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Stand {m} stand
Stand {m} standing position
Stand {m} state
Stand {m} level
Stand {m} booth
Stand {m} stall
Stand {m} (eines Spiels) score
Stand {m} eines Wettkampfes score
Standard {m} standard
Standard {m} default
Standard... preset
Standardabweichung {f} standard deviation
Standardabweichung {f} [-special_topic_math.-] standard degression [-special_topic_math.-]
Standardabweichungskarte {f} sample standard deviation chart
Standardausführung {f} standard design
Standardausführung {f} standard version
Standardbasis {f} [-special_topic_math.-] standard basis [-special_topic_math.-]
Standardbereifung {f} standard fitment
Standardbuch {n} definitive book
Standardeinstellungen {f} {pl} defaults (in computers)
standardisieren to standardize
standardisieren to standardise (Br.)
standardisiert standardised (Br.)
standardisierter Code zur Zeichendarstellung ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Standardisierung {f} standardization
Standardlösung {f} standard solution
Standardlösungen {pl} standard solutions
standardmäßig {adj} standard
Standardprogramm {n} standard program
Standardprüfzeit {f} standard testing period
Standardqualität {f} standard quality
Standardschnittstelle {f} standard interface
Standardsituation {f} [-special_topic_sport-] dead-ball situation (football) [-special_topic_sport-]
Standardtanz {m} standard dance
Standardwerk {n} standard work
Standardwerke {pl} standard works
Standarte {f} standard
Standarte {f} guidon
Standbein {n} main pillar
Standbein {n} mainstay
Standbild {n} freeze image
Standbild {n} fixed-image
Standbild {n} statue
Standbilder {pl} statues
Standbohrmaschine {f} drill press
Standbohrmaschine {f} post drill
Standby {m} standby mode
Stander {m} pennant
Standesamt {n} registry office
Standesamt {n} register office
Standesamt {n} registrar's office (Br.)
Standesamt {n} bureau of vital statistics (Am.)
standesamtlich heiraten to get married at a registry office (Br.)
standesamtlich heiraten to get married in a civil (wedding) ceremony
standesamtliche Trauung {f} registry office wedding (Br.)
standesamtliche Trauung {f} civil wedding
Standesbeamte {m,f} registrar
Standesdünkel {m} pride of place
Standesperson {f} person of rank
Standesunterschied {m} class distinction
Standfestigkeit {f} stableness
Standfotograf {m} (Filmbranche) still photographer
Standfotografie {f} (Filmbranche) still photography
Standgas {n} (beim Auto) idling mixture (supply)
Standgeld {n} stall money
Standgericht {n} drum head court martial
Standgericht {n} summary court martial
standhaft stanch
standhaft steady
standhafteste firmest
Standhaftigkeit {f} steadfastness
Standhaftigkeit {f} constancy
Standhaftigkeit {f} fortitude
Standhahn {m} basin cock
Standhahn-Mutternschlüssel {m} basin cock wrench
standhalten to sustain
standhalten to defy
Standheizung {f} engine-independent air heating system
Standlappen {m} (von Gefäß) beaded feet
Standleitung {f} leased line
Standleitung {f} dedicated line
Standleuchte {f} floor lamp [esp. Am.]
Standmiete {f} stand rental
Standort eines Buches location of a book
Standort {m} location
Standort {m} position
Standort {m} garrison
Standort {m} habitat
Standort {m} site
Standortanalyse {f} production site analysis
Standortfaktor {m} location factor
Standortkatalog {m} shelf list
Standortverwaltung {f} general premises administration
Standortvorteil {m} locational advantage
Standortwechsel {m} relocation
Standpauke {f} lecture
Standpauke {f} wigging
Standpunkt klarstellen to clarify a position
Standpunkt {m} position
Standpunkt {m} post
Standpunkt {m} point of view
Standpunkt {m} standpoint
Standpunkt {m} attitude
Standpunkt {m} point
Standpunkt {m} stand
Standpunkte {pl} attitudes
Standpunkte {pl} standpoints
Standquartier {n} fixed quarters
Standrad {n} stationary bike
Standrecht {n} martial-law
standrechtlich erschossen werden to be court-martialled and shot
Standrohr {n} standpipe
Standrohre {pl} standpipes
Standspur {f} (befahrbar) hard shoulder
Standspur {f} (befahrbar) shoulder (Am.)
Standspur {f} (einer Autobahn) emergency lane
Standspur {f} (einer Autobahn) breakdown lane (Am.)
Standstreifen {m} hard shoulder
Standstreifen {m} shoulder (Am.)
Standstreifen {m} (an Autobahn) emergency lane
Standstreifen {m} (einer Autobahn) breakdown lane (Am.)
Standuhr {f} hall clock
Standuhr {f} grandfather clock
Standuhr {f} longcase clock
Standverbindung {f} leased connection
Standverbindung {f} point-to-point connection
Standvergabe {f} (mil.) (Schützenstand) firing point allocation
Standverteilung {f} (mil.) (Schützenstand) firing point allocation
Standvisier {n} battle sight
Standvorrichtung {f} foot
Standzeit {f} life
Standzuteilung {f} (mil.) (Schützenstand) firing point allocation
Stange {f} rod
Stange {f} bar
Stange {f} (Gichtglocke) beam
Stange {f} (Parallelreißer) upright spindle
Stange {f} (stielartig) stem
Stangenbohne {f} runner bean
Stangenbohnen {pl} runner beans
Stangendrucker {m} bar printer
Stangenpferd {n} wheel horse
Stangensellerie {m} celery
Stangenspargel {m} asparagus served whole
Stangenzimt {m} cinnamon sticks
Stangenzirkel {m} beam trammels
stank stung
Stanniol {n} tinfoil
Stanzabfall {m} chad
Stanze {f} stanza
Stanze {f} stamp
Stanze {f} punch
Stanzen {n} punching
Stanzen {pl} pressings
stanzend punching
Stanzform {f} cutting die
Stanzform {f} punching die
Stanzmesser {n} punch knife
Stanzmesser {n} punching knife
Stanzrest {m} chad
Stanzstahl {m} stamp steel
Stapel {m} batch
Stapel {m} pack
Stapel {m} stack
stapelbar stackable
Stapelbetrieb {m} batch mode
Stapelbetrieb {m} batch processing
Stapelbox {f} stacking box
Stapeldatei {f} batch file
Stapelfernverarbeitung {f} remote batch processing
Stapelgut {n} staple commodities
Stapelhocker {m} stacking stool
Stapelhof {m} [-special_topic_hist.-] staple-house [-special_topic_hist.-]
Stapelhöhe {f} stacking height
Stapelhöhe {f} pile height
Stapellauf {m} launching
Stapellaufbahn {f} launching ways
Stapellaufkeil {m} launching wedge
Stapellaufmasse {f} launching weight
Stapellaufschleppkette {f} launching drag
Stapellaufwiege {f} launching cradle
Stapelläufe {pl} launchings
stapeln to stack
stapeln to pile
stapeln (Computer) to batch
Stapelplatz {m} stockyard
Stapelplätze {pl} stockyards
Stapelrad {m} paddlewheel
Stapelrecht {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] staple [-special_topic_hist.-]
Stapelspeicher {m} pop stack
Stapelverarbeitung {f} batch processing
Stapelzeiger {m} stack pointer
stapfen to stomp
stapfen to trudge
stapfen to plod
stapfen (auf) to tramp (on)
Stapler {m} lift truck
Stapler {m} stacker (coll.)
Staplerführerschein {m} stacker truck license
Staplerschein {m} stacker truck license
Star {m} starling

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