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sofort einsetzbarer Ersatzrechner hot standby computer
sofort verfügbar at call
sofort voll einsatzfähig sein to hit the ground running
Sofortabschreibung {f} immediate write off
Sofortausleihe {f} no-delay lending
Sofortbild {n} instant picture
Sofortbild-Filmkassette {f} instant film magazine
Sofortbild-Filmmagazin {n} instant film magazine
Sofortbildfilm {m} instant film
Sofortbildfilmmagazin {n} instant film magazine
Sofortbildkamera {f} instant picture camera
Sofortbildkassette {f} instant film magazine
Sofortbildmagazin {n} instant film magazine
Soforthilfe {f} immediate aid
Sofortmaßnahme {f} urgent measure
Sofortmaßnahmen {pl} urgent measures
Sofortprogramm {n} immediate action programme
Sofortprogramm {n} emergency programme
Softcorefilm {m} soft-core film
Softcorefilm {m} soft-core movie
Softcorefilm {m} soft-core flick (coll.)
Softcorestreifen {m} soft-core flick (coll.)
Softcorestreifen {m} soft-core film
Softpastellkreide {f} soft pastel
softsektoriert soft-sectored
Software {f} software
Software, Shareware SW : software, shareware
Software-Anwendung {f} software applications (apps)
Software-Entwicklung {f} software development
Software-Entwurfstechnik {f} software design methods
Software-Vorlagenbibliothek {f} STI (=standard template library)
Softwareentwicklungsbaukasten {m} SDK : software development kit
Softwareentwicklungssystem {n} SDK : software development kit
Softwarekombination {f} mixed software
Softwarepaket {n} software package
Softwaretechnik {f} software engineering
Softwarewerkzeuge {pl} software tools
Sog {m} suction
Sog {m} undertow
sogar actually
sogar even
sogar yet
sogar mehr even more
sogenannt so called
sogenannte, sogenannter, sogenanntes so-called
sogleich instantly
sogleich on the spot
sogleich then and there
Sohle {f} sole
Sohlen {pl} bottoms
Sohlen {pl} soles
Sohlenleder {n} sole leather
Sohn {m} son
Soja {n} soy
Sojabohne {f} soybean
Sojabohnenkeime {pl} soy bean sprouts
Sojabohnenöl {n} Soya bean oil
Sojagranulat {n} [-special_topic_gastr.-] imitation bacon bits [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Sojamilch {f} soy milk
Sojasoße {f} soy sauce
Sojaöl {n} soya oil
Sokotrakormoran {m} Socotra cormorant
solange so long as
solange als while
solange der Vorrat reicht while stocks last
solange wie so long as
Solarenergie {f} solar energy
Solarium {n} solarium
Solarmaschine {f} solar engine
Solaruhr {f} solar clock
Solaruhr {f} (Armbanduhr) solar watch
Solarzelle {f} solar cell
solarzellenbetrieben solar-powered
Solarzellenplatten {pl} solar panels
solch such
solche such
solche Leute these kind of people
solche Leute kommen immer wieder (verächtlich) a bad penny always turns up
solcher such
solchermaßen in such a way
solches such
Sold {m} pay
Sold. : Soldat {m} Pte : private (Br.)
Sold. : Soldat {m} Pvt. : private (Am.)
Soldat {m} soldier
Soldat {m} serviceman
Soldaten {pl} soldiers
Soldaten {pl} servicemen
Soldatenfriedhof {m} military cemetery
Soldatenfriedhof {m} war cemetery
Soldatenkolonne {f} column of soldiers
Soldatenmörder {m} soldier's killer
Soldatenrock {m} (veraltet) (Uniform) soldier's uniform
soldatisch soldierly
Soldbuch {n} pay book
Soldbuch {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] pay book [-special_topic_mil.-]
Sole {f} brine
Solei {n} pickled egg
Solen {pl} brines
Solepumpe {f} brine pump
Soli {m} (ugs.: Solidaritätszuschlag) solidarity supplement
Solicitor {m} solicitor (Br.)
solidarisch solidly united
solidarische solidly
solidarisieren to declare one's solidarity
Solidarität {f} solidarity
Solidaritätszuschlag {m} solidarity tax
Solidaritätszuschlag {m} solidarity tax contribution
Solidaritätszuschlag {m} (Steuerwesen) solidarity supplement
solide steady
solide solid
solide solidly
solidere more solid
Solidität {f} solidity
solidste most solid
Solipsismus {m} solipsism
Solist {m} soloist
Solisten {pl} soloists
Soliton {n} [-special_topic_phys.-] soliton [-special_topic_phys.-]
Solitär {n} solitaire
Solitären {pl} solitaries
soll desired
soll shall
Soll das ein Scherz sein? Do you call that a joke?
Soll das ein Scherz sein? Are you joking?
soll ich ihm schreiben shall I write him
Soll und Haben debit and credit
soll versuchen den Grund festzustellen should endeavor to ascertain the reasons
Soll {n} debit side
Soll {n} debit
Soll {n} target
Soll- und Habenzinsen interest pro and contra
Soll-Bruchstelle {f} predetermined breaking point
Soll-Saldo {m} debit balance
Sollausstattung {f} (Versorgung) authorized allowance (logistics)
Sollbestand {m} calculated assets
sollen shall
sollen ought to
sollen to be to
sollen to be expected to
sollen to be supposed to
Sollleistung {f} nominal output
Sollmaß {n} nominal dimension
Sollmaß {n} specified size
sollst shalt
sollst nicht shouldn't
Sollstärke {f} authorized strength
sollte should
sollte ought
sollte nicht shouldn
sollten ought to
Sollwert {m} desired value
Sollwert {m} nominal value
Sollwert {m} set point
Sollwert {m} scheduled value
Sollwertgeber {m} director
Sollzinsen {pl} debit interest
Sollzinsen {pl} interest on debit balances
Solo {n} solo
Solo {n} standalone
Solo {n} [-special_topic_sport-] solo attempt [-special_topic_sport-]
Solo {n} [-special_topic_sport-] solo run [-special_topic_sport-]
Sologitarre {f} solo guitar
Solokonzert {n} concertino
Solostimme {f} solo part
Solostimmen {pl} solo parts
Solotanz {m} solo (dance)
Solotänzer {m} principal dancer
Solquelle {f} salt spring
Solubilisierung {f} solubilization
Solvatisierung {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] solvation [-special_topic_chem.-]
Solvenz {f} solvency
Solvenzen {pl} solvencies
Solvolyse {f} solvolysis
Somalia Somalia (so)
Somalier {m} Somali
Somalierin {f} Somali
somalisch Somalian
somalisch Somali
Sombrero {m} sombrero
Sombreros {pl} sombreros
somit consequently
Sommer {m} summer
Sommer-Linde {f} large leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommer-Linde {f} broad leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommer-Linde {f} largeleaf linden (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommer-Linde {f} large-leaf linden (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommer-Linde {f} large leaf linden (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommer-Linde {f} large leaved linden (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommer-Linde {f} large-leaved linden (Tilia platyphyllos)
Sommeraufenthalt {m} summer stay
Sommeraufenthalte {pl} summer stays
Sommerferien {pl} summer holidays
Sommerferien {pl} summer vacation (Am.)
Sommerfest {n} summer festival
Sommerfest {n} summer party
Sommerfestival {n} summer festival
Sommerflieder (Buddleia spp.) butterfly bush
Sommerfrische {f} summer resort
Sommerfrischen {pl} summer resorts

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