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residentes Kommando resident command
Residenz {f} residence
Residenz {f} residency
Residenzeinheit {f} residence device
residieren to reside
Residuensatz {m} (math.) residue theorem
Resignation {f} resignation
resignieren to give up
resignieren (= abdanken) to resign
resignieren (Handeln statt Resignieren!) to give up hope (act rather than give up hope!)
resigniert resigns
resonant resonant
Resonanz {f} resonance
Resonanz {f} syntony
Resonanzen {pl} resonances
Resonanzentkommwahrscheinlichkeit {f} (Kernphysik) resonance escape probability
Resonanztransformator {m} (elektr.) resonant transformer
Resonator {m} resonator
resorbieren to reabsorb
resorbieren to resorb
resorbierend reabsorbing
resorbiert reabsorbs
Resorption {f} reabsorption
resorptiv resorptive
resp. : respektive resp. : respectively
Respekt haben vor to respect
Respekt {m} (vor) respect (for)
respektieren respect
respektierend respecting
respektiert respects
respektive respectively
respektlos disrespectful
respektlos irreverent
respektlos irreverently
respektlos unfilial
respektlos unfilially
respektlos unrespectful
respektlos dismissive
respektlose disrespectfully
respektlose irreverently
respektlose unrespectfully
respektlosere more irreverent
respektloseste most irreverent
Respektlosigkeit {f} irreverence
Respektlosigkeit {f} disrespect
Respektpersonen {pl} elders and betters
respektvoll respectful
respektvoll deferential
respektwidrig disrespectful
Ressort {n} department
Ressource {f} resource
Ressourcen {pl} resources
Ressourcenbewirtschaftung {f} resources management
Ressourcenbewirtschaftung {f} rationing of resources
Ressourcenökonomie {f} resource economics
Rest {m} leftover
Rest {m} carryover
Rest {m} relic
Rest {m} remnant
Rest {m} rest
Rest {m} remain
Rest {m} tail
Rest {m} [-special_topic_math.-] remainder [-special_topic_math.-]
Rest {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] residue [-special_topic_tech.-]
Restabsenkung {f} residual drawdown
Restaurant {n} restaurant
Restaurant {n} eatery (sl.) (Am.)
Restaurantgast {m} diner
Restaurator {m} conservator
restaurieren to restore
restauriert restores
restauriert restored
Restaurierung {f} restoration
Restbestand {m} remainder
Restbestände {pl} remainders
Restbetrag {m} residue
Restbeträge {pl} residues
Restbuchwert {m} amortized cost
Reste {pl} remainders
Reste {pl} leavings
Reste {pl} carryovers
Reste {pl} oddments
Reste {pl} pickings
Reste {pl} remnants
Reste {pl} residuals
Reste {pl} residues
Reste {pl} splits
Restglied {n} [-special_topic_math.-] remainder [-special_topic_math.-]
restituieren to restitute
Restitution {f} restitution
Restklasse {f} [-special_topic_math.-] coset [-special_topic_math.-]
restlich residual
restlich remaining
restlich residuary
Restlicht {n} residual light
Restlicht {n} low light
Restlicht-Kamera {f} low-light-level camera
Restlicht-Kamera {f} low-light (level) camera
Restlicht-Zielfernrohr {n} low-light (rifle) scope
Restlicht-Zielgerät {n} low-light aiming device
Restlichtaufheller {m} residual light amplifier
Restlichtaufheller {m} low-light amplifier
Restlichtaufhellung {f} low-light amplification
Restlichtaufhellung {f} residual light amplification
Restlichtkamera {f} low-light-level camera
Restlichtkamera {f} low-light (level) camera
Restlichtverstärker {m} residual light amplifier
Restlichtverstärker {m} low-light amplifier
Restlichtverstärkerbrille {f} low-light goggles
Restlichtverstärkung {f} low-light amplification
Restlichtverstärkung {f} residual light amplification
Restlichtzielfernrohr {n} low-light (rifle) scope
Restlichtzielgerät {n} low-light aiming device
restlos well and truly
restlos teilbar [-special_topic_math.-] completely divisible [-special_topic_math.-]
Restposten {m} der Zahlungsbilanz accommodating items
Restprofiltiefe {f} remaining nonskid
Restprofiltiefe {f} remaining tread depth
Restriktion {f} constraint
Restriktion {f} restriction
Restriktionen {pl} restrictions
Restschuld {f} principal balance
Reststoff {m} remnant
Reststoff {m} recycling material
Reststoff {m} waste material
Reststoffe {pl} remnants
Reststrom {m} cutoff current
Reststück {n} (Papier, Holz) offcut (of paper, timber)
Restwelligkeit {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] ripple [-special_topic_tech.-]
Restwert {m} residual value
Restwärme {f} residual heat
Restzahlung {f} final payment
Restzahlung {f} outstanding payment
Restzahlung {f} payment of the balance
Restzahlung {f} payment of balance
Resultat {n} result
Resultat {n} consequence
Resultat {n} offspring
Resultattaste {f} equals key
resultieren aus to result from
resultierend resultant
resultierend resulting
resultierendes Drehmoment {n} resulting torque
resultiert results
resultiertem resulted
Resümee {n} summary
Resümee {n} résumé
resümieren to sum up
resümierend summing
resümierte summed
Resynchronisierung {f} resync
Retikelmikroskop {n} reticle microscope
Retinopathie {f} [-special_topic_med.-] retinopathy [-special_topic_med.-]
Retorte {f} retort
Retortenbaby {n} test-tube baby
retour back
Retoure {f} return
retournierend returning
retourniert returns
retournierte returned
Retraktor {m} retractor
Retraktor {m} [-special_topic_med.-] retractor [-special_topic_med.-]
Rette sich, wer kann! Run for your lives!
retten to deserves
retten to receive
retten to salvage
retten to salve
retten to rescue
retten to save
retten (Computerdatei) to recover
retten, was zu retten ist to make the best of a bad job
rettend bailing
rettend rescuing
rettend salvaging
rettend salving
rettenswert salvageable
Retter {m} rescuer
Retter {m} retriever
Retter {m} saver
Retter {m} savior (Am.)
Retter {m} saviour (Br.)
Retter {m} in der Not Johnny-on-the-spot (Am.) (coll.)
rettet bails
rettet rescues
rettet retrieves
rettet salvages
rettet salves
Rettet unsere Seelen, international gebräuchliches Notrufzeichen SOS : Save Our Souls
rettete bailed
rettete rescued
rettete salvaged
Rettich {m} radish
Rettichsaft {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] radish juice [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Rettung {f} salvage
Rettung {f} rescue
Rettung {f} retrieval
Rettung {f} salvation
Rettung {f} (von) deliverance (from)
Rettung {f} von Festplattendaten HDD data recovery
Rettung {f} von Festplattendaten drive rebuild

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