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Rio-Slip {m} high leg briefs
Riobikini {m} rio bikini
Riobikini {m} hi-cut bikini
Riobikini {m} hi-leg bikini
Riobikini {m} high leg bikini
Riobikini {m} high cut bikini
Rioslip {m} rio brief
Rioslip {m} rio briefs
Rippchen {n} slightly cured pork rib
Rippe {f} costa
Rippe {f} rib
Rippe {f} (Profil) rib (tread)
Rippe {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] gill [-special_topic_tech.-]
Rippelmarke {f} [-special_topic_geol.-] ripple mark [-special_topic_geol.-]
Rippen {pl} ribs
Rippenbruch {m} broken rib
Rippenbruch {m} [-special_topic_med.-] fractured rib [-special_topic_med.-]
Rippenfell {n} pleura
Rippenflachmeißel {m} constant profile chisel
Rippenknorpel {m} rib cartilage
Rippenknorpel {m} cartilage of the rib
Rippenkreuzmeißel {m} constant profile cape chisel
Rippenprofil {n} ribbed tread
Rippenrohrbündel {n} fin tube bundle
Rippenrohrelement {n} finned tube element
Rippenrohrelement {n} fin tube element
Rippenwalze {f} (landwirtschaftliches Gerät) ribbed roller
Rippenwalze {f} (landwirtschaftliches Gerät) corrugated roller
Ripper {m} (ugs.) (seine Opfer aufschlitzender Mörder) ripper (coll.)
Rippung {f} (Profil aus mehreren parallelen Holzstäben) reed
Risiken vermeiden to play for safety
Risiken {pl} risks
Risiken {pl} ventures
Risiko übernehmen to assume a risk
Risiko {n} hazard
Risiko {n} venture
Risiko {n} risk
Risiko {n} peril
Risikoausschlussklausel {f} account and risk
Risikobereitschaft {f} risk-taking, readiness/willingness to take risks
Risikobewertung {f} risk assessment
Risikofaktor {m} hazard factor
Risikohäufung {f} accumulation of risk
Risikokapital {n} venture capital
Risikomanagement {n} risk management
risikoreich chancy
risikoreicher chancier
risikoreichste chanciest
risikoscheu risk-averse
Risikosumme {f} amount at risk
Risikovorsorge {f} risk provisioning
Risikoübernahme {f} assumption of risk
riskant bold
riskant hazardous
riskant dicey
riskant venturous
riskant dodgy
riskante hazardously
riskanter dicier
riskanter riskier
riskanteste diciest
riskanteste riskiest
riskieren to risk
riskieren to peril
riskieren to chance
riskieren to bet
riskieren to gamble
riskierend chancing
riskierend hazarding
riskierend risking
riskierend venturing
riskiert risked
riskierte chanced
riskierte ventured
Risotto {n} risotto
riss ripped
riss los unsnapped
Riss {m} fissure
Riss {m} split
Riss {m} rift
Riss {m} jag
Riss {m} rip
Riss {m} crack
Riss {m} cleft
Riss {m} rupture
Riss {m} (im Stoff) tear
Riss {m} (in der Haut) chap
Rissbildung {f} crack initiation
Rissbildung {f} in der Profilrille tread groove cracking
Risse in einem bestimmten Winkel chevron cutting
Risse {pl} crannies
Risse {pl} fissures
Risse {pl} rifts
Rissfestigkeit {f} tear resistance
rissigere more cracked
rissigste most cracked
Rissosdelphin {m} grampus
Risswachstum {n} crack propagation
Risswiderstand {m} cracking resistance
Rist {m} instep
ritt Wellen surfed
Ritt {m} ride
Ritt {m} rode
Ritte {pl} rides
Ritter (erbliche Würde) baronet (Br.)
Ritter {m} chevalier
Ritter {m} knight
Ritter {m} knight-at-arms
Ritter {m} man-at-arms
Ritterkreuz {n} (Luftwaffe) Knight's Cross
Ritterlehen {n} knight's fee
Ritterlehen {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] military tenure [-special_topic_hist.-]
Ritterlehen {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] knight service [-special_topic_hist.-]
Ritterlehen {n} [-special_topic_hist.-] tenure in chivalry [-special_topic_hist.-]
ritterlich knightlily
ritterlich chivalric
ritterlich knightly
ritterlich-edelmütig quixotic
ritterliches Gefolge {n} household knights
Ritterlichkeit {f} chivalrousness
Ritterorden {m} Order of Chivalry
Ritterorden {m} Order of Knighthood
Ritterroman {m} (hist.) romance
Ritterschaft {f} knighthood
Ritterschaft {f} knightage
Ritterschlag {m} accolade
Ritterschlag {m} dubbing
Rittersporn (Consolida regalis) larkspur
Rittersporn {m} larkspur
Ritterstand {m} knighthood
Ritterstern {m} amaryllis
Rittertum {n} chivalry
Rittertum {n} knighthood
Ritterwanze {f} (zool.) lygaeid bug (Lygaeus saxatilis)
Ritterwanze {f} (zool.) Cretan soldier beetle (Lygaeus saxatilis)
Ritterwürde {f} knighthood
Ritterzeit {f} age of chivalry
rittlings astride
rittlings sitzen to bestride {bestrode, bestridden}
Rittmeister {m} cavalry captain
Ritual {n} ritual
Ritualbuch {n} ritual book
Ritualbuch {n} (hist.) [-special_topic_relig.-] (ritual) manual [-special_topic_relig.-]
ritualisieren ritualize
ritualisierend ritualizing
ritualisiert ritualizes
ritualisierte ritualized
Ritualismus {m} ritualism
Ritualist {m} ritualist
Ritualisten {pl} ritualists
Ritualmord {m} ritual murder
Ritualmörder {m} ritual murderer
Ritualmörderin {f} (female) ritual murderer
rituell ritual
Ritus {m} rite
Ritz {m} cranny
Ritze {f} chink
Ritze {f} (auch fam., vulg.) (Analfalte, Vulva) crack
Ritze {f} (Zwischenraum) gap
Ritzel {n} pinion
Ritzel {n} sprocket
Ritzel {n} (hinteres Kettenrad) rear sprocket
Ritzel {n} (hinteres Kettenrad) sprocket wheel
Ritzelfuß {m} pinion dedendum
Ritzelpaket {n} (Fahrrad) sprocket cluster
Ritzelpaket {n} (Fahrrad) (gear) cluster
Ritzelsatz {m} (Fahrrad) (gear) cluster
Ritzelsatz {m} (Fahrrad) sprocket cluster
Ritzelwelle {f} pinion shaft
ritzen scarify
ritzen to scribe
ritzend scarifying
Ritzenpreller {m} (vulg., sl.) (Bild der sich unter enger Kleidung abzeichnenden Schamlippen) cameltoe (sl.)
Ritzenputzer {m} (sl.: Stringtanga) cheese wire (Br.)
Ritzenputzer {m} (sl.: Stringtanga) butt floss (Am.) (coll.)
Ritzenschoner {m} (sl.: Stringtanga) cheese wire (Br.)
Ritzenschoner {m} (sl.: Stringtanga) butt floss (Am.) (sl.)
Ritzgerät {n} scriber
ritzt scarifies
ritzte scarified
Rivale {m} rival
Rivalen {pl} rivals
rivalisierend rivalling
rivalisiert rivalled
Rivalität {f} zwischen Geschwistern sibling rivalry
Rizinusöl {n} castor oil
Rißanfälligkeit {f} susceptibility to cracking
rk., r.-k. : römisch-katholisch RC : Roman Catholic
RLM : Reichsluftfahrtministerium {n} (Luftwaffe) Ministry of Aviation, responsible for specification & design
Robbe {f} seal
Robben {pl} seals
Robbenfänger {m} sealer
Robbenfänger {pl} sealers
Robe {f} robe
Robe {f} (Amtstracht; auch Abendkleid) gown
Roben {pl} robes
Robinie {f} locust tree
Robot {m} [-special_topic_hist.-] labour service (hist.) [-special_topic_hist.-]
Roboter {m} robot
Roboter {m} zum durchsuchen von Webseiten bot (automated web agent, from robot)

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