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streng rigorous
streng severe
streng (hart) harsh
streng (hart) hard
streng (unnachgiebig) rigid
streng (unnachsichtig; auch Gesicht, Blick) stern
Streng dich an! Play up!
streng geheim top secret
streng geheim topsecret
streng monoton fallend [-special_topic_math.-] strictly monotonic decreasing [-special_topic_math.-]
streng monoton wachsend [-special_topic_math.-] strictly monotonic increasing [-special_topic_math.-]
streng nach Vorschrift strictly to rule
strenge stringently
strenge Ausbildung {f} drill
strenge Worte harsh words
Strenge {f} rigor (Am.)
Strenge {f} topmast
Strenge {f} astringence
Strenge {f} severity
Strenge {f} strictness
Strenge {f} stringency
Strenge {f} rigour (Br.)
Strengen Sie sich mal an! Pull yourself together!
strenger stricter
strenger severer
strenger sterner
strengere more severe
strenges austerely
strenges strictly
strengflüssig viscous
strenggenommen in the proper meaning of the word
strenggenommen strictly speaking
Strengheit {f} sternness
strengste strictest
strengste most severe
strengste severest
strengste sternest
strengt an strains
Streptokokkus {m} strep
Streptomycin {n} streptomycin
Stresemann {m} (Anzug) morning dress
Stresemann-Anzug {m} morning dress
Stresemannanzug {m} morning dress
Stress abbauend de-stress
Stressfaktor {m} source of stress
stressig stressful
stressvoll stressful
stressvolle stressfully
Stretch-Mini {m} stretch mini (skirt)
Stretch-Minirock {m} stretch mini skirt
Stretch-Rock {m} stretch skirt
Stretchmini {m} stretch mini (skirt)
Stretchminirock {m} stretch mini skirt
Stretchrock {m} stretch skirt
Streu-Brandbombe {f} scatter bomb
Streubombe {f} cluster bomb
Streubrandbombe {f} scatter bomb
Streubüchse {f} castor
streuen to scatter
streuen to spread
streuen to strew {strewed, strewn, strewed}
streuend strewing
Streuer {m} caster
Streufahrzeug {n} road salter (coll.)
Streufahrzeug {n} road salt vehicle
Streufeldtransformator {m} (E-Technik) stray field transformer
Streugerät {n} (Agrartechnik) distributor
Streugut {n} (für Straßen) abrasives
Streugut {n} (für Straßen) grit
Streukapazität {f} tray capacitance
Streulicht {n} scattered light
Streulichtblende {f} lens hood
Streulichtblende {f} lens shade
Streumatrix {f} scattering matrix
streunen to stray
streunend straying
Streuner {m} wanderer
Streuner {m} strayer
Streuner {m} gadder
streunt strays
streunte strayed
Streuquerschnitt {m} scattering cross-section
Streusalz {n} road salt
Streusalz {n} de-icing salt
Streusand {m} grit
Streuscheibe {f} diffusing panel (Am.)
Streuschirm {m} diffusing panel (Am.)
Streuselkuchen {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] crumb cake [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Streuspeicherverfahren {n} [-special_topic_comp.-] hashing [-special_topic_comp.-]
streut strews
streut ein intersperses
streute ein interspersed
Streutransformator {m} (E-Technik) constant-current transformer
Streuung {f} scattering
Streuung {f} dispersion
Streuung {f} diffusion
streuungsarm scatter-resistant
Streuverlust {m} divergence loss
Streuverlust {m} spreading loss
Streuverlust {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] stray [-special_topic_electr.-]
Streuwagen {m} gritter
Streuzucker {m} castor sugar
Strich {m} line
Strich {m} bar
Strich {m} stroke
Strich {m} vein
Strich {m} (Bordellgegend) red-light district
Strich {m} (Gegend mit Straßenprostitution) street-walkers' patch
Strich {m} (Gegend mit Straßenprostitution) streetwalkers' district
Strich {m} (Gegend mit Straßenprostitution) streetwalker district
Strich {m} (Prostitution) street-walking
Strich {m} (Prostitution) (street) prostitution
Strich {m} (Richtung bei Materialbearbeitung) stroke
Strichcode {m} bar code
stricheln to dot
Stricher {m} (Jargon) hustler (Am.)
Stricher {m} (Jargon) rent boy
Stricherin {f} [-special_topic_slang-] streetwalker [-special_topic_slang-]
Strichetikett {n} bar code label
Strichgitter {n} (Messtechnik) graticule
Strichjunge {m} hustler
Strichjunge {m} rent boy
Strichmädchen {n} streetwalker
Strichmädchen {n} hustler (esp. Am.)
Strichmännchen {n} stickman
Strichmännchen {n} stick-figure
Strichmännchen {n} stick man
Strichmännchen {n} matchstick man
Strichplatte {f} (Bergbautechnik) streak plate
Strichplatte {f} (Optik) graticule plate
Strichplatte {f} (z. B. in Zielfernrohr, zum Abschätzen von Entfernungen) (hair-line) graticule
Strichplattenbeleuchtung {f} (Optik) graticule illumination
Strichpunkt {m} semicolon
Strichpunkt {m} semi-colon
strichpunktiert dotdashed
Strichskala {f} bar-graph
Strichskala {f} division scale
Strichvogel {m} visitant
Strichvögel {pl} visitants
Strick {m} cord
Strick {m} halter
Strick {m} (ugs.: Strickwaren) knitwear
Strickarbeit {f} knitting (work)
Strickbund {m} (Jacke) knit waistband
Strickbündchen {n} (Ärmel) knit cuff
Strickbündchen {pl} (Ärmel) knit cuffs
Stricke {pl} halters
Strickeisen {n} yarning tool
stricken to knit {knitted, knit, knitted, knit}
strickend knitting
Stricker {m} knitter
Strickerei {f} (Fabrik) knitting mill
Strickerei {f} (Fabrik) knitting factory
Strickerei {f} (Fabrik) hosiery factory
Strickerei {f} (Tätigkeit) knitting
Strickerin {f} knitter
Strickfixierverfahren {n} knit-de-knit process
Strickgarn {n} knitting yarn
Strickgarn {n} knitting cotton
Strickheber {m} knitting cam
Strickheft {n} knitting magazine
Strickhemd {n} knitted shirt
Strickhemd {n} knit shirt
Strickjacke {f} cardigan
Strickkleid {n} knitted dress
Strickkleid {n} knit dress
Strickleiter {f} rope ladder
Strickleiter {f} corded ladder
Strickleiternervensystem {n} [-special_topic_zool.-] ventral (nerve) cord [-special_topic_zool.-]
Strickmasche {f} loop formed by knitting
Strickmaschine {f} knitting machine
Strickmaschinennadel {f} knitting-machine needle
Strickmode {f} knitwear fashion
Strickmuster {n} knitting pattern
Strickmuster {n} (ugs., fig.: Formel) formula
Strickmütze {f} knitted cap
Strickmütze {f} knit cap
Stricknadel {f} knitting needle
Strickpulli {m} knit sweater
Strickpulli {m} knitted sweater
Strickpulli {m} knitted jumper (Br.)
Strickpulli {m} knit jumper (Br.)
Strickpulli {m} knit jersey
Strickpulli {m} knitted jersey
Strickpullover {m} knit pullover
Strickpullover {m} knitted pullover
Strickpullover {m} knitted jumper (Br.)
Strickpullover {m} knit jumper (Br.)
Strickrock {m} knitted skirt
Strickrock {m} knit skirt
Strickschloss {n} cam assembly
Strickschloss {n} cam system
Strickstuhl {m} knitting loom
strickt knits
strickte knitted
Strickwaren {pl} knitwear
Strickwaren {pl} (Strumpfwaren) hosiery goods
Strickwaren {pl} (Strümpfe) hosiery goods
Strickwerkzeug {n} yarning tool
Strickweste {f} knitted waistcoat

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