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poltert rumbles
polterte jangled
polterte rumbled
polumschaltbar [-special_topic_electr.-] pole-changing [-special_topic_electr.-]
polumschaltbar [-special_topic_electr.-] pole-changeable [-special_topic_electr.-]
Polung {f} polarity
Polyacrylamid {n} polyacrylamide
Polyacrylamidgel-Elektrophorese {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] PAGE : polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis [-special_topic_chem.-]
Polyamid {n} polyamide
Polyandrie {f} polyandry
Polybeutel {m} polybag
Polyeder {n} polyhedron
Polyester {n} polyester
Polyester-Bluse {f} polyester blouse
Polyester-Hemd {n} polyester shirt
Polyesterbluse {f} polyester blouse
Polyesterhemd {n} polyester shirt
polygam polygamous
polygame polygamously
Polygamie {f} polygamy
Polygamist {m} polygamist
Polygraph {m} polygraph
Polygynie {f} polygyny
polykristallin polycrystalline
polymer polymeric
Polymerbeton {m} polymer concrete
Polymere {pl} polymers
polymerisieren polymerize
polymerisierend polymerizing
polymerisiert polymerizes
polymerisierte polymerized
Polymorphie {f} polymorphism
Polymorphismus {m} polymorphism
Polynesien {n} Polynesia
Polynom {n} [-special_topic_math.-] polynomial [-special_topic_math.-]
Polyp {m} polyp
Polypen {pl} polyps
polyphon polyphonic
Polyphonie {f} polyphony
polytechnisch polytechnic
Polytheismus {m} polytheism
Polytheist {m} polytheist
Polyvinylacetatklebstoff {m} polyvinyl acetate glue
Polyvinylchlorid {n} polyvinyl
Polyäthylen {n} polyethylene
Polyäthylene {pl} polyethylenes
Pomade {f} pomade
pomadisierend pomading
pomadisierte pomaded
Pommern {n} Pomerania
Pommes Dauphine {f} [-special_topic_gastr.-] potato dauphine [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Pommes {pl} (ugs.) chips (Br.)
Pommes {pl} (ugs.) French fries (Am.)
Pommes-Frites-Bude {f} French fries stand (Am.)
Pommes-Frites-Bude {f} French fries stall (Am.)
Pommes-Frites-Bude {f} (fish and) chips stand (Br.)
Pommes-Frites-Bude {f} (fish and) chips stall (Br.)
Pommes-Frites-Schneider {m} potato chipper (Br.)
Pommes-Frites-Schneider {m} French fry slicer (Am.)
Pommesbude {f} (ugs.) (fish and) chips stand (Br.)
Pommesbude {f} (ugs.) (fish and) chips stall (Br.)
Pommesbude {f} (ugs.) French fries stall (Am.)
Pommesbude {f} (ugs.) French fries stand (Am.)
Pomologie {f} pomology
Pomp {m} pageant
Pomphaftigkeit {f} pompousness
Pompon {m} bobble
Poncho {m} poncho
Poncho-Rock {m} poncho skirt
Ponchorock {m} poncho skirt
Pondicherryhai {m} Pondicherry shark
Ponton {m} pontoon
Pontonbrücke {f} pontoon bridge
Pony {m} fringe
Pony {m} bangs (Am.)
Pony {n} (kleines Pferd) pony
Ponyfellmantel {m} pony coat
Ponyfrisur {f} fringe
Ponyfrisur {f} fringe hairstyle
Ponyfrisur {f} bangs (hairstyle) (Am.)
Ponyfrisur {f} bangs hairdo (Am.)
Ponyfrisur {f} fringe hair (style)
Ponyfrisur {f} fringe hairdo
Ponyreiten {n} pony trekking (Br.)
Pop {m} pop
Popcorn {n} popcorn
Popel {m} booger (Am.)
Popel {m} (ugs.) bogy (sl.)
Popel {m} (ugs.) bit of snot
Popel {pl} (Drucktechnik: mitdruckende Schmutzteilchen) [-special_topic_tech.-] hickeys [-special_topic_tech.-]
Popelin {m} poplin
Popeline {f} poplin
popeln to pick one's nose
Popgruppe {f} pop group
Popikone {f} pop icon
Popmusik {f} pop music
Popmusikmarkt {m} pop music market
Popo {m} (fam.) bottom (coll.)
Popo {m} (fam.) bum (esp. Br., Aus.) (coll.)
Popo {m} (fam.) bott (Br.) (coll.)
Popo {m} (fam.) (bes. zum Kind) botty (fam.)
Popo {m} (fam.) (bes. zum Kind) bot (fam.)
Popobacke {f} (fam.) bum cheek
Popobacke {f} (fam.) bumcheek
Popobacken {pl} (fam.) bum cheeks
Popobacken {pl} (fam.) bumcheeks
Popoflaum {m} bum fluff (Br.) (sl.) (downy beard of adolescent boys)
popofrei botty-less
popofrei bum-less
popofrei bumless
popofreies Kleid {n} bum-less dress
popofreies Kleid {n} botty-less dress
Popograbscher {m} (fam.) bum-groper
Popograbscher {m} (fam.) bum groper
Popograbscher {m} (fam.) bum grabber
Popograbscher {m} (fam.) bum-grabber
Popograpscher {m} (fam.) bum groper
Popograpscher {m} (fam.) bum-groper
Popograpscher {m} (fam.) bum-grabber
Popograpscher {m} (fam.) bum grabber
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) bum smack
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) bum-smack
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) bum-slap
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) bum slap
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) botty slap
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) botty-slap
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) botty-smack
Popoklaps {m} (fam.) botty smack
Popokneifer {m} (fam.) bum-pincher
Popokneifer {m} (fam.) bum pincher
Poporitze {f} (fam.) bum crack
Poporitze {f} (fam.) bumcrack
Poposchlitz {m} bum crack (Br.)
Popospalte {f} (fam.) bum cleft
Popospalte {f} (fam.) bum crack
Popospalte {f} (fam.) bumcrack
Popowackeln {n} bum-shaking
Popowackeln {n} bum-wiggling
Popowackeln {n} bum wiggle
popowackelnd bum-wiggling
popowackelnd bum-shaking
popowackelnd botty-wiggling
popowackelnd botty-shaking
poppig trendy
poppig jazzy
Popsänger {m} pop singer
popularisieren to popularize
popularisieren to popularise (Br.)
popularisierend popularizing
popularisierend popularising (Br.)
popularisiert popularizes
popularisiert popularized
popularisiert popularises (Br.)
popularisiert popularised (Br.)
Popularisierung {f} popularization
Popularität {f} popularity
Popularität {f} vogue
Populist {m} populist
Populisten {pl} populists
populär popular
Popup-Fenster {n} (EDV) pop-up window
Pore {f} pore
Poren {pl} porosities
Porenbeton {m} (Zellbeton) cellular concrete
Poritze {f} (fam.) bottom crack
Poritze {f} (fam.) butt crack
Poritze {f} (fam.) bum crack
Poritze {f} (fam.) bumcrack
Porno {m} porn
Pornobalken {m} (sl.: Schnurrbart) mustache (Am.)
Pornobalken {m} (sl.: Schnurrbart) moustache (Br.)
Pornobalken {m} (sl.: Schnurrbart) facial fungus (sl.)
Pornobild {n} pornpic (coll.)
Pornobild {n} porn pic (coll.)
Pornobild {n} porn picture
Pornobild {n} porn image
Pornobilder {pl} porn pictures
Pornobilder {pl} porn pics (coll.)
Pornobilder {pl} pornpics (coll.)
Pornobilder {pl} porn images
Pornobranche {f} porn trade
Pornobranche {f} porn branch
Pornodarsteller {m} porn actor
Pornodarstellerin {f} porn actress
Pornodreh {m} (Filmaufnahmen) porn shooting
Pornodreh {m} (Filmaufnahmen) porn shoot
Pornofilm {m} porn movie
Pornofilm {m} blue movie
Pornofilm {m} porno movie
Pornofilm {m} porno film
Pornofilm {m} porn film
Pornofilm {m} porn flick (coll.)
Pornofilm {m} blue flick (coll.)
Pornofilmdreh {m} porn film shooting
Pornofilmdreh {m} porn movie shooting
Pornofilmdreh {m} blue movie shooting
Pornofilmproduzent {m} porn film producer
Pornofilmproduzent {m} porn movie producer
Pornofilmproduzent {m} blue movie producer
Pornofilmproduzentin {f} (female) porn movie producer

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