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Satellitenüberwachung {f} satellite surveillance
Satellitenüberwachungssystem {n} satellite surveillance system
Satellitenzeit {f} satellite time
Satellitenzeit {f} SV time
Satin {m} satin
Satin-BH {m} satin bra
Satin-BH {m} (aus Baumwoll-Satin) sateen bra
Satinabendkleid {n} satin (evening) gown
Satinabendkleid {n} satin evening dress
Satinbetttuch {n} satin sheet
Satinbettwäsche {f} satin bed linen
Satinbettwäsche {f} satin bedding
Satinbindung {f} satin weave
Satinbluse {f} satin blouse
Satinbluse {f} (aus Baumwollsatin) sateen blouse
Satinet {m} (Gewebe) satinet
Satinet {m} (Gewebe) satinette
Satinholz {n} satinwood
Satinhose {f} satin trousers
Satinhose {f} satin pants
Satinhose {f} satin bottoms
Satinhose {f} (aus Baumwollsatin) sateen trousers
Satinhose {f} (aus Baumwollsatin) sateen pants
Satinhöschen {n} satin panties
Satinhöschen {n} satin panty
satiniere satin
satinieren (Papier) to calender
Satinieren {n} (Oberflächenbearbeitung) satin finishing
Satinieren {n} (Oberflächenbearbeitung) butler finishing
Satinieren {n} (Papierherstellung) calendering
satinierend satining
Satinierkalander {m} calender (machine)
Satinierkalander {m} glazing calender
satiniert satins
satiniert satined
satiniert (Papier) supercalandered (SC)
satiniertes Glas {n} satin glass
satiniertes Papier {n} SC paper
satiniertes Papier {n} supercalandered paper
satiniertes Papier {n} calender glazed paper
satiniertes Papier {n} calender finished paper
satiniertes Papier {n} satin paper
Satinkleid {n} satin dress
Satinkleid {n} satin gown
satinmatte Verchromung {f} satin chromium plating
Satinrobe {f} (Kleid) satin gown
Satinrobe {f} (Kleid) satin robe
Satinschlüpfer {m} satin underpants
Satinschlüpfer {m} (Damenslip) satin panties
Satinschlüpfer {m} (Damenslip) satin knickers (Br.)
Satinslip {m} satin briefs
Satinslip {m} (aus Baumwollsatin) sateen briefs
Satinslip {m} (Damenslip aus Baumwollsatin) sateen panties
Satinslip {m} (Damenslip) satin panties
Satinstrumpf {m} satin stocking
Satinstrumpfhose {f} satin pantyhose (Am.)
Satinstrumpfhose {f} satin tights
Satinstrümpfe {pl} satin stockings
Satinunterrock {m} satin underskirt
Satinunterrock {m} satin slip
Satinweiß {n} satin white
Satire {f} satire
Satire {f} skit
Satiriker {m} satirist
satirisch satiric
satirische satirically
satt lush
satt luscious
Sattdampf {m} saturated steam
Sattel {m} saddle
Sattel-Teppichhai {m} saddle carpetshark
Sattelanhänger {m} semitrailer
Sattelanhänger {m} semi-trailer
Sattelauflieger {m} [-special_topic_transp.-] road semi-trailer [-special_topic_transp.-]
Satteldecke {f} saddle cloth
Satteldecke {f} saddle blanket
sattelfest saddle fast
sattelfest sein (in der Materie/...) to have a good grasp of something
Sattelfläche {f} [-special_topic_math.-] saddle [-special_topic_math.-]
Sattelgurt {m} saddle girth
Sattelgurt {m} surcingle
Sattelgurte {pl} surcingles
Sattelkissen {n} pillion
Sattelklemme {f} seat clamp
Sattelknopf {m} pommel
Sattellast {f} vertical load
satteln to saddle
Sattelnase {f} saddlenose
sattelnd saddling
Sattelpferd {n} saddle horse
Sattelplatte {f} (von Zugmaschine) main plate
Sattelplatte {f} (von Zugmaschine) fifth wheel (coll.)
Sattelplatz {m} pad dock
Sattelplatz {m} paddock
Sattelpunkt {m} [-special_topic_math.-] saddle point [-special_topic_math.-]
Sattelrock {m} saddle skirt
Sattelrock {m} yoke skirt
Sattelschlepper {m} truck tractor train
Sattelschlepper {m} semitrailer truck
Sattelschlepper {m} articulated truck (Am.)
Sattelschlepper {pl} truck tractor trains
Sattelstütze {f} seat post
sattelt saddles
sattelt ab unsaddles
Satteltasche {f} saddle bag
Satteltasche {f} saddlebag
sattelte saddled
sattelte ab unsaddled
Sattelzeug {n} saddlery
Sattelzug {n} articulated lorry
Sattelzug {n} articulated vehicle
Sattelzugmaschine {f} prime mover
Sattelzugmaschine {f} tractor unit
Sattelzugmaschine {f} tractor-trailer
satteste most satisfied
Sattheit {f} satiety
Sattler {m} saddler
Sattlerei {f} saddlery
saturierend saturable
Saturn-(Raum)Sonde {f} Saturn (space) probe
Satyr {m} satyr
satyrartig satyric
Satz des Pythagoras {m} (math.) Theorem of Pythagoras
Satz des Pythagoras {m} (math.) Pythagorean theorem
Satz des Pythagoras {m} (math.) Pythagoras's theorem
Satz des Pythagoras {m} (math.) Pythagorean proposition
Satz des Thales {m} (math.) Theorem of Thales
Satz des Thales {m} (math.) Thales's theorem
Satz über implizite Funktionen implicit function theorem
Satz {m} dart
Satz {m} phrase
Satz {m} sentence
Satz {m} set
Satz {m} rate
Satz {m} set of
Satz {m} jerk
Satz {m} (EDV) (in Datenbasis) record
Satz {m} (ling.) clause
Satz {m} (math., phys.) theorem
Satz {m} [-special_topic_math.-] proposition [-special_topic_math.-]
Satzakzent {m} (ling.) sentence stress
Satzanalyse {f} (ling.) sentence analysis
Satzanfang {m} (ling.) beginning of the sentence
Satzart {f} (EDV) record type
Satzart {f} (ling.) type of sentence
Satzart {f} (ling.) type of clause
Satzaussage {f} (ling.) predicate
Satzauswahl {f} (EDV) record selection
Satzball {m} set point
Satzbau {m} syntax
Satzbau {m} (ling.) sentence construction
Satzbauten {pl} syntaxes
Satzbefehl {m} (Typographie) typographical command
Satzbetrieb {m} (EDV) batch processing
Satzbetrieb {m} (EDV) batch operation
Satzblock {m} (EDV) record block
Satzbälle {pl} set points
Satzformat {n} (EDV) record format
Satzfräser {m} gang hob
Satzgefüge {n} compound sentence
Satzgefüge {n} complex sentence
Satzglied {n} phrase
Satzgruppe {f} (EDV) record set
Satzhöhe {f} (Drucktechnik) page depth
Satzkern {m} (ling.) clause nucleus
Satzkern {m} (ling.) sentence nucleus
Satzlehren {pl} syntaxes
Satzlücke {f} interrecord gap
Satzrhythmus {m} prosody
Satzspiegel {m} print space
Satzspiegel {m} type area
Satzteil {m} part of a sentence
Satzung {f} by-law
Satzung {f} standing rule
Satzung {f} statute
Satzung {f} einer AG articles of association
Satzung {f} einer Gesellschaft rules of a society
Satzungen {pl} statutes
satzungsgemäß statutory
satzweise record-by-record
Satzzeichen {n} punctuation mark
Satzzwischenraum {m} inter-record gap
Sau {f} sow
sauber clean
sauber cleanly
sauber housebroken
sauber sprucely
sauber unsoiled
saubere Bombe {f} clean bomb
sauberer cleaner
sauberer cleanlier
Sauberkeit {f} cleanliness
Sauberkeit {f} cleanness
Sauberkeit {f} spruceness
saubermachen to clean
saubermachend cleaning
Saubermann {m} goodie two shoes
sauberste tidiest
Saubohne {f} broad bean
Saubohne {f} horse bean

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