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Parkservice {m} valet parking
Parkstreifen {m} lay by
parkt parks
Parkuhr {f} parking meter
Parkuhrzone {f} parking meter zone (Br.)
Parkuhrzone {f} meter zone (Br.)
Parkverbot (Verkehrszeichen) No stopping (Br.) (traffic sign)
Parkverbot (Verkehrszeichen) clearway (Br.) (traffíc sign)
Parkverbot {n} parking prohibition
Parküberwacher {m} traffic warden
Parküberwacherin {f} (woman) traffic warden
Parküberwacherin {f} female traffic warden
Parlament {n} parliament
Parlamentarier {m} parliamentarian
parlamentarisch parliamentary
parlamentarische Demokratie parliamentary democracy
Parlamentsabgeordnete {m,f} Member of Parliament
Parlamentsberichterstatter(in) {m} {f} lobby correspondent (Br.)
Parlamentsgebäude {n} parliamentary building
Parlamentsgebäude {n} statehouse
Parlamentsgebäude {n} Houses of Parliament
Parlamentsgebäude {n} state house
Parlamentsgebäude {n} Parliament house
Parlamentsraum für Abgeordneteninterviews lobby (Br.)
parmanenteres more permanent
Parmaschinken {m} ham from parma
Parmesan {m} parmesan
Parmesanhobel {m} parmesan slicer
Parmesanmesser {n} parmesan knife
Parmesanreibe {f} parmesan grater
Parodie {f} parody
Parodien {pl} parodies
parodierend parodying
parodierte parodied
Parole {f} password
Parole {f} watchword
Parole {f} rallying cry
Parolebuch {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] order book [-special_topic_mil.-]
Parolebuch {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] orderly book [-special_topic_mil.-]
Parolen {pl} paroles
Paronomasie {f} paronomasia
Partei ergreifen to take sides
Partei ergreifen für to side with
Partei {f} party
Parteibuch {n} membership book
Parteien {pl} parties
Parteiführer {m} party leader
Parteigeist {m} factionalism
Parteigeist {m} factiousness
parteigeistig factional
Parteigenosse {m} party member
parteiintern [-special_topic_pol.-] internal [-special_topic_pol.-]
parteiisch partial
parteiisch biased
Parteilichkeit {f} partiality
parteilos impartially
Parteineigung {f} party affiliation
Parteiorgan {n} party organ
Parteipolitik {f} party politics
parteipolitisch party political
Parteiprogramm {n} party platform
parteisüchtige factiously
Parteitag {m} party congress
Parteiversammlungen {pl} party meetings
Parteivorsitzende {m} chairman of a party
Parteivorsitzenden {pl} chairmen of a party
parteiübergreifend bipartisan (Am.)
Parteizugehörigkeit {f} party affiliation
Parterre {n} ground floor
Parterre {n} orchestra
Parterre {n} first floor (Am.)
Partialdruck {m} partial pressure
Partialsumme {f} [-special_topic_math.-] partial sum [-special_topic_math.-]
Partie {f} party
Partie {f} game
Partie {f} lot
partiell partial
partiell differenzierbar [-special_topic_math.-] partial differentiable [-special_topic_math.-]
partielle Ableitung {f} [-special_topic_math.-] partial derivative [-special_topic_math.-]
partielle Integration {f} [-special_topic_math.-] integration by parts [-special_topic_math.-]
partiellere more partial
partiellste most partial
Partien {pl} games
Partikel {n} particle
Partikularhavarie {f} p.o. : particular average
Partisanenfänger {m} (Drucktechnik) hickey picker
Partisanenkrieg {m} guerrilla warfare
Partition {f} partition
Partitionen {pl} partitions
partitionieren to partition
Partitionierung {f} partition
partitiv partitive
Partizip {n} (ling.) participle
Partizipation {f} participation
Partizipialkonstruktion {f} (ling.) participial construction
Partizipialsatz {m} (ling.) participial clause
partizipieren (an) to partake
Partner in wilder Ehe cohabitant
Partner {m} mate
Partner {m} pard
Partner {m} partner
Partner {m} offsider (Austr.)
Partner {pl} mates
Partner {pl} pards
Partnerschaft für den Frieden Partnership for Peace (PfP)
Partnerschaft {f} partnership
partnerschaftlich fair
partnerschaftlich based on partnership
partnerschaftliches Verhalten cooperation
Partnersuche {f} dating
Partnertausch {m} (Sex) partner swapping
Partnertausch {m} (Sex) wife swapping
Party {f} party
Party {f} fete
Party {f} fête
Party {f} mit Partnertausch (Sex) partner-swapping party
Party {f} mit Partnertausch (Sex) wife-swapping party
Party {f} mit vielen attraktiven Frauen babefest
Partygirl {n} party girl
Partymädchen {n} party girl
Partyraum {m} rumpus room (Am.) (coll.)
Partyschlampe {f} (vulg.) party slut
Parzelle {f} parcel of land
Parzelle {f} lot (Am.)
Pasadena pasadena
Pascal pascal
Pascal'sche Schnecke {f} (math.) limaçon
pascalsche Schnecke {f} (math.) limaçon
Paspel {f} braid
Paspel {f} edging
Paspel {f} piping
Paspeltasche {f} welt pocket
Pass auf das Baby auf! Mind the baby!
Pass auf! Look out!
Pass auf, du Trampeltier! look out, (you) clumsy (idiot)!
Pass {m} passport
Pass {m} pass
Passage {f} passage
Passagen {pl} passages
Passagier {m} passenger
Passagier {m} (Flug) pax
Passagiere {pl} passengers
Passagierflugzeug {n} passenger plane
Passagierliste {f} manifest
Passagierliste {f} waybill
Passagierlisten {pl} waybills
passagierlos riderless
Passagiermaschine {f} (ugs.: Passagierflugzeug) airliner
Passagiermaschine {f} (ugs.: Passagierflugzeug) passenger plane
Passamt {n} passport office
Passat {m} [-special_topic_meteo.-] trade wind [-special_topic_meteo.-]
Passatströmung {f} equatorial current
Passbehörde {f} passport office
Passbehörde {f} passport authorities
Passbild {n} passport photograph
Passbildautomat {m} photo booth
Passe {f} (z. B. an Bluse, Jacke) yoke
passen to fit
passen be suitable
passen (zu) to suit
Passen Sie auf! Be careful!
Passen Sie auf! Look out!
Passen Sie gut auf! Pay close attention!
passend appropriate
passend apt
passend aptly
passend befittingly
passend suitably
passend proper
passend properly
passend opportune
passend apposite
passend relevant
passend, angemessen appropriate
passende appositely
passendere more suitable
passendste most suitable
Passfeder {f} key
Passform {f} fit
Passgenauigkeit {f} passing accuracy (football)
Passgänger {m} pacesetter
passierbar passable
passierbar passably
passierbarer Grassumpf {m} swampy grassland
passierbarer Grassumpf {m} swampy meadow
passierbarere more passable
passierbarste most passable
passieren to pass
passieren to happen
passierend transpiring
Passiergerät {n} food mill
Passiersieb {n} mesh strainer
passiert passes
passiert transpires
passierte transpired
passierte happened
passierte passed
Passion {f} [-special_topic_relig.-] passion [-special_topic_relig.-]
Passionsfruchtsaft {m} passion fruit juice
Passionssonntag {m} Passion Sunday

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