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Stoffdichteregler {m} consistency regulator
Stoffe {pl} substances
Stoffel {m} boor
Stoffel {m} twerp (sl.)
Stoffgefängnis {n} (einengendes, hinderliches Kleidungsstück) cloth prison
stoffgeleimt engine-sized
Stoffhose {f} cloth pants (esp. Am.)
Stoffhose {f} cloth trousers
Stoffhändler {m} mercer
Stoffhändler {pl} mercers
Stoffleimung {f} engine sizing
stofflich substantial
stofflich material
Stoffmuster {n} pattern of cloth
Stoffprobe {f} swatch
Stoffpuppe {f} rag doll
Stoffschere {f} dressmaker's scissors
Stofftier {n} cuddly toy
Stofftier {n} fluffy toy
Stofftier {n} soft toy
Stoffwechsel {m} metabolism
Stoffwechselkrankheit {f} metabolic disorder
Stoffwechselstörung {f} metabolism disorder
Stoffwechselstörung {f} disorder of (the) metabolism
Stoffübertragung {f} material transmission
Stoiker {m} stoic
Stoiker {pl} stoics
stoisch stoic
stoisch stoicly
stoische stoical
stoischen stoically
Stokes'scher Integralsatz {m} (math.) Stokes' integral theorem
Stokes'scher Integralsatz {m} (math.) integral theorem of Stokes
Stokes'scher Satz {m} (math.) Stokes' theorem
Stokesscher Integralsatz {m} (math.) Stokes' integral theorem
Stokesscher Integralsatz {m} (math.) integral theorem of Stokes
Stokesscher Satz {m} (math.) Stokes' theorem
Stola {f} stole
Stollen {m} fruit loaf
Stollen {m} fruit cake
Stollen {m} (Bergbau) tunnel
Stollen {m} (Fußballschuh) stud
Stollenausbrüche {pl} tread chunking
Stollenerneuerung {f} relugging
Stollenholz {n} quarter
Stollenprofil {n} lug tread
Stollklinge {f} (Lederherstellung) staking knife
Stollmesserwalze {f} (Lederherstellung) staking knife cylinder
Stollmond {m} (Lederherstellung) moon knife
Stolperdraht {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] trip wire [-special_topic_mil.-]
Stolperdrahtmine {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] trip-wire mine [-special_topic_mil.-]
stolpern to trip
stolpern to stumble
stolpern to flounder
stolpernd stumbling
stolpernd trippling
Stolperstein {m} stumbling block
stolpert stumbles
stolperte stumbled
stolperte tripped
stolz haughtily
stolz haughty
stolz proud
stolz proudly
stolz prideful
stolz auf proud of
stolz sein (auf) to be proud (of)
stolz sein auf to take pride in
stolz sein auf etw. to boast
Stolz {m} elation
Stolz {m} haughtiness
Stolz {m} pride
Stolz {m} proudness
stolze pridefully
stolze proudly
stolzer prouder
stolzere more proud
stolzeste most proud
stolzeste proudest
stolzieren to strut
stolzieren to display
stolzieren to parade
stolzierend strutting
stolzierender/wiegender Gang {m} swagger
stolziert struts
stolzierte strutted
Stoma {n} [-special_topic_med.-] ostomy [-special_topic_med.-]
Stop-and-go-Verkehr {m} bumper-to-bumper traffic
Stopfbuchse {f} stuffing box
Stopfbuchse {f} gland seal
Stopfbuchse {f} packed gland
Stopfbuchse {f} stuffing-box seal
Stopfbuchse {f} packed stuffing box
Stopfbüchse {f} compression gland
Stopfbüchse {f} stuffing box
Stopfbüchsen {pl} stuffing boxes
Stopfbüchsenbrille {f} gland lid
Stopfbüchsenpackung {f} gland packing
Stopfbüchsenring {m} gland ring
Stopfei {n} darning egg
stopfen to stuff
stopfen to darn
Stopfen {m} stuff
Stopfen {m} plug
stopfend astringent
stopfend darning
stopfend plugging
stopfend stuffing
stopfende astringently
Stopfer {m} darner
Stopfer {pl} darners
Stopfgarn {n} darning cotton
Stopfmittel {n} emplastic
Stopfnadel {f} darning needle
Stopfnadeln {pl} darning needles
stopfst stuffed
stopft darns
stopft plugs
stopft stuffs
stopft voll crams
stopft zu tamps
stopfte sich voll overate
stopfte zu tamped
Stopp {m} breakpoint
Stopp {m} moratorium
Stoppbad {n} (Filmentwicklung) stop bath
Stoppbahn {f} [-special_topic_aviat.-] stopway [-special_topic_aviat.-]
Stoppball {m} [-special_topic_sport-] dropshot [-special_topic_sport-]
Stoppel {m} stubble
Stoppelbart {m} stubbly beard
Stoppelfeder {f} pinfeather
Stoppelfeld {n} stubble field
Stoppelfelder {pl} stubble fields
Stoppelgrubber {m} chisel cultivator
Stoppelgrubber {m} stubble cultivator
stoppelig stubbly
stoppelige stubby
stoppeln to glean
Stoppeln {pl} stubbles
stoppelnd gleaning
stoppelschälen (mit Schälpflug bearbeiten) to skim (a/the) stubble field
Stoppelschälen {n} (Bearbeitung mit Schälpflug) stubble field skimming
Stoppelschäler {m} (Schälpflug) skimmer plough (Br.)
Stoppelschäler {m} (Schälpflug) skimmer plow (Am.)
Stoppelschäler {m} (Schälpflug) skimmer
Stoppelschäler {m} (Schälpflug) parer
stoppelt gleans
stoppen to break
stoppen to stanch (Am.)
stoppen, Zeit nehmen to time
Stopper {m} (Stapellauf) launching trigger
Stopper {m} (Stapellaufschlitten) dagger shore
Stopper {m} (Stapellaufschlitten) launching trigger
Stopper {m} (Stapellaufschlitten) trigger dog
Stopplicht {n} stoplight
Stopplicht {n} brake light
Stopplichter {pl} stoplights
Stoppschritt {m} stop element
Stoppstraße {f} road with a stop sign
Stoppstraße {f} stop street
Stopptaste {f} stop button
stoppte ab clocked
Stoppuhr {f} stop watch
Stoppuhr {f} stopwatch
Stoppuhr {f} clock (coll.)
Stoppuhren {pl} stop watches
Stoppweg {m} stop distance
Stoppzeichen {n} STOP sign (Br.)
Stoppzeit {f} deceleration
Storch {m} stork
storchbeinig spindle legged
Storchenschnabel {m} (Zeichengerät) pantograph
Storchenschnabelzange {f} pantograph pliers
Storchschnabel {m} [-special_topic_bot.-] crane's bill [-special_topic_bot.-]
Storchschnabel {m} [-special_topic_bot.-] cranesbill [-special_topic_bot.-]
Storchschnabel {m} [-special_topic_bot.-] geranium [-special_topic_bot.-]
Storchschnabel {m} [-special_topic_bot.-] wild geranium [-special_topic_bot.-]
Storchschnabel, weicher (Geranium molle) [-special_topic_bot.-] dovefoot geranium [-special_topic_bot.-]
Storchschnabel, Wiesen (Geranium pratense) [-special_topic_bot.-] meadow crane's bill [-special_topic_bot.-]
Storchschnabelzange {f} pantograph pliers
stornieren to cancel
storniert canceled
Stornierung {f} reversal
Stornierung {f} cancellation
Storno {f} reversal
Storno {f} cancellation
Stornobetrag {m} amount cancelled
Stornobuchung {f} negative booking
Storyboard {n} (TV, Film) storyboard
Stotterer {m} stammerer
Stotterer {m} stutterer
Stotterer {pl} stutterers
stottern splutter
stottern stammer
stottern stutter
stotternd spluttering
stotternd stammering
stotternd stuttering
stotternde stutteringly
stottert splutters

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