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positiver Nachlauf caster (Am.)
positiver Nachlauf castor (Br.)
positiver Sturz positive camber
positivere more positive
Positivismus {m} positivism
positivste most positive
Positronenmikroskop {n} positron microscope
Positur {f} posture
Posologie {f} (Dosierungskunde) [-special_topic_med.-] posology [-special_topic_med.-]
Pospalte {f} (fam.) butt cleft
Pospalte {f} (fam.) bottom cleft
Pospalte {f} (fam.) bottom crack
Pospalte {f} (fam.) butt crack
Pospalte {f} (fam.) bum crack
Pospalte {f} (fam.) bum cleft
Pospalte {f} (fam.) bumcrack
Posse {f} burlesque
Posse {f} farce
Posse {f} buffoonery
Possen treibend frolicking
Possen {pl} antic
Possen {pl} antics
Possen {pl} buffooneries
Possen {pl} burlesques
Possen {pl} farces
Possen {pl} prank
possenhaft farcical
possenhafte farcically
Possenreißer {m} buffoon
Possenreißer {m} buffoons
Possenreißer {m} mome
Possenreißer {pl} momes
possessivere more possessive
Possessivpronomen {n} (ling.) possessive pronoun
possessivste most possessive
post mail
Post Scriptum (Anmerkung nach der Signatur eines Briefes) P.S. : post scriptum
Post versenden to mail
Post {f} mail
Post {f} mailing
Post {f} (Unternehmen) the Post Office
Post-Shop {m} post office shop
Post... postal
Postadresse {f} mailing address (Am.)
Postadresse {f} postal address
Postadresse {f} post address
Postagentur {f} sub-post office
Postagentur {f} post-office substation (Am.)
postalisch postal
postalisch postally
Postamt {n} post office
Postamt {n} PO : post office
Postangestellte {f} (female) post office employee
Postangestellte {f} (female) postal employee
Postangestellter {m} post office employee
Postangestellter {m} postal employee
Postanschrift {f} postal address
Postanschrift {f} post address
Postanschrift {f} mailing address (Am.)
Postanweisung {f} money order
Postanweisung {f} PO, P.O. : postal order
Postauftrag {m} postal order
Postausgang {m} outbox
Postausgangsbuch {n} outgoing post book
Postauto {n} post office van
Postauto {n} mail van (Am.)
Postbeamte {m,f} post office clerk
Postbeamte {m,f} postal clerk (Am.)
Postbeamtin {f} post office clerk
Postbeamtin {f} postal clerk (Am.)
Postbeamtin {f} (female) post office clerk
Postbeamtin {f} (female) postal clerk (Am.)
Postbote {m} postman
Postcheck {m} postal cheque
Posteingang {m} inbox
Posten {m} post
Posten {m} lot
Posten {m} assignment (Am.)
Posten {m} (mar.) quarter
Postenjäger {m} office seeker (esp. Am.)
Postenjägerin {f} (female) office hunter
Postenjägerin {f} (female) office seeker (esp. Am.)
Postenkette {f} cordon
Poster {n} poster
Poster {pl} posters
Postfach {n} pigeon hole
Postfach {n} post office box
Postfach {n} post-office box (POB)
Postgebühr {f} postage
Postgebühren {pl} mail charges
Postgeheimnis {n} secrecy of the post
Postgiroamt {n} postal giro office
Postgiroamt {n} Girobank (Br.)
Postgiroamt {n} postal check office (Am.)
Postgirokonto {n} postal check account (Am.)
posthum posthumous
Postille {f} devotional book
Postille {f} sheet
Postille {f} rag (Am.)
Postille {f} [-special_topic_relig.-] devotional book [-special_topic_relig.-]
Postillion {m} postillion
Postkarte {f} postcard
Postkarten {pl} postcards
Postkasten {m} mailbox
Postkunde {m} post office customer
Postkundin {f} (female) post office customer
Postkundin {f} (female) postal customer (Am.)
Postkutsche {f} stagecoach
Postkutsche {f} diligence
Postkutschen {pl} stagecoaches
postlagernd poste restante
postlagernd restante
postlagernd to be called for
postlagernd to be left till called for
postlagernder Brief {m} drop letter (Am.)
Postleitzahl {f} postcode
Postleitzahl {f} zip code
Postler {m} (ugs.) post office worker
Postler {m} (ugs.) postal worker (Am.)
Postlerin {f} (ugs.) (female) post office worker
Postlerin {f} (ugs.) (female) postal worker (Am.)
Postmann {m} postman
Postmeister {m} postmaster
postmortal postmortem
postnatal postnatal
postoperativ postoperative
postoperative postoperatively
Postsache {f} post office mail
Postschalter {m} post office counter
Postscheck {m} (post office) giro cheque
Postschließfach {n} post-office box (POB)
Postsparbuch {n} post office savings book
Postsparbuch {n} postal savings book (Am.)
Postsparkasse {f} post-office savings bank
Postsparkasse {f} postal savings bank (Am.)
Poststempel {m} postmark
Posttarif {m} postal charge
Posttarif {m} postal rate
Postulat {n} postulate
postulieren posit
postulierend positing
postuliert posits
postulierte posited
postum posthumous
postversandfähig mailable
Postweg {m} mailing route
postwendend by return
postwendend by return of post
Postwesen {n} postal system
Postwurfsendung {f} mail circular
Postwurfsendung {f} bulk mail
Postzustellung {f} postal delivery
potent potently
Potentat {m} potentate
Potente potent
potentere more potent
potenteste most potent
Potential {n} potential
Potentialausgleich {m} potential equalization
Potentialdifferenz {f} potential difference
potentialfrei potential-free
Potentialleiter {m} potential conductor
Potentialschwelle {f} potential barrier
Potentialverlauf {m} potential curve
potentiell potential
potentielle Energie potential energy
potentielle Konkurrenz potential competition
potentieller Neukunde {m} prospect
Potentiometer {n} potentiometer
potentiometrisch potentiometric
Potenz {f} virility
Potenz {f} power
Potenz {f} potency
Potenz {f} (n-te von x) [-special_topic_math.-] (x to the) power (of n) [-special_topic_math.-]
Potenzialleiter {m} potential conductor
potenzieren to raise to higher power
potenzieren to exponentiate
potenziert raises to higher power
potenzierte raised to higher power
Potenzmenge {f} [-special_topic_math.-] power set [-special_topic_math.-]
Potenzreihe {f} [-special_topic_math.-] power series [-special_topic_math.-]
Potenzschreibweise {f} power mode
Potpourri {n} potpourri
Potpourries {pl} potpourries
Pottasche {f} potash
Pottasche {f} potassium carbonate
Pottwal {m} (Physeter catodon) [-special_topic_zool.-] sperm whale, spermwhale [-special_topic_zool.-]
Poularde {f} poulard
Powackeln {n} bottom-wiggling
Powackeln {n} bottom-wiggle
Powackeln {n} bottom-shaking
powackelnd bottom-shaking
powackelnd bottom-wiggling
Powidl {m} (österr.) plum jelly
pp(a). : per Prokura p.p. : per pro(c).
pp(a). : per Prokura per procurationem
pp(a). : per Prokura by proxy
PPS : PostPostSkriptum {n} PPS : PostPostScriptum
PPS : Produktionsplanung und Steuerung production planning and control
Pracht {f} gorgeousness

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