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Star {m} (Film-) star
Starallüren {pl} airs and graces
Starbrille {f} cataract glasses
Starbrille {f} cataract spectacles
Stare {pl} starlings
Stargast {m} star guest
stark thick
stark powerful
stark intense
stark deeply
stark strongly
stark severe
stark robust
stark (Regen) heavy
stark (Umgangssprache) awesome (Am.)
stark beschädigen to cripple
stark, kräftig (Geschmack) pungent (taste)
starke Erhöhung proliferation (in numbers)
starke Inanspruchnahme {f} strain
starke Schlagseite haben [-special_topic_naut.-] to be on one's beam-ends [-special_topic_naut.-]
starke Winde {pl} high winds
starker Bartwuchs five o'clock shadow
starker Drogenverwender {m} zombie (Am.) (sl.)
starker Konjunkturrückgang slump
starker Regen heavy rain
starker Regenguss {m} deluge
starker Rückhalt tower
starker Verkehr {m} heavy traffic
starkes Leder buff
Starkgas {n} rich gas
Starkgas {n} strong gas
Starkniederschlag {m} heavy precipitation
Starkniederschlag {m} heavy rainfall
Starkoch {m} famed chef
Starkstrom {m} heavy current
Starkstrom {m} high voltage current
Starkstrom {m} power current
Starkstromkabel {n} power cable
Starkstromleitung {f} power line
Starkstromleitungen {pl} power lines
Starkstromtechnik {f} heavy current engineering
Starkstromtechnik {f} power engineering
starr rigid
starr numb
starr, steif rigidly
starre Egge {f} rigid (frame) harrow
starre Egge {f} inflexible harrow
starre Kupplung {f} rigid coupling
Starregge {f} rigid (frame) harrow
Starregge {f} inflexible harrow
starren to peer
starren to stare
starren vor Schmutz to be covered with dirt (or mud, or filth)
Starrer {m} starer (one who stares)
Starrflügler {m} fixed wing (airplane (Am.)/ aeroplane (Br.))
Starrheit {f} rigidity
Starrheit {f} inelasticity
Starrheiten {pl} rigidness
Starrkrampf {m} catalepsy
Starrkrampf {m} tetanus
Starrkrämpfe {pl} catalepsies
starrköpfig stubborn
starrköpfig obstinate
starrköpfig pigheaded
Starrsinn {m} headiness
starrsinnig bloody-minded
Starrsucht {f} catalepsy
starrt stares
starrte stared
Start {m} start
Start {m} blastoff
Start {m} boot
Start {m} departure
Start {m} kickoff
Start {m} starting
Start {m} launching
Start {m} activation
Start {m} off (n.) (Br.) (of a race)
Start {m} (Flugzeug) takeoff
Start {m} (Rakete) liftoff
Start-Stopp-Betrieb {m} start-stop operation
Start-Stopp-Betrieb {m} asynchronous operation
Startadresse {f} startaddress
Startautomatik {f} automatic choke
Startbahn {f} runway
Startbahn {f} (eines Flugkörpers) launching trajectory
Startbahn-Leuchtfeuer {n} airfield runway beacon
Startbahnen {pl} runways
Startbahnmarkierung {f} runway edge marking
Startbahnzuweisung {f} runway assignment
Startbeschleuniger {m} (einer Rakete) boost (rocket) engine
Startbeschleuniger {m} (einer Rakete) booster (rocket) engine
Startelf {f} starting eleven (football)
Startelf {f}, Anfangsformation {f} starting line-up (football)
starten to initate
starten (Rakete) to launch
Starter {m} flagman
Starter {m} starter
Starter-Blockschlüssel {m} (Ringschlüssel in gebogener Ausführung) obstruction wrench
Starter-Blockschlüssel {m} (Ringschlüssel in gebogener Ausführung) half moon box wrench (Am.)
Starter-Blockschlüssel {m} (Ringschlüssel in gebogener Ausführung) half moon manifold wrench (Am.)
Starterkit {n} (Grundausstattung) starter kit
Starterlaubnis {f} clearance for take off
Starterlaubnisse {pl} clearances for take off
Startfahrzeug {n} launching vehicle
Startflugbahn {f} [-special_topic_aviat.-] take-off path [-special_topic_aviat.-]
Startfläche {f} launch plane
Starthilfe {f} jump start
Starthilfe {f} (Auto) assist-starting
Starthilfe {f} (Auto) emergency starting
Starthilfe {f} (einer Rakete) launching assistance
Starthilfe {f} (elektrisch) ignition aid
Starthilfe {f} (Kaltstartunterstützung) cold start device (CSD)
Starthilfekabel {n} jumper (cable)
Starthilfekabel {n} booster cable
Starthilfekabel {n} jump leads
Starthilfekabel {n} jumper cables
Starthilfekabel {n} booster cables
startklar sein to be all set
Startknopf {m} activate button
Startlage {f} launch position
Startmasse {f} (eines Flugkörpers) launching mass
Startphase {f} (einer Rakete) booster phase
Startplattform {f} (für Raketenstart) launch pad
Startplatz {m} launch site
Startplatz {m} launching site
Startprogramm einer Festplatte boot record
Startprogramm für Computer bios
Startprogramm {n} starter
Startprogramm {n} bootstrap
Startpunkt {m} starting point
Startrakete {f} launching rocket
Startrampe {f} launching ramp
Startrampe {f} ramp launcher
Startrampe {f} take-off ramp
Startrichtung {f} take-off direction
Startrohr {n} launching tube
Startrollstrecke {f} [-special_topic_aviat.-] take-off ground roll [-special_topic_aviat.-]
Starts {pl} startings
Startschiene {f} (für Flugkörper, Rakete) launching rail
Startschiene {f} (für Flugkörper, Rakete) (rocket) launcher rail
Startschiene {f} (für Flugkörper, Rakete) launching rack
Startschritt {m} start element
Startschritt {m} start pulse
Startschuss {m} starting shot
Startschüsse {pl} starting shots
Startseite {f} home page
Startseite {f} homepage
Startsektor {m} boot sector
Startstellung {f} launch position
Startstrecke {f} [-special_topic_aviat.-] take-off distance [-special_topic_aviat.-]
Startstufe {f} (einer Rakete) launching stage
Starttisch {m} launching base
Starttisch {m} (für Raketenstart) launch pad
Starttriebwerk {n} (einer Rakete) booster (rocket) engine
Startturm {m} (rocket) launch tower
Startturm {m} (rocket) launching tower
Startverbot {n} suspension
Startverbote {pl} suspensions
Startweg {m} start distance
Startwinkel {m} launching angle
Startzeile {f} startline
Startzeit {f} acceleration time
Statik {f} statics
Statiker {m} stress analyst
Statiker {pl} stress analysts
Station {f} station
Station {f} (Krankenhaus) ward (hospital)
Stationen {pl} stages
stationieren to deploy
Stationierung {f} deployment
Stationierungskosten {pl} stationing costs
Stationsarzt {m} ward physician
Stationskennung {f} answerback code
Stationskennung {f} answer code
Stationspfleger {m} (male) ward nurse
Stationsrechner {m} cluster controller
Stationsschwester {f} charge nurse (Br.)
Stationsschwester {f} ward nurse
Stationsschwester {f} ward sister (Br.)
Stationsuhr {f} (Bahnhofsuhr) station clock
Stationsumfrage {f} station cycle polling
Stationsvorsteher {m} station master
Stationsärzte {pl} ward physicians
stationär steady
stationär behandeln to treat in hospital
stationär behandelter Patient in-patient
stationär behandelter Patient inpatient
stationär [-special_topic_med.-] in-patient ... [-special_topic_med.-]
stationäre Behandlung in-patient treatment
stationäre Behandlung inpatient treatment
stationäre Behandlung {f} in-patient care
stationäre Schwingung {f} [-special_topic_phys.-] steady-state oscillation [-special_topic_phys.-]
stationärer Aufenthalt {m} in-patient stay
stationärer Feuerlöscher {m} stationary fire extinguisher
stationärer Hammer {m} stationary hammer
stationärer Patient in-patient
stationärer Patient inpatient
stationärer Zustand steady state
Statische Aufladung {f} static electricity charge

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