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q : Kubik... cu : cubic ...
Q-Fieber {n} Q fever
qkm (veraltet) : Quadratkilometer sq.km : square kilometre
qm (veraltet) : Quadratmeter sq.m : square metre
Quacksalber {m} quack
Quacksalber {m} charlatan
Quacksalberei {f} quackery
Quacksalbereien {pl} quackeries
Quacksalberprodukt {n} snake oil
Quader {m} cuboid
Quader {m} block of stone
Quaderstein {m} block of stone
Quadrant {m} quadrant
Quadrat {n} quadrat
Quadrat {n} square
Quadrate {pl} squares
Quadratfuß {m} square foot
quadratisch square
quadratisch quadrate
quadratische Gleichung {f} [-special_topic_math.-] quadratic equation [-special_topic_math.-]
Quadratmeter {m} square meter
Quadratmeter {pl} square meters
Quadratmetergewicht {n} weight per square metre
Quadratmittel {n} root mean square (RMS)
Quadratwurzel {f} [-special_topic_math.-] square root [-special_topic_math.-]
Quadratzentimeter {m} square centimetre
Quadrille {f} quadrille
Quadrupelpunkt {m} quadruple point
quaken croak
quaken quack
quakend croaking
quakend quacking
quakt croaks
quakt quacks
quakte croaked
Qual {f} dolor (Am.)
Qual {f} agony
Qual {f} anguish
Qual {f} distress
Qual {f} excruciation
Qual {f} pain
Qual {f} torment
Qual {f} torture
Qual {f} dolour (Br.)
Qualen {pl} agonies
Qualen {pl} dolors
Qualen {pl} pains
Qualen {pl} torments
Qualifikation {f} qualification
Qualifikationsgruppe {f} (Sport) qualifying group
Qualifikationsplatz {m} qualifying spot
Qualifikationsrunde {f} qualifying round
Qualifikationsspiel {n} qualifier (football)
Qualifikationsspiel {n} qualifying game
qualifizierbar qualifiable
qualifizieren (zu, als) to qualify (for, as)
qualifizierend qualifying
qualifiziert qualified
qualifiziert qualifies
qualifizierte qualified
qualifizierte Mehrheit {f} qualified interest (finan.)
Qualifizierung {f} qualification
qualitativ qualitatively
qualitativ qualitive
qualitative Unterschiede {pl} in der Wahrnehmung von Reizen qualitative differences of sensory perception
Qualität {f} grade
Qualität {f} quality
Qualitäten {pl} qualities
Qualitätsanforderungen {pl} demands on quality
Qualitätsarbeit {f} high quality work
Qualitätskontrolle {f} quality control
Qualitätskreis {m} quality loop
Qualitätsmanagement {n} quality management
Qualitätsmerkmal für Weinbrand VSOP : very special (superior) old pale
Qualitätssicherung {f} quality assurance
Qualitätssicherungs-System {n} quality assurance system
Qualitätsstahl {m} quality steel
Qualitätsstahl {m} grade steel
Qualitätsstandard {m} quality standard
Qualitätsware {f} quality good
Qualitätswaren {pl} quality goods
Qualitätswein {m} vintage wine
Qualitätswein {m} choice wine
Qualitätswein {m} wine of certified origin and quality
Qualitätswesen {n} quality control
Qualitätsziel {n} quality objective
Qualitätsziel {n} quality target
Qualle {f} jellyfish
Qualm {m} fume
qualmig smoky
qualvoll agonizing
qualvoll distressful
qualvoll harrowingly
qualvoll very painful
qualvoll dolorous
qualvolle distressfully
qualvollere more painful
qualvollste most painful
Quanten-Chromodynamik {f} quantum chromodynamics
Quantenausbeute {f} quantity yield
Quantenflüssigkeiten {pl} quantum liquids
Quantenmechanik {m} quantum mechanics
quantenmechanisch quantum mechanical
Quantenphysik {f} quantum physics
Quantensprung {m} [-special_topic_phys.-] quantum leap [-special_topic_phys.-]
Quantensprung {m} [-special_topic_phys.-] quantum jump [-special_topic_phys.-]
Quantifizierung {f} quantization
Quantifizierung {f} quantification
quantisieren quantize
quantisiert quantized
quantitativ quantitative
quantitativ bestimmen to quantify
Quantität {f} quantity
Quantitätsbestimmung {f} quantification
Quarantäne {f} quarantine
Quarantänen {pl} quarantines
Quark {m} curd
Quark {m} jabberwocky
Quark {m} balderdash
Quark {m} baloney
Quark {m} blah
Quark {m} junket
Quark {m} curd cheese
Quark {n} quark
Quarkauflauf {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] soft cheese soufflé [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Quarkbuchtel {f} (südd., österr.) quark-filled yeast dumpling
Quarkbuchteln {pl} (südd., österr.) quark-filled yeast dumplings
Quarkkuchen {m} (ostd.) cheesecake
Quarkkäse {m} curd cheese
Quarkpulver {n} quark powder
Quarkspeise {f} junket
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) milk duds (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) dairy pillows (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) butterbags (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) dairies (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) milk bags (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) (milk) jugs (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) beanbags (sl.)
Quarktaschen {pl} (sl.) (weibliche Brüste) bean bags (sl.)
Quartal {n} quarter (year)
Quartal {n} quarterly period
Quartal {n} (des Studiums) quarter (esp. Am.)
Quartett {n} quartet
Quartett {n} quartette
Quartette {pl} quartets
Quartette {pl} quartettes
Quartformat {n} quarto
Quartier {n} accommodation
Quartier {n} quarter
Quartier {n} (eines Schuhs) quarter
Quartier {n} (Unterkunft) quarter
Quartiere {pl} accommodations
Quartiermeister {m} quartermaster
Quartiermeister {m} billeting officer (Br.)
Quartiermeister {pl} quartermasters
Quartil {n} [-special_topic_math.-] quartile [-special_topic_math.-]
Quartär {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] Quaternary [-special_topic_geol.-]
Quarz {m} quartz
quarzgesteuerte Uhr {f} crystal clock
quarzgesteuerte Uhr {f} crystal-controlled clock
quarzgesteuerte Uhr {f} quartz-controlled clock
Quarzrohr {n} quartz tube
Quarzsand {m} arenaceous quartz
Quarzsand {m} silica sand
Quarzsand {m} quartz sand
Quarzsand {m} quartzose sand
Quarzsprung {m} quartz inversion
Quarzuhr {f} quartz clock
Quarzuhr {f} (Armbanduhr) quartz watch
Quarzwecker {m} quartz alarm clock
Quasar {m} quasar
quasi effectively
Quasikonvexität {f} [-special_topic_math.-] quasi-convexity [-special_topic_math.-]
quasistellare Radioquelle quasar
Quasselei {f} (ugs.) jabbering
Quasselfritze {m} (ugs.) windbag
quasseln yap
quasseln to twaddle
quasselnd yapping
Quasselstrippe {f} motormouth
Quasselstrippe {f} chatterbox
Quasselstrippe {f} blether
Quasselstrippe {f} tattletale
quasselt yaps
Quast {m} tassel
Quaste {pl} tassels
Quastenflosser {m} coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae)
Quaterne {f} quaternion
Quatsch machen to fool around
Quatsch machen to get up to nonsense
Quatsch machen to do something stupid
Quatsch {m} jabberwocky
Quatsch {m} rubbish
Quatsch {m} rot
Quatsch {m} flubdub
Quatsch {m} hogwash
Quatsch {m} tosh
Quatsch {m} balderdash
Quatsch {m} baloney
Quatsch {m} blah

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