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Rassenunruhen {pl} racial riots
Rassepferd {n} thoroughbred (horse)
rassig racy
rassig hot-blooded
rassig classy
rassiger racier
rassigste raciest
rassisch racial
rassische racially
Rassismus {m} racism
Rassismus {m} racialism
Rassist {m} racist
Rassist {m} supremacist
rassistisch racialist
rassistisch racist
rast speeds
Rast {f} rest
Rast {f} break
Rastafrisur {f} Rasta hair (style)
Rastafrisur {f} Rasta hairstyle
Rastafrisur {f} Rastafarian hairstyle
Rastalocken {pl} dreadlocks
Rastalockenfrisur {f} dreadlock hairstyle
Rastalockenfrisur {f} dreadlock hair style
Raste {f} catch
rasten speeded
rasten to rest
Raster {m} raster
Raster {m} graticule
Raster-SQUID-Mikroskop {n} scanning SQUID microscope
Raster-Tunnelmikroskop {n} (RTM) scanning tunneling microscope (Am.)
Raster-Tunnelmikroskop {n} (RTM) scanning tunnelling microscope (RTM) (Br.)
Rasterbrille {f} pinhole glasses
Rasterbrille {f} (multiple) pinhole spectacles
Rasterdrucker {m} mosaic printer
Rasterelektronenmikroskop {n} scanning electron microscope
Rasterelektronenmikroskopie {f} scanning electron microscopy
Rasterfahndung {f} computer aided search, computer surveillance
Rasterionenmikroskop {n} scanning ion (beam) microscope (SIM)
Rasterkraftmikroskop {n} (RKM) atomic force microscope (AFM)
Rastermikroskop {n} scanning microscope
Rastermuster {n} raster
rastern to grate
rastern to raster
rastern to scan
Rasterpositronenmikroskop {n} (RPM) scanning positron microscope (SPM)
Rasterpunkt {m} matrix dot
Rasterpunkt {m} screen dot
Rasterpunktabfühlung {f} raster scanning
Rasterpunktlesen {n} dot-scanning
Rasterröntgenmikroskop {n} scanning X-ray microscope (SXM)
Rastertransmissionselektronenmikroskop {n} scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM)
Rastertunnelmikroskop {n} (RTM) scanning tunneling microscope (STM) (Am.)
Rastertunnelmikroskop {n} (RTM) scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) (Br.)
Rasterung {f} grating
Rasterung {f} screening
Rasterung {f} resolution
Rasterweite {f} line screen
Rasterweite {f} screen ruling
Rasthaus {n} roadhouse
Rasthaus {n} motorway restaurant
Rasthaus {n} (mit Übernachtungsmöglichkeit) (motorway) motel
Rasthof {m} (an Autobahn) service area (alongside highways)
Rasthof {m} (mit Übernachtungsmöglichkeit) (motorway) motel
rastlos unresting
rastlos restless
rastlose restlessly
Rastlosigkeit {f} restlessness
Rastmantel {m} (tech.) bosh jacket
Rastplatz {m} resting place
Raststätte {f} rest house
Raststätte {f} roadhouse
Raststätte {f} (motorway) service area
Raststätte {f} motorway restaurant
Rasur {f} shaving
Rasurverletzung {f} shaving wound
Rasurverletzung {f} shaving injury
Rat {m} advice
Rat {m} council
Rate {f} instalment
Rate {f} installment (Am.)
Rate {f} (Zuwachs-) rate
raten to guess
raten to advise
Raten {pl} rates
ratend advising
ratend counselling
Ratenkauf {m} hire-purchase
ratenweise by instalments
Ratenzahlung {f} payment by instalments
ratete counselled
ratete guessed
ratete advised
Ratgeber {m} counsellor
Ratgeber {m} adviser
Ratgeber {m} counselor
Ratgeber {m} advisor
Ratgeber {m} how-to manual
Ratgeber {m} (über) (Buch) how-to book (on)
Ratgeber {m} (über) (Buch) how-to-do-it book (on)
Ratgeber {m} (über) (Buch) self-help book (on)
Ratgeber {pl} advisers
Ratgeber {pl} advisors
Ratgeberin {f} counsellor
Ratgeberin {f} counselor
Rathaus {n} townhall
Rathaus {n} guildhall
Rathaus {n} city hall (Am.)
Rathausturm {m} town hall tower
Rathausuhr {f} town hall clock
Rathausuhr {f} townhall clock
Rathäuser {pl} town halls
Rathäuser {pl} guildhalls
Ratifikationen {pl} ratifications
ratifizieren ratify
Ratio {f} reason
Ration {f} ration
rationale Zahl {f} [-special_topic_math.-] rational number [-special_topic_math.-]
rationalisieren to rationalize
rationalisierend rationalizing
rationalisiert rationalizes
rationalisierte rationalized
Rationalisierung {f} rationalization
Rationalismus {m} rationalism
Rationalist {m} rationalist
rationalistisch rationalistic
rationalistische rationalistically
rationieren to ration
rationierten rationed
Rationsbuch {n} ration book
ratlos helpless
ratlos perplex
ratlos clueless
Ratlosigkeit {f} perplexity
Ratlosigkeit {f} helplessness
ratsam advisable
ratsame advisably
Ratsamkeit {f} advisability
Ratsche ratch
Ratsche {f} ratchet
Ratschen-Gewindeschneidkluppe {f} ratchet tap wrench
Ratschenhebel {m} ratchet lever
Ratschenmaulschlüssel {m} open-end ratchet wrench
Ratschenschere {f} ratchet-type pipe cutter
Ratschlag {m} advice
Ratschlag {m} counsel
Ratschläge {pl} suggestions
Ratsherr {m} councilman
Ratsherren {pl} councilmen
Ratsmitglied {n} councillor
Ratsmitglied {n} councilor
Rattan {n} rattan
Ratte {f} rat
Ratten {pl} rats
Rattenfisch {m} ratfish
Rattenfloh {m} rat flea
Rattenfloh {m} rat-flea
Rattenfänger {m} ratter
Rattenschwanz {m} rat's tail
Rattenschwanz {m} (Frisur) pigtail
Rattenschwänzchen {pl} (Frisur) little pigtails
Rattenschwänze {pl} (Frisur) pigtails
rattern to clatter
Rattern {n} clatter
ratternde clattering
rattert clatters
ratterte clattered
ratzfatz (sl) in a jiffy
rau raucously
rau rawly
rau rough
rau gnarled
rau inclement
rau inclemently
rau raucous
rau scraggly
rau throaty
rau harsh
rau raw
rau bitter
Raub {m} deprivation
Raub {m} predation
Raub {m} rape
Raub {m} robbery
Raub {m} heist
Raub {m} der Sabinerinnen Rape of the Sabines
Raubadler {m} steppe eagle (Aquila nipalensis)
Raubank {f} jointer plane
Raubbau treiben to overcrop
Raubbau treiben to rob
Raubbau {m} careless working
Raubbau {m} predatory exploitation
Raubbau {m} unconsidered exhaustion
Raubbau {m} ruthless exploitation
Raubdruck {m} pirate edition
Raubdruck {m} pirated edition
Raubein {n} roughneck
Raubeine {pl} roughnecks
rauben to rob
rauben to heist

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