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Rolltür {f} tambour door
Rolluntersteuern {n} roll understeer
Rollvorsegel {n} jib with roller reefing
Rollwagen {m} roll car
Rollweg {m} taxiway
Rollwegabzweigung {f} taxiway intersection
Rollwegausrundungen {pl} taxiway fillets
Rollwegbefeuerung {f} taxiway lightning
Rollwegfeuer {n} taxiway light
Rollwegmittellinie {f} taxiway center line
Rollwegneigung {f} taxiway slop
Rollwiderstand {m} rolling resistance
Rollwiderstandsbeiwert {m} rolling resistance coefficient
Rollübersteuern {n} roll oversteer
Rollzentrum {n} roll center
Rolläden {pl} [alt] shutters
Rom ({n}) (Hauptstadt von Italien) Rome
Rom ist auch nicht an einem Tag erbaut worden. Rome wasn't built in a day either.
Rom, die Ewige Stadt Rome
Rom, die Ewige Stadt the Eternal City
Roman {m} novel
Romana Salat (Lactuca romana) cos lettuce
Romane {pl} novels
romanhaft in the manner of a novel
romanhaft in the style of a novel
romanhaft (unglaubwürdig) fanciful
Romanheft {n} (cheap) paperback novel
Romanschriftsteller {m} novelist
Romanschriftsteller {pl} novelists
Romantik {f} romanticism
Romantiker {m} romanticist
romantisch romantic
romantisch (liebevoll, verschmust) smoochy
romantische romanesque
romantischere more romantic
romantisches romantically
romantisches Liebesabenteuer {n} romantic affair
romantischste most romantic
Romanze {f} (geh.) (Liebesaffäre; auch euphem.: sexuelles Abenteuer) romantic affair
Romanze {f} (Liebesroman) romantic novel
Romanze {f} (musik.) novelette
Romanze {f} (poet., lit., musik.; auch fig.: Liebesaffäre) romance
Romanzen dichten to romance
Romanzen {pl} romances
Romeo und Julia (Tragödie von William Shakespeare) Romeo and Juliet
Rommee {n} (Kartenspiel) rummy
Rondell {n} (kleiner, runder Turm) turret
Rondell {n} (runder Platz) circus
Rondell {n} (runder Platz) plaza (Am.)
Rondell {n} (runder Turm) round tower
Rondell {n} (rundes Blumenbeet) round flowerbed
Rondell {n} (rundes Blumenbeet) circular flowerbed
Rondell {n} (Verkehrskreisel) roundabout (Br.)
Rondell {n} (Verkehrskreisel) traffic circle (Am.)
Rondell {n} (Verkehrskreisel) rotary (Am.)
Rondo {n} rondo
Rooibos-Tee, Rooibusch-Tee {m} rooibos tea, redbush tea
Rorhrschwirl {m} (Vogel) Savi's warbler (Locustella luscinioides)
rosa pink
Rosa Rose
Rosa {n} pinko
Rosapelikan {m} great white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus)
rosarot pink
Rosarote Baumwollkapselraupe {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella) [-special_topic_zool.-]
Rose (Rosa spp.) rose
Rose {f} rose
Rosé {m} (Wein) rosé
Rosen {pl} roses
Rosenduft {m} scent of roses
Rosenduft {m} perfume of roses
Roseneibisch (Hibiscus syriacus) rose of sharon
Rosenholz {n} rosewood
Rosenknospe {f} rosebud
Rosenkohl {m} Brussels sprouts
Rosenkranz {m} rosary
Rosenkranzzange {f} rosary pliers
Rosenkränze {pl} rosaries
Rosenkäfer {m} rose chafer
Rosenmontag {m} Monday before Lent
Rosenmontagsumzug {m} Shrove Monday procession
Rosenmontagszug {m} Shrove Monday procession
Rosenmöwe {f} Ross' gull (Rhodostethia rosea)
Rosenmöwe {f} Ross's gull (Rhodostethia rosea)
rosenrot roseate
rosenrote roseately
Rosenstar {m} (Vogel) rosy starling (Pastor roseus)
Rosenstock {m} rose tree
Rosenstrauch {m} rosebush
Rosenöl {n} attar (of roses)
Rosette {f} rosette
Rosette {f} (arch.) rosace
Rosette {f} (Blende, Zierring) bezel
Rosette {f} (Blende, Zierring) surround (Br.)
Rosette {f} (Blende, Zierring) trim
Rosette {f} (Fenster) rose window
Rosette {f} (Kaminzugregelung) draft regulating register (Am.)
Rosette {f} (Kaminzugregelung) draught regulating register (Br.)
Rosette {f} (Schmuckstein, Schliff; auch tech.) rose
Rosette {f} (sl.) (After) pucker (hole) (sl.)
Rosetten {pl} rosettes
rosettenartig rosetted
rosettenförmig rosetted
rosig auroral
rosig rosy
rosiger rosier
rosigste rosiest
Rosine {f} raisin
Rosinen im Kopf haben to have big ideas
Rosinen {pl} raisins
Rosinenbrötchen {n} bun
Rosinenbrötchen {pl} buns
Rosmarin {m} rosemary
Ross {n} horse
Ross {n} steed
Rosse {pl} steeds
Rossette {f} (Kesselanlage) circular air grid
Rosshaar {n} horsehair
Rosskastanie {f} (Baum) horse chestnut tree
Rosskastanie {f} (Frucht) horse chestnut
Rosskastanien-Miniermotte {f} horse chestnut leaf-miner
Rost {m} grate
Rost {m} gridiron
Rost {m} grill
Rost {m} (Eisen) rust
rostbeständig rustproof
rostbeständiger Stahl {m} rust-resisting steel
rostbeständiger Stahl {m} rust-resistance steel
Rostbraten {m} roast joint
Rostbürzelschmätzer {m} red-tailed wheatear (Oenanthe xanthoprymna)
Rostbär {m} (Falter) [-special_topic_zool.-] ruby tiger (moth) (Phragmatobia fuliginosa) [-special_topic_zool.-]
rosten to oxidize
rosten to rust
rostend rusting
rostend oxidizing
rostet rusts
rostet oxidizes
Rostfarbener Teppichhai {m} rusty carpetshark
Rostfarbener Teppichhai {m} rusty catshark
rostfest rustproof
Rostfeuerung {f} stoker-fired furnace
rostfrei rustless
rostfrei stainless
rostfrei stainlessly
rostfrei rust-proof
rostfreier Stahl {m} rustless steel
rostfreier Stahl {m}; Edelstahl {m} stainless steel
Rostgans {f} ruddy shelduck (Tadorna ferruginea)
rostig rustily
rostig rusty
rostiger rustier
Rostigkeit {f} rustiness
rostigste rustiest
Rostschutzmittel {n} antirust agent
Roststab {m} fire bar
Roststab {m} grate bar
Roststecher {m} rust scraper
Roststelle {f} patch of rust
Rostumwandler {m} rust converter
rot ruddy
rot red
rot werden to turn red
rot werden to flush
rot werden wie eine Tomate to go as red as a beetroot
rot werden wie eine Tomate to turn as red as a beetroot
rot werden wie eine Tomate to turn as red as a beet (Am.)
rot werden wie eine Tomate to go as red as a beet (Am.)
Rotalge {f} dulse
Rotation {f} rotation
Rotations- gyratory
Rotations-konstante {f} rotational constant
Rotations-Raman-Spektrum {n} rotational Raman spectrum
Rotationsdruck {m} rotary printing
Rotationsenergie {f} [-special_topic_phys.-] rotational energy [-special_topic_phys.-]
Rotationskompressor {m} rotary compressor
Rotationskörper solid of revolution
Rotationslinie {f} rotational line
Rotationsmessung {f} rotational measurement
Rotationsmähdrescher {m} rotary combine (harvester)
Rotationspumpe {f} propeller pump
Rotationsstruktur {f} rotational structure
Rotationstiefdruck {m} rotogravure
Rotationstiefdruck {m} gravure rotary printing
Rotationswasserbombe {f} rotating water bomb
Rotationswärmerückgewinner {m} circulating heat recoverer
rotatorisch gyratory
Rotauge {n} [-special_topic_zool.-] roach [-special_topic_zool.-]
Rotbarsch {m} redfish
Rotbarsch {m} rosefish
Rotbarsch {m} ocean perch
Rotbauchunke {f} fire-bellied toad
rotblond (Haare) sandy
rotblond (Haare) red-blond
rotblond (Haare) red-blonde
rotblond (Haare) light red
rotblond (Mädchen, Frau) strawberry blond
rotblond (Mädchen, Frau) strawberry-blonde
rotblond (Mädchen, Frau) strawberry-blond
rotblond (Mädchen, Frau) strawberry blonde
rotblond (Person) sandy-haired
Rotblonde {f} (ugs.) strawberry blonde

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