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Sennerin {f} dairymaid
Sennesblätter {pl} senna
Sennhütte {f} chalet
Sensation {f} scorcher
Sensation {f} sensation
sensationelle Erstmeldung {f} (Zeitung) scoop
Sensationen {pl} scorchers
Sensationen {pl} sensations
Sensationsdarsteller {m} stuntman
Sensationsdarsteller {pl} stuntmen
Sensationslust {f} sensation mongering
Sensationsmacherei {f} muckraking
Sensationsmeldung {f} sensational report
Sensationspresse {f} sensational press
Sensationssüchtige {m,f} sensationalist
Sensationssüchtigen {pl} sensationalists
Sense {f} scythe
Sensen {pl} scythes
Sensenmann {m} grim reaper
sensibel sensitive
Sensibilismus {m} sensitization
Sensibilität {f} sensibility
sensitiv sensitive
Sensor {m} sensor
Sensorbildschirm {m} touch screen
Sensoren {pl} sensors
Sensorik {f} sensors
sensorische Defensivität {f} sensory defensiveness
sensorische Hypersensitivität {f} sensory hypersensitivity
sensorische Reize sensory stimuli
sensorische Reize neural stimuli
sensorische Reize neuronal stimuli
sensorische Reize auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, tactile stimuli
sensorische Unterempfindlichkeit {f} sensory hyposensitivity
sensorische Überempfindlichkeit {f} sensory hypersensitivity
sensorischer Input {m} sensory input
Sensortaste {f} touch key
Sensortechnik {f} sensor technique
Sensortechnik {f} sensor technology
Sensortechnik {f} sensor engineering
Sensualismus {m} sensationalism
Sensualist {m} fleshling
Sensualist {m} sensualist
Sensualisten {pl} fleshlings
Sentenzen {pl} sentences
sentimentales Zeug {n} (ugs.) goo (coll.)
Sentimentalität {f} sentimentality
separat discrete
separat separate
separat separately
separat self-contained
separat detached
separat verkaufen to sell separately
Separatabdruck {m} offprint
separate Datei separate file
Separatismus {m} separatism
Separatist {m} separatist
Separatist {m} seceder
Separatisten {pl} seceders
Separierung {f} compartmentation
Sepiaschale {f} cuttlebone
Sepiaschalen {pl} cuttlebones
Seppelhose {f} (traditional) (Bavarian) leather shorts
Seppelhut {m} traditional Bavarian hat
Sepplhose {f} (traditional) (Bavarian) leather shorts
Sepplhut {m} traditional Bavarian hat
Sepsis {f} septicemia
September {m} September
septisch septic
septische Vergiftung {f} septic poisoning
septischer Schock septic shock
sequentialisieren to sequence
Sequenz {f} sequence
Sequenzen {pl} sequences
Sequenzer {m} sequencer
Seraph {m} seraph
Seraph {m} seraphim
Seraphe {pl} seraphs
Serbe {m} Serb
Serbe {m} Serbian
Serbien und Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
Serbin {f} Serb
Serbin {f} Serbian
Serbin {f} Serbian lady
Serbin {f} (betont: Frau) Serbian woman
Serbin {f} (betont: Mädchen) Serbian girl
serbisch Serbian
serbisch-montenegrinisch of Serbia and Montenegro
Serbo-Kroate {m}, Serbo-Kroatin {f} Serbo-Croat
serbo-kroatisch Serbo-Croat
Seren {pl} serums
Serenade {f} serenade
Serenaden {pl} serenades
Serge {f} serge
Sergen {pl} serges
serialisierbar serializable
serialisieren to serialize
Serie {f} series
Serie {f} sequence
Serie {f} battery (fig.)
Seriell-Parallel-Umsetzung {f} serial-to-parallel conversion
serieller Anschluß serial port
Seriellschnittstelle {f} interface (serial)
Serien {pl} series
Serien-Parallel-Umsetzer {m} staticizer
Serienaufnahme {f} (fotografisch) continuous shooting
Serienausstattung {f} standard equipment (vehicle)
Serienbrief {m} form letter
Serienbrief {m} standard letter
Serienbrief {m} (EDV) mail-merge letter
Seriendreher {m} repetition thrower
Serienfertigung {f} batch production
Serienfertigung {f} batch fabrication
Serienfertigung {f} series production
Serienfähigkeit {f} readiness for start of production
Serienfähigkeit {f} series-production readiness
Serienfähigkeit {f} start of production (SOP) (autom.)
Serienfähigkeit {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] maturity phase [-special_topic_tech.-]
Serienfähigkeitsabnahme {f} acceptance of series-production readiness
Serienherstellung {f} series production
Serienkiller {m} serial killer
serienmäßig standard
serienmäßig as standard
serienmäßig herstellen to mass-produce
serienmäßig {adj} production-line ...
serienmäßig {adv} in series
serienmäßige Ausstattung {f} standard fitting
Serienmörder {m} serial killer
Serienmörder {m} serial murderer
Seriennummer {f} serial number
Serienproduktion {f} series production
Serienproduktion {f} serial production
serienreif ready to go into production
Serienreife {f} readiness for start of production
Serienreife {f} series-production readiness
Serienreife {f} start of production (SOP) (autom.)
Serienreife {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] maturity phase [-special_topic_tech.-]
Serienschaltung {f} (E-Technik) connection in series
Serienschaltung {f} (Elektrotechnik) series connection
Serientäter, Serientäterin {m,f} serial offender
Serienwagen {m} production car
Serienwiderstand {m} series resistance
Serienübertragungssignal {n} serial transfer signal
Serigraphie {f} silk screen printing
Serigraphie, Serigrafie {f} silkscreen
Sermon {m} spiel
Serologie {f} serology
Serotoninhemmer {m} (Medikament) serotonin inhibitor
Serotoninwiederaufnahmehemmer {m} (Medikament) serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Serpentine {f} serpentine
Serpentinen {pl} serpentines
Serpentinenkurve {f} double bend
Serpentinenstraße {f} serpentine (mountain) road
Serpentinenstraße {f} zigzag (mountain) road
Serum {n} serum
Servas! (wiener Sl.) wotcher! (Br.) (sl.)
Serviceabschaltung {f} abandonment of service
Serviceleistung {f} service
Serviceleistungen {pl} services
Servicequalität {f} quality of service
Servicestelle {f} service address
Serviceunternehmen {n} service bureau
Servierbretter {pl} trays
servieren to serve
Servierplatte {f} platter
serviert serves
serviert served
servierte served
Servierteller {n} platter
Servierteller {pl} platters
Serviertische {pl} sideboards
Servierwagen {m} hostess trolley
Servierzange {f} serving tongs
Serviette {f} napkin
Serviette {f} serviette (Br.) (non-U)
Serviette {f} napkin (Br.) (U) & (Am.)
Servietten {pl} napkins
Servietten {pl} serviettes
Serviettenknödel {pl} dumplings in a napkin
Serviettenring {m} napkin ring
Serviettenring {m} napkin holder
Servo... servo
Servobremse {f} servo brake
Servobremse {f} power brake
Servobremse {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] power-operated brake [-special_topic_tech.-]
Servobremse {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] servo-assisted brake [-special_topic_tech.-]
servohydraulisch servo-hydraulic
Servolenkung {f} servo steering
Servolenkung {f} servo-assisted steering
Servolenkung {f} power steering
Servomotor {m} servo motor
Servomotoren {pl} servo motors
Servosystem {n} servomechanism
Servus (süddt./österr.) goodbye, so long, cheerio
Servus! (süddt./österr.) Hi!, Hello!
Sesam {m} sesame
Sesambein {n} [-special_topic_anat.-] sesamoid bone [-special_topic_anat.-]
Sesambeine {pl} [-special_topic_anat.-] sesamoid bones [-special_topic_anat.-]
Sesamsaat {f} sesame seed
Sesamsamen {m} sesame seed

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