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Splitter {m} chipping
Splitter {m} splinter
Splitter {m} sliver
Splitter {m} shiver
Splitter {m} flake
Splitter {m} spall
Splitter {pl} splinters
Splitter {pl} slivers
Splitterbombe {f} fragmentation bomb
Splitterbombe {f} fragmentary bomb
Splitterbombe {f} frag bomb
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) absolutely stark naked
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) absolutely starkers (esp. Br.) (coll.)
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) absolutely buck naked (Am.) (coll.)
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) without a stitch on (coll.)
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) completely stark naked
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) completely buck naked (Am.) (coll.)
splitterfasernackt (ugs.) completely starkers (esp. Br.) (coll.)
Splittergruppe {f} splinter group
Splittergruppen {pl} splinter groups
splitterig splintered
splitternackt (ugs.) stark naked
splitternackt (ugs.) bar naked
splitternackt (ugs.) without a stitch on (coll.)
splitternackt (ugs.) starkers (esp. Br.) (coll.)
splitternackt (ugs.) buck-naked (Am.) (coll.)
splitternackt (ugs.) mother-naked
splitternd splintering
Splitterpartei {f} faction
Splitterpartei {f} splinter party
Splitterparteien {pl} splinter parties
Splitterschutz {m} splinter protection
Splitterschutzbrille {f} anti-splinter goggles
Splitterschutzweste {f} flak jacket
Splitterwirkung {f} spray effect
Sponsoren {pl} sponsors
spontan spontaneous
spontan spontaneously
spontan on the spur of the moment
Spontaneität {f} spontaneity, spontaneousness
Spontaneität {f} spontaneity
spontaner Entschluss off-the-cuff
spontaner Entschluss spur-of-the-moment decision
Spontanheilung {f} [-special_topic_med.-] spontaneous recovery [-special_topic_med.-]
sporadisch {adv} sporadically
sporadisch {adv} every once (in) a while
Sporen {pl} spores
Sporn {m} (am Geschütz) trail spade
Sporn {m} (Gleitkufe am Flugzeug) (tail) skid
Sporn {m} (Gleitkufe am Flugzeug) tailskid
Sporn {m} (Rundfunk) tail wheel
Sporn {m} (Talsperre) toe wall
Sporn {m} (zool.) [-special_topic_bot.-] spur [-special_topic_bot.-]
Sporn {m} (zum Rammen) beak
Sporn {m} [-special_topic_naut.-] ram [-special_topic_naut.-]
Spornammer {f} Lapland longspur (Calcarius lapponicus)
Spornammer {f} Lapland bunting (Calcarius lapponicus)
Spornkiebitz {m} spur-winged plover (Vanellus spinosus)
Spornrad {n} (am Flugzeug) tail wheel
Spornradflugzeug {n} taildragger
Spornrädchen {n} rowel
spornte spurred
Sport {m} sport
Sport- und Fitnesskauffrau {f} (female) management assistant in sports and fitness
Sport- und Fitnesskaufmann {m} (male) management assistant in sports and fitness
Sport-BH mit (vorderem) Reißverschluss {m} zip (front) sports bra
Sport-BH {m} sports bra
Sport-Büstenhalter {m} sports brassiere
Sport-Fahrwerkssatz {m} performance handling system
Sport-Lederlenkrad {n} sports leather steering wheel
Sport-Utility-Fahrzeug {n} sport ute (Am.) (coll.)
Sport-Utility-Fahrzeug {n} sport utility (car) (coll.)
Sportabzug {m} (Waffe) target trigger
Sportanlage {f} sports facilities
Sportanlage {f} athletic ground
Sportanzug {m} sports suit
Sportanzug {m} (Freizeitanzug) casual suit
Sportanzüge {pl} sports suits
Sportart {f} sport
Sportarten {pl} sports
Sportartikel {pl} sports goods
Sportbericht {m} sporting report
Sportberichte {pl} sporting reports
Sportbluse {f} sports blouse
Sportbluse {f} sport blouse
Sportbrille {f} sports goggles
Sportbüstenhalter {m} sports brassiere
Sportfahrwerk {n} sport suspension
Sportfahrwerk {n} performance handling system
Sportfedersatz {m} performance springs
Sportfest {n} sports meeting
Sportfest {n} sports festival
Sportfeste {pl} sports meetings
Sportflieger(in) {m} {f} amateur pilot
Sportflugzeug {n} two seater
Sportflugzeug {n} sporting aircraft
Sportflugzeuge {pl} two seaters
Sportfoto {n} sports picture
Sportfoto {n} sports shot
Sportfotografie {f} (fotografische Aufnahme) sports shot
Sportfotografie {f} (fotografische Aufnahme) sports picture
Sportfotografie {f} (Teilbereich der Fotografie) sports photography
Sportfreund {m} sports fan
Sportfreund(in) {m} {f} sport fan
Sportfreund(in) {m} {f} sports fan
Sportfunkreporter {m} racereader
Sportgehäuse {n} (für Camcorder) sports housing
Sportgeist {m} sportsmanship
Sportgerät {n} piece of sports equipment
Sportgeräte {pl} sports equipment
Sportgeschäft {n} sports outfitters
Sportgeschäft {n} sports shop (Br.)
Sportgeschäft {n} sports store (esp. Am.)
Sportgewehr {n} sports rifle
Sporthalle {f} coliseum
Sporthalle {f} gym (coll.)
Sporthalle {f} sports hall
Sporthalle {f} gymnasium
Sporthandschuh {m} sport glove
Sporthandschuh {m} sports glove (esp. Am.)
Sporthandschuhe {pl} sport gloves
Sporthandschuhe {pl} sports gloves (esp. Am.)
Sporthemd {n} sports shirt
Sporthemden {pl} sports shirts
Sporthemden {pl} shirts
Sportjacke {f} sports jacket
Sportjacke {f} blazer
Sportjacken {pl} sports jackets
Sportjackett {n} sports jacket
Sportjounalist {m} sportswriter
Sportjounalisten {pl} sportswriters
Sportkegeln {n} skittle
Sportkleidung {f} sportswear
Sportklub {m} sports club
Sportlehrer {m} gymnast
Sportlehrer {m} sports coach
Sportlehrer {m} sports instructor
Sportlehrer {m} (Schulwesen) PE teacher
Sportlehrer {m} (Schulwesen) physical education teacher
Sportlehrer {m} (Schulwesen) sports teacher (coll.)
Sportlehrer {pl} sports coaches
Sportlehrerin {f} (female) sports instructor
Sportlehrerin {f} (woman) physical education teacher
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) (female) PE teacher
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) (woman) PE teacher
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) (female) physical education teacher
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) (female) sports teacher (coll.)
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) sports mistress (Br.) (coll.)
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) physical education mistress (Br.)
Sportlehrerin {f} (Schulwesen) PE mistress (Br.)
Sportlenkrad {n} sport type steering wheel
Sportler {m} sportsman
Sportler {m} athlete
Sportler {pl} sportsmen
Sportler {pl} athletes
Sportlerherz {n} athlete's heart
Sportlerin {f} sportswoman
Sportlerin {f} (woman) athlete
Sportlerinnen {pl} sportswomen
sportlich (Aussehen) athletic
sportlich (Aussehen) sporty
sportlich (Kleidung) casual
sportlich elegant smart casual (Am.)
sportlich kurzer Haarschnitt {m} sportily short hairstyle
sportlich sein to do a lot of sports
sportlich sein to be keen on sports
sportliche Fahrwerkseinstellung {f} sporty suspension set-up
sportliche Gangart {f} (eines Autos, Medien-Jargon) sporty driving style
sportlicher Fahrstil {f} sporty driving style
sportlicher Schuh {m} casual shoe
Sportlichkeit {f} sportsmanship
Sportmaschine {f} (Flugzeug) sports airplane
Sportmaschine {f} (Flugzeug) sporting aircraft
Sportmaschine {f} (Motorrad) sports bike
Sportmedizin {f} sports medicine
Sportmodus {m} (Videotechnik) sports (mode)
Sportmotorrad {n} sports bike
Sportnachrichten {pl} sporting news
Sportpaket {n} (Auto-Tuning) tuning kit
Sportpedal {n} bow pedal
Sportpistole {f} (competitive) target pistol
Sportpistole {f} sporting pistol
Sportplatz {m} sports field
Sportplatz {m} sports area
Sportplatz {m} (in der Schule) playing field
Sportplatzuhr {f} sports field clock
Sportplätze {pl} sports fields
Sportredakteurin {f} (female) sports editor
Sportredaktion {f} (einer Zeitung) sports desk (esp. Am.)
Sportredaktion {f} (einer Zeitung) sport desk
Sportsakko {n} sports jacket
Sportschuh {m} sports shoe
Sportschuh {m} athletic shoe
Sportschuh {m} (Freizeitschuh) casual shoe
Sportschuhe {pl} sports shoes
Sportschuhe {pl} athletic shoes
Sportschuhe {pl} (Freizeitschuhe) casual shoes
Sportsfreund(in) {m} {f} sport fan
Sportsfreund(in) {m} {f} sports fan
Sportsgeist {m} sportsmanship

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