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Rektorenzimmer {n} principal's office
Rektorzimmer {n} principal's office
Rekuperator {m} recuperator
Rekuperator {m} (Wärmetauscher) recuperator
Rekursion {f} recursion
rekursiv recursive
Rel. : Religion rel. : religion
Relais {n} relay
Relation {f} relation
Relation {f} relational
Relation {f} relationship
relational relational
relationales Datenbanksystem relational database system
relativ relative
relativ relatively
relativ zu based
Relativassemblierer {m} relocating assembler
relative Adresse displacement
relative Adresse {f} asterisk address
relative Adressierung relative addressing
relative Atommasse {f} atomic weight
relativer realive
relativere more relative
relatives Fürwort {n} (ling.) relative pronoun
relativieren (z.b. eine Behauptung) to qualify
Relativierung {f} relativization
Relativität {f} relativity
Relativität {f} relativeness
Relativitäten {pl} relativities
Relativitätstheorie {f} theory of relativity
Relativpronomen {n} (ling.) relative pronoun
Relativsatz {m} relative clause
relativste most relative
Relativwert {m} relative value
Relaxans {n} (pharm.) relaxant
Relaxans {n} (pharm.) relaxant agent
Relaxans {n} (pharm.) relaxant drug
Relaxantien {pl} (pharm.) relaxants
Relaxantien {pl} (pharm.) relaxant agents
Relaxantien {pl} (pharm.) relaxant drugs
Relaxanzien {pl} (pharm.) relaxants
Relaxanzien {pl} (pharm.) relaxant agents
Relaxanzien {pl} (pharm.) relaxant drugs
Relaxationsschwingung {f} [-special_topic_phys.-] relaxation oscillation [-special_topic_phys.-]
Relaxationszeit {f} relaxation time
relegieren to rusticate
relegieren to relegate (out of)
relegierend rusticating
relegiert rusticates
relegierte rusticated
relegierte relegated
relevant relevant
Relevanz {f} (Bedeutung) pertinence
Relief {n} relief
Reliefarbeit {f} embossment
Reliefarbeiten {pl} embossments
Religion {f} religion
Religionen {pl} faiths
Religionsbuch {n} religious book
Religionsfeindlichkeit {f} irreligion
Religionsfreiheit {f} religious liberty
Religionsfreiheiten {pl} religious liberties
Religionsgeschichte {f} history of religion
Religionslehrer {m} teacher of religious education
Religionslehrerin {f} (female) teacher of religious education
Religionslosigkeit {f} irreligion
Religiose {f} (= Nonne) religious woman
Religiose {m} (= Mönch) religious man
Religiosen {pl} (Mönche und Nonnen) religious men and women
Religiosität {f} religiousness
religiös religious
religiöse religiously
Relikt {n} relic
Relilehrer {m} (ugs.) RE teacher (coll.)
Relilehrerin {f} (ugs.) (female) RE teacher (coll.)
Reling {f} rail
Reliquie {f} relic
Reliquienschrein {m} reliquary casket
relokatierender relocating
relokatierender Programmlader relocating loader
Reluktanz {f} reluctance
Reluktivität {f} (spez. magnetischer Widerstand) [-special_topic_phys.-] reluctivity [-special_topic_phys.-]
REM : Rasterelektronenmikroskop {n} SEM : scanning electron microscope
REM : Rasterelektronenmikroskopie {f} SEM : scanning electron microscopy
REM-Anweisung {f} REM statement
REM-Phase {f} REM sleep
remanent remanent
Remanenz {f} remanence
Remanenz {f} (phys.) remanence
Remanenz {f} (phys.) retention
Remedium {n} remedy
Reminiszenz {f} reminiscence
Remis {n} (Schach) draw
Remittenden {pl} remittees
Remittenden {pl} returns
Remoulade {f} tartar sauce
rempelt an jostles
rempelte an jostled
Ren {n} reindeer
Renaissance {f} Renaissance
Renaturierung {f} renaturation
Rendezvous {n} rendezvous
Rendite nach Steuern after tax yield
Reneklode {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] greengage [-special_topic_bot.-]
Reneklodenbaum {m} [-special_topic_bot.-] greengage tree [-special_topic_bot.-]
Renke {f} (Knochenfisch) vendace
Renn... racing
Rennanzug {m} race suit
Rennanzug {m} racing suit
Rennarzt {m} racing doctor
Rennbahn {f} race course
Rennbahn {f} racecourse
Rennbahn {f} racetrack
Rennbahn {f} course
Rennbenzin {n} racing petrol (Br.)
Rennbenzin {n} racing gas (Am.)
Rennbenzin {n} racing gasoline (Am.)
Rennbenzin {n} racing fuel
Rennboot {n} speedboat
Rennboot {n} powerboat
rennen to sprint
rennen to run {ran, run}
Rennen {n} race
Renner {m} courser
Renner {m} racer
Renner {m} blockbuster
Rennfahrer {m} race driver
Rennfahrer {m} (Autorennfahrer) racing driver
Rennfahrer {m} (Autorennfahrer) racecar driver (Am.)
Rennfahrer {m} (Motorradrennfahrer) racing motorcyclist
Rennfahrer {m} (Radrennfahrer) racing cyclist
Rennfahrerin {f} (Autorennfahrerin) (female) racecar driver (Am.)
Rennfahrerin {f} (Autorennfahrerin) (female) racing driver
Rennfahrerin {f} (Motorradrennfahrerin) (female) racing motorcyclist
Rennfahrerin {f} (Radrennfahrerin) (female) racing cyclist
Rennfeuer {n} (Eisengewinnung) bloomery hearth
Rennfeuer {n} (Eisengewinnung) bloomery fire
Renngemeinschaft {f} (Rudersport) combination crew
Rennglocke {f} (Fahrrad) chime bell
Rennhaken {m} (am Fahrradpedal) toe clip
Rennhaken {m} (am Fahrradpedal) toeclip
Rennhaltung {f} racing position
Rennhund {m} racing dog
Rennhund {m} racing hound
Rennjacht {f} racing yacht
Rennkamel {n} racing camel
Rennkombi {f} race suit
Rennkombi {f} racing suit
Rennkombination {f} race suit
Rennkombination {f} racing suit
Rennkraftstoff {m} racing fuel
Rennleiter {m} race organizer
Rennleitung {f} race organization
Rennleitung {f} organization of a race meeting
Rennleitung {f} (Personen) race organizers
Rennleitung {f} (Personen) race control
Rennleitung {f} (Personen; bei Pferderennen) stewards (Br.)
Rennlenker {m} drop bars
Rennlenker {m} (am Rennrad) dropped handlebars
Rennlenker {m} (am Rennrad) drop handlebars
Rennmaschine {f} (Motorrad) racing motorbike
Rennmaschine {f} (Motorrad) racing motorcycle
Rennmaschine {f} (Rennrad) racer
Rennmaus {f} gerbil
Rennmotorrad {n} racing motorcycle
Rennmotorrad {n} racing motorbike
Rennpedal {n} (Fahrrad) quill pedal
Rennpferd {n} race horse
Rennpiste {f} racetrack
Rennpiste {f} (race) track
Rennprogramm {n} (Pferderennen) racecard
Rennprogramm {n} (Pferderennen) racing form (Am.)
Rennrad {n} racing cycle
Rennrad {n} racer
Rennrad {n} road bike
Rennreifen {m} racing tyre
Rennreifen {m} racing tire (Am.)
Rennreifen {pl} racing tires (Am.)
Rennreifen {pl} racing tyres (Br.)
Rennrodeln {n} [-special_topic_sport-] luge [-special_topic_sport-]
Rennsport {m} racing
Rennstall {m} (Motorsport) (racing) team
Rennstall {m} (Pferdesport) (racing) stable
Rennstrecke {f} race track
Rennstrecke {f} (Rundkurs) race circuit
rennt wild weg stampedes
Renntreibstoff {m} racing fuel
Rennvogel {m} cream-colored courser (Am.) (Cursorius cursor)
Rennvogel {m} cream-coloured courser (Br.) (Cursorius cursor)
Rennwagen {m} racecar (Am.)
Rennwagen {m} race car (Am.)
Rennyacht {f} racing yacht
Renommee {n} kudos
renommieren (mit) to boast (of)
renommiert well-known
renovieren to renovate
renovieren to redecorate
renovieren to upholster
renovieren to refurbish
renovierend redecorating

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