
Stupsnase {f} snub nose
Stupsnasen {pl} snub noses
stupsnasig snub-nosed
stupst prods
stupste prodded
stur wilful
stur willful (Am.)
stur obstinate
stur obstinately
stur stolid
stur wilfully
stur wilily
stur willfully (Am.)
stur bloody-minded (Br.)
stur stubborn
stur bleiben to stand pat
sture stolidity
sturen stolidly
sturere more pigheaded
Sturheit {f} bullishness
Sturheit {f} dourness
Sturheit {f} obstinacy
Sturheit {f} stolidness
Sturheiten {pl} bullheadedness
Sturm klingeln to keep ringing the doorbell
Sturm läuten to keep ringing the doorbell
Sturm und Drang sturm and drang
Sturm und Drang {m} (lit.) Sturm und Drang
Sturm und Drang {m} (lit.) Sturm and Stress
Sturm {m} gale
Sturm {m} gustiness
Sturm {m} storm
Sturm {m} tempest
Sturm {m} turbulency
Sturm {m} (mil. Angriff) [-special_topic_mil.-] assault [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sturm {m} (mil. Angriff) [-special_topic_mil.-] attack [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sturm {m} des Gelächters gale of laughter
Sturm {m}, Angriff {m} attack (football)
Sturm-und-Drang-Literatur {f} Sturm and Stress literature
Sturm-und-Drang-Literatur {f} Sturm und Drang literature
Sturm-und-Drang-Zeit {f} (lit.) Sturm und Drang period
Sturm-und-Drang-Zeit {f} (lit.) Sturm and Stress period
Sturmabteilung {f} Storm Troopers
Sturmband {n} chinstrap
Sturmbock {m} ram
Sturmbock {m} [-special_topic_hist.-] battering ram [-special_topic_hist.-]
Sturmboot {n} assault boat
Sturmboote {pl} assault boats
Sturmbö {f} sqall
Sturmdeck {n} hurricane deck
sturmerprobt (auch fig.) battle-tried
Sturmfahne {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] standard [-special_topic_hist.-]
Sturmfahne {f} [-special_topic_naut.-] (gale) warning flag [-special_topic_naut.-]
sturmfest stormproof
sturmfest (fig.) steadfast
Sturmflagge {f} [-special_topic_naut.-] (gale) warning flag [-special_topic_naut.-]
Sturmflut {f} storm surge
Sturmflut {f} storm tide
sturmfrei storm-free (literally)
sturmfrei [-special_topic_mil.-] unassailable [-special_topic_mil.-]
sturmgepeitscht storm-lashed
sturmgepeitscht (Bäume) bending before the storm
sturmgepeitscht (See) storm-tossed
Sturmgepäck {n} combat pack
Sturmgepäck {n} light pack
Sturmgeschütz {n} assault gun
Sturmgeschütze {pl} assault guns
Sturmgewehr {n} assault rifle
Sturmgewehr {n} semi-automatic rifle
Sturmgewehr {n} rifle used by infantry
Sturmgewehr {n} assault weapon
Sturmglocke {f} tocsin
Sturmglocke {f} alarm bell
Sturmglocken {pl} alarms bells
Sturmglocken {pl} tocsins
Sturmhaube {f} (als Kälteschutz [für Motorradfahrer]) cold weather mask
Sturmhaube {f} (für Motorradfahrer) under helmet
Sturmhaube {f} (hist.) [-special_topic_mil.-] morion [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sturmhaube {f} (hist.) [-special_topic_mil.-] helmet [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sturmhut {m} wolfsbane (aconitum napellus)
Sturmhut {m} aconite
Sturmhut {m} (Blauer Eisenhut) aconite
Sturmhut {m} (Blauer Eisenhut) helmet flower
Sturmkegel {m} storm cone
Sturmkeller {m} hurricane cellar
Sturmkeller {m} storm cellar
Sturmlaterne {f} hurricane lamp
Sturmlaterne {f} storm lantern
Sturmlauf {m} trot
Sturmlauf {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] assault [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sturmlauf {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] attack [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sturmlauf {m} (fig.) run
Sturmlauf {m} (Fußball) run on goal
Sturmleiter {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] scaling ladder [-special_topic_hist.-]
Sturmleiter {f} (mil., hist.) scaling ladder
Sturmleiter {f} (naut.) rope ladder
Sturmleiter {f} (Strickleiter) rope ladder
Sturmmöwe {f} common gull (Larus canus)
Sturmmöwe {f} mew gull (Larus canus)
Sturmnacht {f} (Nacht des Sturms) night of the storm
Sturmnacht {f} (stürmische Nacht) stormy night
Sturmpanzer {m} assault tank
Sturmpistole {f} assault pistol
sturmreif ready to be stormed
sturmreif schießen [-special_topic_mil.-] to subject to a softening-up barrage [-special_topic_mil.-]
sturmreif sein (für) to be ripe for attack (by)
Sturmreihe {f} (Fußball) forward line
Sturmreihe {f} (Fußball) attack
Sturmreihe {f} [-special_topic_sport-] forward line [-special_topic_sport-]
Sturmschaden {m} storm damage
Sturmschritt {m} double quick step
Sturmschritt {m} (auch fig.) [-special_topic_mil.-] double-quick pace [-special_topic_mil.-]

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