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Strickweste {f} knit waistcoat
Strickweste {f} (mit Ärmeln) cardigan
Strickwolle {f} knitting wool
Strickzeug {n} knitting
Strickzeug {n} (Zubehör) knitting things
Striegel {m} curry comb
Striegel {m} (Egge) harroweeder
Striegel {m} (Egge) finger weeder
striegeln curry
striegeln to curry combs
striegelnd currying
striegelst curry
striegelt curries
striegelte curried
strieme wale
Strieme {f} wale
striemen to wales
Striemen {pl} wales
Striemen {pl} weals
striemend waling
striemig covered with wales
striemte waled
strikt gegen etwas sein to be dead against something
String ouvert {m} open crotch string
String ouvert {m} crotchless string (thong)
String {m} (G-String) string (thong)
String {m} (knapper Tanga-Slip) string (panty)
String {m} (String-Tanga) thong
String-Ausdruck erwartet string expession expected
String-Konstante zu lang string constant exceeds line
String-Tanga ouvert {m} open crotch string (panty)
String-Tanga {m} (string) thong
String-Tanga {m} string (panty)
String-Tanga {m} aus Leder leather string thong
String-Tanga-Unterteil {n} (Bikini) string thong bottom
String-Unterteil {n} (Bikini) string bottom
String-Variable erwartet string variable expected
Stringlänge zu groß invalid string length
Stringtanga ouvert {m} open crotch string (panty)
Stringtanga {m} (string) thong
Stringtanga-Bikini {m} string thong bikini
Stringtanga-Unterteil {n} (Bikini) string thong bottom
Stringtangabikini {m} string thong bikini
Stringtangahöschen {n} (string) thong panty
Striplokal {n} strip joint (coll.)
Striplokal {n} strip club
Striplokal {n} (Bar) strip bar
Stripper {m} (ugs.: Stripteasetänzer) (male) stripper (coll.)
Striptease-Bar {f} striptease nightclub
Striptease-Bar {f} striptease bar
Striptease-Tänzer {m} (male) stripper (coll.)
Striptease-Tänzer {m} (male) striptease artist
Striptease-Tänzer {m} (male) striptease dancer
Striptease-Tänzerin {f} (female) stripper (coll.)
Striptease-Tänzerin {f} (female) striptease artist
Striptease-Tänzerin {f} (female) striptease dancer
Stripteasebar {f} striptease nightclub
Stripteasebar {f} striptease bar
Stripteaselokal {n} striptease club
Stripteaselokal {n} strip joint (coll.)
Stripteaselokal {n} (Bar) striptease bar
Stripteasenummer {f} striptease act
Stripteasetänzer {m} (male) stripper (coll.)
Stripteasetänzer {m} (male) striptease artist
Stripteasetänzer {m} (male) striptease dancer
Stripteasetänzerin {f} stripteaser
Stripteasetänzerin {f} (female) stripper (coll.)
Stripteasetänzerin {f} (female) striptease artist
Stripteasetänzerin {f} (female) striptease dancer
Stripteasetänzerinnen {pl} stripteasers
stritt altercated
stritt quarreled
stritt wrangled
stritt quarrelled
strittig at issue
strittig contentious
strittig controversial
strittig debatably
strittig disputable
strittige controversially
strittige Frage point at issue
Stroboskop {n} stroboscope
Stroboskoptechnik {f} stroboscopy
Stroh {n} straw
Strohballenpresse {f} straw baler
strohblond (Haare, Strähnen) flaxen
strohblond (Person) flaxen-haired
Strohbündel {n} wisp
Strohdach {n} thatched roof
Strohdachdecker {m} thatcher
Strohdecke {f} mulch
Strohdecken {pl} mulches
Strohdächer {pl} thatched roofs
strohfarben straw coloured
Strohfeuer {n} straw fire
Strohhalm {m} straw
Strohhalme {pl} straws
Strohhut {m} straw hat
Strohhut {m} straw (coll.)
Strohhüte {pl} straw hats
strohig jejune
Strohmann {m} stooge
Strohmann {m} scarecrow
Strohmann {m} man of straw
Strohmann {m} [-special_topic_jur.-] dummy [-special_topic_jur.-]
Strohmatte {f} strawmat
Strohmänner {pl} scarecrows
Strohmänner {pl} stooges
Strohpuppe {f} straw doll
Strohsack {m} paliasse
Strohwitwer {m} grass widower
Strolch {m} hoodlum
Strolch {m} thug
Strolch {m} vagabond
Strolch {m} scallywag
Strolch {m} (Triebtäter) beast (Br.)
Strolche {pl} hoodlums
Strolche {pl} thugs
Strolche {pl} vagabonds
Strom abzapfen to tap the wire
Strom {m} power
Strom {m} current
Strom {m} gush
Strom {m} stream
Strom {m} flow
Strom {m} flush
Stromabnehmer {m} tap
Stromabnehmer {m} bow collector
Stromabnehmer {m} current collector
Stromabnehmer {m} pantograph
Stromabnehmer {pl} current collectors
stromabwärts downstream
stromabwärts gelegen downstream
stromabwärts gerichtet downstream
Stromaggregat {n} power set
Stromanschluss {m} bus bar
Stromanschluss {m} power connector
stromauf upstream
Stromaufnahme {f} power consumption
stromaufwärts upriver
stromaufwärts gelegen upstream
stromaufwärts gerichtet upstream
Stromausfall {m} blackout
Stromausfall {m} power blackout
Stromausfall {m} power failure
Stromausfall {m} power cut
Stromausfall {m} power outage (Am.)
strombegrenzende Sicherung current limiting fuse
Strombelastbarkeit {f} current carrying capacity
Strombelastbarkeitsprüfung {f} current carrying capacity test
Stromdichte {f} current density
Stromeinspeisung {f} power input
Stromer {m} rounder
Stromerzeuger {m} generator
stromführender Draht live wire
stromführendes Teil live part
Stromgebiet {n} basin
Stromgebiete {pl} basins
Stromkreis {m} electric circuit
Stromkreis {m} circuit
stromkreise circuits
Stromkreise {pl} circuits
Stromlaufplan {m} wiring diagram
stromleitende Tinte electrographic ink
stromleitender Graphitstift electrographic pen
Stromleiter {m} conductor
Stromleitung {f} power supply line
Stromlinie {f} streamline
Stromlinien {pl} streamlines
stromlinienförmig streamlined
stromlinienförmige [Aus]gestaltung, Rationalisierung[smaßnahme] streamlining
stromlinienförmiger Rumpf {m} streamlined fuselage
Stromlinienverkleidung {f} streamlined fairing
Stromlinienzug {m} streamliner
Stromlinienzüge {pl} streamliners
stromlos out of service
Strommast {m} (electricity) pylon
Strommesser {m} ammeter
Stromnetz {n} power supply system
Strompreis {m} electricity price
Stromrichter {m} converter
Stromrichter {m} rectifier
Stromschiene {f} busbar
Stromschiene {f} contact rail
Stromschiene {f} (Sammelschiene) bus bar
Stromschiene {f} (z. B. für U-Bahn) power rail
Stromschnellen {pl} rapids
Stromspannungen {pl} voltages
Stromstoß {m} surge
Stromstärke {f} amperage
Stromstärke {f} current strength
Stromstärke {f} current
Stromstärkemesser {m} galvanometer
Stromtarif {m} electricity rate
Stromunterbrecher {m} interrupter
Stromverbrauch {m} wattage
Stromversorgung {f} battery
Stromversorgung {f} power supply
Stromversorgung {f} power adaptor
Stromversorgungen {pl} power supplies

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