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Signalbegenzung {f} signal edge
Signalbuch {n} signal book
Signaldetektion {f} signal detection
Signale {pl} signals
Signalerzeugung {f} signal generation
Signalfahne {f} burgee
Signalfahnen {pl} burgees
Signalflagge {f} signal flag
Signalflaggen {pl} signal flags
Signalgeber {m} signaler
Signalgeber {m} signaller
Signalgeber {m} transducer
Signalgeber {m} beeper
Signalgeber {m} annunciator
Signalgeber {pl} signalers
Signalhorn {n} bugle
Signalhörner {pl} bugles
signalisieren to signalize
signalisieren to signal
signalisierend signaling
signalisierende signaling
signalisiert signaled
Signalisierungssystem {n} signalling system
Signalkabel {n} [-special_topic_electr.-] signal cable [-special_topic_electr.-]
Signalkelle {f} signalling disc
Signallaufzeit {f} signal propagation delay
Signalpistole {f} signal pistol
Signalrakete {f} distress rocket
Signalschätzung {f} signal estimation
Signalspeicher {m} latch
Signaltafel {f} code chart
Signaltafel {f} (Eisenbahn) signal post
Signalturm {m} signal tower
Signalverarbeitung {f} signal processing
Signalverzögerung {f} signal delay
Signalwirkung {f} announcement effect
Signatur {f} signature
Signatur {f} (Bibliothek) shelfmark
Signatur {m} (Bibliothek) book number
Signatur {m} (Bibliothek) call number
Signatur {m} (Bibliothek) shelf number
Signaturen {pl} signatures
signieren to sign
signierend signing
signierte signed
signierten signed
Signierung {f} lettering
signifikant significant
Signum {n} [-special_topic_math.-] signum [-special_topic_math.-]
Signum {n} [-special_topic_math.-] sign [-special_topic_math.-]
Silbe {f} syllable
Silben {pl} syllables
silbenbildend syllabic
silbenbildende syllabically
Silbentrennung {f} hyphenation
Silbentrennung {f} syllabication
Silbentrennung {f} syllable division
Silbentrennung {f} syllabification
Silbentrennungen {pl} syllable divisions
Silber {n} argent
Silber {n} silver
Silberaprikose {f} (Ginkgo) fossil tree (Ginkgo biloba)
Silberaprikose {f} (Ginkgo) gingko (Ginkgo biloba)
Silberbesteck {n} silver (cutlery)
Silberfisch {m} silverfish
Silberfischchen {n} silverfish (insect)
Silbergeld {n} silver coins
Silbergeschirr {n} silver plate
silberhell silvery
Silberhochzeit {f} silver wedding
Silberlot {n} (Lötmaterial) [-special_topic_tech.-] silver solder [-special_topic_tech.-]
Silbermedaille {f} silver medal
Silbermedaillen {pl} silver medals
Silbermond {m} silver moon
Silbermöwe {f} herring gull (Larus argentatus)
silbern silver
Silberpapier {n} silver paper
Silberpappel {f} white poplar
Silberpappeln {pl} white poplars
Silberrandbrille {f} silver-rimmed glasses
Silberrandbrille {f} silver-rimmed specs
Silberrandbrille {f} silver-rimmed spectacles
Silberreiher {m} great white egret
Silberschmied {m} silversmith
Silberschmiede {f} silversmiths
Silberschmuck {m} silver jewellery
Silberspitzenhai {m} silvertip shark
Silberspitzenhai {m} silvertip whaler
Silberstreif {m} silver lining
Silberstreifen {m} silver lining
Silberware {f} silverware
Silberwaren {pl} silver goods
Silberwährung {f} silver standard
Silberzwiebel {f} pearl onion
silbige syllabled
silbrig argentine
Silhouette {f} outline
Silicium (Silizium) {n} silicon
Silikat {n} silicate
Silikate {pl} silicates
Silikon-BH {m} silicon bra
silikonisiert siliconized
Silikose {f} silicosis
Silizium {n} silicon
Siliziumkarbid {n} silicon carbide
Siliziumscheibe {f} silicon slice
Siliziumscheibe {f} silicon wafer
Silkscreen {n} (Siebdruck) silk screen
Silofutter {n} silage
Silospeicher {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] drift register [-special_topic_electr.-]
Silospeicher {m} [-special_topic_electr.-] storage circuit [-special_topic_electr.-]
Silur {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] Silurian [-special_topic_geol.-]
Silvaner {m} (Rebsorte und Wein) Silvaner
Silversterball {m} New Year's Eve ball
Silvester {m} New Year's Eve
Silvesterabend {m} New Year's Eve
Silvesterabend {m} Hogmanay
Silvesterbüffet {n} New Years Eve buffet
Silvesterböller {m} New Year's Eve banger
Silvesterfeier {f} New Year's Eve party
Silvesterfeuerwerk {n} New Year's Eve fireworks
Silvesterknaller {m} New Year's Eve banger
Silvestermenü {n} New Year's Eve menu
Silvesternacht {f} night of New Year's Eve
Silvesterparty {f} New Year's Eve party
Silvesterrakete {f} New Year rocket
Simbabwe Zimbabwe (zw)
Simbabwer {m} Zimbabwean
Simbabwerin {f} Zimbabwean
simbabwisch Zimbabwean
Simmerring {m} shaft seal
Simonie {f} simony
simplex (Betrieb in einer Richtung) simplex
Simplexbetrieb {m} (nur in einer Richtung) simplex mode
simplifizierend simplistic
simplifizierend simplistically
Sims {m} table
Simshobel {m} rabbet plane (Am.)
Simshobel {m} rebate plane (Br.)
Simshobel {m} mit niedrigem Anstellwinkel shoulder plane
Simulant {m} malingerer
Simulation {f} simulation
Simulations-Prozess-Verknüpfung {f} simulation process coupling
Simulationstechnik {f} simulation technology
Simulationsverfahren {n} simulation processes
Simulationswerkzeug {n} simulation tool
Simulator {m} simulator
Simulatoren {pl} simulators
simulieren to malinger
simulieren to simulate
simulieren to feign
simulierend malingering
simulierend simulative
simulierend feigning
simuliert simulated
simuliert simulates
simuliert malingers
simuliert bogus
simuliert feigns
simulierte malingered
simulierte simulated
simuliertes bogus
simultan concurrent
Simultan-Übersetzungsanlage {f} simultaneous translation
Simultanbenutzbarkeit {f} shareability
Simultanbetrieb {m} simultaneous mode
Simultandolmetschen {n} simultaneous interpreting
Simultandolmetschen {n} simultaneous interpretation
Simultandolmetscher {m} simultaneous translator
simultane simultaneously
Simultanverarbeitung {f} multiprocessing
sind are
sind nicht aren't
sind nicht ain't (sl.)
Sind Sie satt? Are you full?
sind wert was sie kosten are worth the money charged for
Sinekuren {pl} sinecures
Sinfonie {f} symphony
Sinfonien {pl} symphonies
Singapur Singapore (sg)
Singapurer {m} Singaporean
Singapurerin {f} Singaporean
singapurisch Singaporean
singbar singable
Singdrossel {f} song thrush
singen to sing {sang, sung}
singen to cantillate
singend singing
singende Säge {f} musical saw
Singfest {n} songfest
Single-Action-Pistole {f} single-action pistol
Singlebörse {f} singles club
Singlebörse {f} singles dating agency
Singleclub {m} (Rsv.) singles club
Singlesclub {m} (Rsv.) singles club
Singleton singleton
Singsang {m} singsong
Singschwan {m} whooper swan (Cygnus cygnus)
Singschwan {m} whooper (Cygnus cygnus)
Singspiel {n} musical comedy

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