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renovierend upholstering
renovierend renovating
renoviert redecorates
renoviert upholsters
renoviert renovates
renoviert renovated
renoviert refurbished
renovierte redecorated
renovierte upholstered
Renovierung {f} redecoration
Renovierung {f} renovation
rentabel profitably
Rentabilität {f} profitability
Rentabilität {f} profitableness
Rentabilität {f} (economic) viability
Rentabilität {f} profit-earning capacity
Rentabilität {f} earning power
Rentabilität {f} return
Rentabilitäten {pl} profitabilities
Rentabilitäts-Vergleichsrechnung {f} average return method
Rente {f} annuity
Renten {pl} (als festverzinsliche Papiere) bonds
Rentenalter {n} retirement age
Rentenanleihe {f} annuity bond
Rentenanwartschaften {pl} accrued pension rights
Rentenaufwand {m} annuity cost
Renteneintrittsalter {n} pensionable age
Rentenempfänger {m} annuitant
Rentenendwert {m} accumulation of annuity
Rentenendwert {m} amount of annuity
Rentenfolge {f} annuity series
Rentenfonds {m} annuity fund
Rentengeschäft {n} annuity business
Rentenkasse {f} pensions office
Rentenpaket {n} (politischer Jargon) pension package
Rentenrate {f} annual rent of annuity
Rentenrate {f} annuity payment
Rentenreihe {f} annuity series
Rentenversicherung {f} annuity insurance
Rentenversicherung {f} pension insurance fund
Rentenversicherung {f} pension insurance
Rentenvertrag {m} annuity agreement
Rentier {n} reindeer
Rentner {m} old age pensioner
Rentner {m} pensioner
Reorganisation {f} readjustment
Reorganisation {f} reorganization
Reorganisation {f} rearrangement
reorganisieren to rearrange
reorganisieren to reorganize
reorganisieren to reorganise (Br.)
reorganisierend reorganizing
reorganisiert reorganized
reorganisiert reorganizes
Rep. : Republik Rep. : Republic
Reparatur {f} repair
Reparatur {f} reperation
Reparatur {f} patch
Reparatur {f} mit Pfropfen plug repair
Reparaturausrüstung {f} repair outfit
reparaturbedürftig in need of repair
Reparaturkit {n} repair outfit
Reparaturmaterial {n} repair material
Reparaturpfropfen {m} repair plug
Reparaturplatte {f} patching rubber
Reparaturventil {n} für Kaltvulkanisation chemical cure cold repair valve
Reparaturwerkstatt {f} repair shop
Reparaturwerkstatt {f} workshop
Reparaturwerkstatt {f} garage
Reparaturwerkstätte {f} repair-shop
reparierbar fixable
reparierbar reperable
reparierbar retrievable
reparieren to patch
reparieren to repair
reparieren to vamp up
reparieren to mend
reparieren to fix (Am.)
reparierend mending
repariert mends
repariert repaires
reparierte mended
Repertoire {n} repertoire
repetierendes repetitive
Repetierer {m} (Gewehr) repeater (coll.)
Repetiergewehr {n} repeating rifle
Repetierpistole {f} repeating pistol
Repetitor {m} coach
Repetitorien {pl} revision books
Repetitorien {pl} review books (Am.)
Repetitorium {n} revision book
Repetitorium {n} review book (Am.)
Replik {f} replication
Replikation {f} replication
Reportage {f} coverage
Reportage {f} report
Reportage {f} commentary
Reportagen {pl} reportages
Reporter {m} reporter
Repository {n} repository
Repressalie {f} reprisal
Repressalien {pl} reprisals
repressiv repressive
repressiv repressively
repressivere more repressive
repressivste most repressive
Reprint {m} Reprint
Reprise {f} (dritter und letzter Hauptsatz einer Sonate) [-special_topic_mus.-] recapitulation [-special_topic_mus.-]
reprivatisieren to reprivatize
reprivatisieren to denationalize
Reproduktion {f} replication
Reproduktion {f} reproduction
Reproduktion {f} facsimile
Reproduktionen {pl} reproductions
reproduktiv reproductive
reproduzierbar reproducible
Reproduzierbarkeit {f} repeatability
Reproduzierbarkeit {f} reproducibility
reproduzieren to reproduce
reproduzierend reproducing
reproduziert reproduces
reprogrammierbares reprogrammable
Reprographie {f} reprography
Repräsentant {m} ambassador
Repräsentant {m} [-special_topic_econ.-] agent [-special_topic_econ.-]
Repräsentant {m} [-special_topic_math.-] representative [-special_topic_math.-]
Repräsentation {f} representation
repräsentativ representative
Repräsentativbefragung {f} sampling
repräsentative Stichprobe adequate sample
repräsentative Stichprobe average sample
repräsentativer Charakter representativeness
repräsentieren represents
repräsentierend representing
repräsentiert represents
repräsentiert represented
repräsentierte represented
Reptil {n} reptile
Reptilien {pl} reptiles
reptilisch reptilian
Reptilleder {n} reptile leather
Republik Belarus [-special_topic_geogr.-] Republic of Belarus [-special_topic_geogr.-]
Republik Burundi [-special_topic_geogr.-] Republic of Burundi (BI) [-special_topic_geogr.-]
Republik Kongo Republic of Congo (cg)
Republik Korea Korea, Republic of (kr)
Republik {f} republic
republikanisch republican
requirieren commandeer
requirierend commandeering
requiriert commandeers
requirierte commandeered
Requisit {n} requisite
Requisite {f} (Theater) property master
Requisiten {pl} properties
Requisiten {pl} props
Requisiten {pl} requisites
Requisiten {pl} costumes
Requisitenhersteller {m} property maker
Requisiteur {m} property master
resch (südd., österr. fig.: knackig) tasty
Resektion {f} resection
Resektionsmesser {n} [-special_topic_med.-] resection knife [-special_topic_med.-]
Reservat {n} reservation
Reservate {pl} reservations
Reserve {f} standby
Reserve {f} reserve
Reservedatenträger {m} spill volume
Reservekanister {m} spare jerrycan (Br.)
Reservekanister {m} spare can
Reservekanister {m} spare canister
Reserven {pl} reserves
Reserverad {n} spare wheel
Reserverechner {m} standby computer
Reserverechner {m} backup computer
Reservereifen {m} spare tyre
Reservetank {m} reserve tank
reservieren to reserve
reservieren to dedicate
reservieren to allocate
reservieren to book
reservieren lassen to reserve
Reservieren {n} advance booking (Br.)
reservierend reserving
reserviert offish
reserviert reserved
reserviert reservedly
reserviert reserves
reserviert standoffish
reserviert standoffishly
reservierte reserved
reservierte offishly
reservierter Liegeplatz accommodation berth
reservierter Liegeplatz appropriated berth
Reserviertheit {f} reserve
Reservierung {f} booking
Reservierung {f} reservation
Reservierungen {pl} reservations
Reservist {m} reservist
resident resident
resident non-pageable

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