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Sarg {m} coffin
Sarg {m} casket
Sargabdichtung {f} coffin seal
Sargabdichtung {f} casket seal (Am.)
Sargauskleidung {f} coffin liner
Sargauskleidung {f} coffin lining
Sargauskleidung {f} casket lining (Am.)
Sargauskleidung {f} casket liner (Am.)
Sargausstattung {f} casket upholstery (Am.)
Sargausstattung {f} coffin upholstery
Sargbeschlag {m} coffin fitting
Sargbeschlag {m} casket fitting (Am.)
Sargbeschläge {pl} coffin fittings
Sargbeschläge {pl} casket fittings (Am.)
Sargbett {n} coffin bed
Sargbett {n} casket bed (Am.)
Sargblumen {pl} casket flowers (Am.)
Sargblumen {pl} coffin flowers
Sargbouquet {n} coffin bouquet
Sargbouquet {n} casket bouquet (Am.)
Sargdeckel {m} coffin lid
Sargdeckel {m} casket lid (Am.)
Sargfabrik {f} casket factory (Am.)
Sargfabrik {f} coffin factory
Sarggriff {m} coffin handle
Sarggriff {m} casket handle (Am.)
Sarggriffe {pl} coffin handles
Sarggriffe {pl} casket handles (Am.)
Sarghersteller {m} coffin manufacturer
Sarghersteller {m} casket manufacturer (Am.)
Sargherstellung {f} coffin manufacture
Sargherstellung {f} casket manufacture (Am.)
Sarginnenausstattung {f} coffin interior
Sarginnenausstattung {f} casket interior (Am.)
Sargkammer {f} coffin chamber
Sargkammer {f} casket chamber (Am.)
Sargkarren {m} coffin cart
Sargkarren {m} casket cart (Am.)
Sarglager {n} coffin store
Sarglager {n} coffin warehouse
Sarglager {n} casket warehouse (Am.)
Sarglager {n} casket store (Am.)
Sargmacher {m} coffin maker
Sargmacher {m} coffin-maker
Sargmacher {m} coffinmaker
Sargmacher {m} casket-maker (Am.)
Sargmacher {m} casketmaker (Am.)
Sargmacher {m} casket maker (Am.)
Sargmanufaktur {f} coffin manufactory
Sargmanufaktur {f} casket manufactory (Am.)
Sargnagel {m} casket nail (Am.)
Sargnagel {m} cancer stick (Br.) (sl.) (cigarette)
Sargnagel {m} (fig.: Zigarette) cancer stick (coll.)
Sargnägel {pl} casket nails (Am.)
Sargnägel {pl} coffin nails
Sargroller {m} coffin roller
Sargroller {m} casket roller (Am.)
Sargschmuck {m} decoration on the coffin
Sargschmuck {m} decoration on the casket (Am.)
Sargschraube {f} coffin screw
Sargschraube {f} casket screw (Am.)
Sargschrauben {pl} coffin screws
Sargschrauben {pl} casket screws (Am.)
Sargschreiner {m} coffin maker
Sargschreiner {m} coffinmaker
Sargschreiner {m} coffin-maker
Sargschreiner {m} casketmaker (Am.)
Sargschreiner {m} casket maker (Am.)
Sargschreiner {m} casket-maker (Am.)
Sargschreinerei {f} (Werkstatt) casket maker's workshop (Am.)
Sargschreinerei {f} (Werkstatt) coffinmaker's workshop
Sargschreinerei {f} (Werkstatt) coffin maker's workshop
Sargtischler {m} coffinmaker
Sargtischler {m} coffin-maker
Sargtischler {m} coffin maker
Sargtischler {m} casket maker (Am.)
Sargtischler {m} casket-maker (Am.)
Sargtischler {m} casketmaker (Am.)
Sargtischlerei {f} (ugs., Handwerk) coffinmaking
Sargtischlerei {f} (ugs., Handwerk) coffin making
Sargtischlerei {f} (ugs., Handwerk) coffin-making
Sargtischlerei {f} (ugs., Handwerk) casket-making (Am.)
Sargtischlerei {f} (ugs., Handwerk) casket making
Sargtischlerei {f} (ugs., Handwerk) casketmaking
Sargtischlerei {f} (Werkstatt) casket maker's workshop (Am.)
Sargtischlerei {f} (Werkstatt) coffin maker's workshop
Sargtischlerei {f} (Werkstatt) coffinmaker's workshop
Sargtransportwagen {m} casket dolly (Am.)
Sargtransportwagen {m} coffin dolly
Sargträger {m} pallbearer
Sargträger {m} casket bearer (Am.)
Sargträger {m} casket-bearer (Am.)
Sargträger {m} coffin bearer
Sargtuch {n} pall
Sargversenkapparat {m} casket lowering apparatus (Am.)
Sargversenkapparat {m} coffin-lowering apparatus
Sargversenkapparat {m} coffin lowering apparatus
Sargversenkapparat {m} casket-lowering apparatus (Am.)
Sargversenkgerät {n} casket-lowering device (Am.)
Sargversenkgerät {n} casket lowering device (Am.)
Sargversenkgerät {n} coffin lowering device
Sargversenkgerät {n} coffin-lowering device
Sargwagen {m} coffin carriage
Sargwagen {m} casket carriage (Am.)
Sargwagen {m} (Karren) casket cart (Am.)
Sargwagen {m} (Karren) coffin cart
Sargwäsche {f} coffin linen
Sargwäsche {f} casket linen (Am.)
Sargöffnung {f} coffin opening
Sargöffnung {f} casket opening (Am.)
Sari sari
Sarkasmus {m} sarcasm
Sarkasmus {m} acidness
sarkastisch sarcastic
sarkastische sarcastical
sarkastischen sarcastically
Sarkom {n} sarcoma
Sarkophag {m} sarcophagus
Sarkophage {pl} sarcophaguses
Sarong {m} sarong
Sarong {m} tubular skirt
SARS : Schweres Akutes Respiratorisches Syndrom SARS : Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Sassafras {m} sassafras
Sassafraswurzel {f} sassafras
Sassaparille {f} sarsaparilla
Sassaparillen {pl} sarsaparillas
Sat-Finder {m} satellite finder
Satan {m} Satan
satanischste most satanic
Satanismus {m} satanism
Satansbraten {m} young devil
Satansbraten {m} cheeky rascal (coll.)
Satanskult {m} satanic cult
Satellit {m} satellite
Satelliten {pl} satellites
Satelliten-Borduhr {f} SV clock
Satelliten-Borduhr {f} satellite clock
Satelliten-Fluggast-Terminal {n} satellite passenger terminal
Satelliten-Fluggastterminal {n} satellite passenger terminal
Satelliten-Nutzlast {f} satellite payload
Satelliten-Terminal {n} satellite terminal
Satelliten-Umlaufbahn {f} satellite orbit
Satellitenantenne {f} stellite dish
Satellitenaufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] satellite reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Satellitenaufklärungssystem {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] satellite reconnaissance system [-special_topic_mil.-]
Satellitenbahn {f} satellite orbit
Satellitenbeobachtungsstation {f} satellite observing station
Satellitenbild {n} satellite picture
Satellitenbild {n} satellite view
Satellitenborduhr {f} satellite clock
Satellitenborduhr {f} SV clock
Satellitendecoder {m} satellite decoder
Satellitenempfang {m} satellite reception
Satellitenempfänger {m} satellite receiver
Satellitenerfassung {f} satellite acquisition
Satellitenerkundung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] satellite reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Satellitenerkundungssystem {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] satellite reconnaissance system [-special_topic_mil.-]
Satellitenfernsehen {n} satellite television
Satellitenflugsteig {m} satellite gate
Satellitenfoto {n} satellite picture
Satellitenfunkrufsystem {n} satellite radio signaling system (Am.)
Satellitenfunkrufsystem {n} satellite radio signalling system (Br.)
Satellitenfunkverbindung {f} satellite link
satellitengestützt satellite-based
Satellitenhandy {n} satellite mobile (phone)
Satellitenhandy {n} satellite (mobile) phone
Satellitenkamera {f} satellite camera
Satellitenkommunikation {f} satellite communication
Satellitennavigation {f} satellite navigation
Satellitennavigationssystem {n} GPS : Global Positioning System
Satellitennavigationssystem {n} satellite ranging system
Satellitennutzlast {f} satellite payload
Satellitenortung {f} satellite positioning
Satellitenpositionierung {f} satellite positioning
Satellitenreceiver {m} satellite receiver
Satellitenrelaisstation {f} satellite repeater
Satellitenschüssel {f} satellite dish
Satellitensender {m} (Fernsehsender) TV satellite (TV) station
Satellitensender {m} (Sendegerät) satellite transmitter
Satellitensignal {n} satellite signal
Satellitenstaat {m} satellite state
Satellitenstaat {m} satellite (state)
Satellitenstadt {f} satellite town (suburb)
Satellitenstart {m} satellite launch
Satellitenstatus {m} satellite status
Satellitenstatusanzeige {f} satellite status indicator
Satellitentelefon {n} satellite telephone
Satellitentelefon {n} satellite phone
Satellitenterminal {n} satellite terminal
Satellitenträger {m} (Trägerrakete) satellite launcher
Satellitenuhr {f} satellite clock
Satellitenuhr {f} SV clock
Satellitenuhrenfehler {m} SV clock error
Satellitenuhrenfehler {m} satellite clock error
Satellitenumlaufbahn {f} satellite orbit
Satellitenverbindung {f} satellite link
Satellitenverfolgung {f} satellite tracking
Satellitenverfügbarkeit {f} satellite availability
Satellitenverkehr {m} satellite communication
Satellitenübertragung {f} satellite transmission

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