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Querslip {m} (Schiff) sideslip
Querstange {f} cross bar
Quersteifigkeit {f} cornering stiffness
Querstellen {n} (Zugmaschine mit Anhänger) jack-knifing
Querstollenprofil {n} cross-rib pattern
Querstraße {f} crossroad
Querstraße {f} intersection road
Querstraße {f} (innerstädtisch) intersecting street
Querstraßen {pl} crossroads
Querstrebe {f} cross member
Querstreifen {m} cross stripe
Querstreifen {m} horizontal stripe
Querstrich {m} horizontal line
Querstrich {m} dash
Quersumme {f} sum of the digits
Quersumme {f} crossfoot
Quertreiber {m} obstructionist
Querträger {m} cross member
Querulant {m} troublemaker
Querulant {m} grouser
Querulant/in {m}/{f} griper
Querverbandsschott {n} (Schiff) transverse structural bulkhead
Querverbindung {f} cross connection
Querverbindung {f} tie trunk
Querverbindung {f} interconnection
Querverbindung {f} (Straße) link road
Querverbindungen {pl} cross connections
Querverweis {m} cross reference
Querverweis {m} hyperlink
Querverweis {m} cross-reference
Querverweise {pl} cross references
querverweisende Medien {pl} hypermedia
querverweisender Text hypertext
Querverweisliste {f} cross-reference list
Querverweistabelle {f} cross reference table
Quetschbereich {m} (EN 292) crushing zone (EN 292)
Quetsche {f} (landschaftlich, Kartoffelpresse) potato-crusher
quetschen to contuse
quetschen to squish
quetschen to squeeze
quetschen to crimp
quetschend bruising
quetschend squeezing
quetschend swatting
Quetschhahn {m} pinch cock
Quetschhahn {m} spring clip
Quetschklemme {f} alligator clip
Quetschkommode {f} (hum.) [-special_topic_mus.-] squeeze box (hum.) [-special_topic_mus.-]
Quetschladung {f} camouflet
Quetschmine {f} camouflet
quetscht bruises
quetscht squeezes
quetscht swats
quetschte swatted
quetschte squeezed
Quetschung {f} bruise
Quetschung {f} contusion
Quetschverbindung {f} crimp connection
Quetschwalze {f} squeegee
Quetschzange {f} crimping tool
Queue {m} cue
quibinär quibinary
Quibinärcode {m} quibinary code
Quiche {f} quiche
Quicheform {f} quiche tin
Quicheform {f} quiche pan (Am.)
quicklebendig as fresh as a daisy
quicklebendig sein to be as fresh as a daisy
quieken to squeak
quiekend squeaking
quiekt squeaks
quietschen to squeak
quietschen to grate
quietschen to jar
quietschend squeaky
quietschend squeaking
quietschend zum Stehen kommen to grind to a halt
quietschender squeakier
quietschendste squeakiest
quietscht squeaks
quietschte squeaked
Quietschton {m} squealing
quietschvergnügt bouncy
quietschvergnügt as happy as a sandboy
quillt wells
Quinoa {n} [-special_topic_gastr.-] quinoa [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Quinoamehl {n} quinoa flour
Quinoastärke {f} quinoa starch
Quinte {f} fifth
Quinte {f} quint
Quinten {pl} quints
Quintessenz {f} quintessence
Quintessenz {f} bottom line
quinär quinary
Quinärcode {m} (binärer Zahlencode aus 5 Bits) quinary code
Quinärzahl {f} (Zahlensystem auf der Basis 5) quinary number
Quirl {m} live wire
Quirl {m} swizzle stick
Quirl {m} (Küche) beater
quirlig lively, exuberant
quirlig effervescent
Quisling {m} quisling
quitt even with
quitt squared
Quitte {f} quince
Quitten {pl} quinces
Quittengelee {n} [-special_topic_gastr.-] quince jelly [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Quittenkonfitüre {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] quince jam [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Quittenmus {n} [-special_topic_gastr.-] quince puree [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Quittenpüree {n} quince puree
Quittensaft {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] quince juice [-special_topic_gastr.-]
quittieren to receipt
quittierend receipting
quittiert receipted
quittiert redeemed
Quittierungsbetrieb {m} hand-shaking
Quittung {f} quittance
Quittung {f} receipt
Quittung {f} acquittance
Quittung {f} acknowledgement
Quittung {f} (Recht) release
Quittungen {pl} quittances
Quittungen {pl} receipts
Quittungs-Taste {f} acknowledgement key
Quittungsanforderung {f} acknowledgement request
Quittungsblock {m} receipt book
Quittungsbuch {n} receipt book
Quiz {n} quiz
Quiz, Ratespiel {n} trivia (game)
Quizfrage {f} quickie
Quizmaster {m} quizmaster
Quizmaster {m} presenter
Quizsendung {f} quiz program
Quizsendung {f} quiz programme (Br.)
quoll welled
Quorum {n} quorum
Quote {f} quota
Quote {f} share
Quote {f} contingent
Quote {f} rate
Quoten {pl} quotas
Quotenhit {m} (TV) ratings hit
Quotenkönig {m} (TV-Jargon) ratings king
Quotient {m} quotient
Quotientenregel {f} [-special_topic_math.-] quotient rule [-special_topic_math.-]
quotierend quoting
quotiert quotes
quotierte quoted
Quotierung {f} quotation
quäken to mewl
quäken to squawk
quäkend mewling
quäkend squawking
Quäker {m} quaker
Quäkertum {n} quakerism
quäket squawks
quäkt mewls
quäkte mewled
quäkte squawked
quälen to worry
quälen to torture
quälen to agonize
quälen to smite {smote, smitten}
quälen to toil
quälen to excruciate
quälen to tantalize
quälen to tantalise (Br.)
quälen (speziell Tiere) to tease
Quälen {n} tantalization
quälend afflicting
quälend agonizing
quälend anguishing
quälend excruciating
quälend grilling
quälend harassingly
quälend haunting
quälend obsessing
quälend toiling
quälend worrying
quälend tantalizing
quälend tantalising (Br.)
quälende hauntingly
quälende obsessingly
quälendere more tormenting
quälendste most tormenting
Quäler {m} tormentor
Quäler {pl} tormentors
Quälgeist {m} gadfly
quält afflicts
quält agonizes
quält obsesses
quält smites
quält tantalizes
quält toils
quält tantalises (Br.)
quälte afflicted
quälte distressed
quälte smote
quälte toiled
quälte tantalized

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