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piezoelektrischer Zünder {m} piezoelectric igniter
Piezozünder {m} piezo igniter
Pigment {n} pigment
pigmentiert pigmented
Pigmentschwund {m} depigmentation
Pigmentschwund {m} loss of normal pigment
Pik {m} (Berg) peak
Pik {n} (Kartenspiel) spade(s)
Pik-Ass (Spielkarte) Ace of Spades
Pik-König (Spielkarte) {m} King of Spades
pikant nutty
pikant piquant
pikante nuttily
pikante piquantly
pikanter nuttier
Pikanterie {f} piquancy
pikanteste nuttiest
Pikantheit {f} piquancy
piken to prick
pikieren to prick
Pikkolo {m} boy waiter
Pikkolo {m} (Sekt) champagne miniature
Pikraminsäure {f} (Dinitroaminophenol) picramic acid
Pikrinsäure {f} picric acid
Piktogramm {n} pictograph
Piktogramm {n} pictogram
Pikör {m} whipper-in
Pikörin {f} whipper-in
Pilaw {m} [-special_topic_gastr.-] pilaf [-special_topic_gastr.-]
Pilger {m} pilgrim
Pilgerfahrt {f} pilgrimage
pilgernd pilgrimaging
Pilgerschaft {f} pilgrimage
pilgerte went on a pilgrimage
Pille danach morning-after pill
Pille {f} pill
Pille {f} tablet
Pille {f} (Sport, sl.) (Ball) pill (sl.)
Pillen schlucken to pop pills
Pillendreher {m} (ein Mistkäfer) scarab beetle
Pillendreher {m} (ein Mistkäfer) ball-roller
Pillenknick {m} sudden drop in birthrates
Piller {m} (sl.) (Penis) piddler (sl.)
Piller {m} (sl.) (Penis) peener (sl.)
Pillermann {m} (fam.) (Penis) pee-wee (sl.)
Pillermann {m} (fam.) (Penis) peener (sl.)
Pillermann {m} (fam.) (Penis) peenie (sl.)
Pillermann {m} (fam.) (Penis) piddler (sl.)
Pillhahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) peenie (sl.)
Pillhahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) peener (sl.)
Pillhahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) pee-wee (sl.)
Pillhahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) piddler (sl.)
pillieren (Stoff) to pill
Pillings bilden (Stoff) to pill
Pilot {m} pilot
Pilot {m} (racing) driver
Pilotenbrille {f} pilot's spectacles
Pilotenbrille {f} pilot's glasses
Pilotenbrille {f} pilot specs
Pilotenbrille {f} pilot glasses
Pilotenbrille {f} pilot spectacles
Pilotenbrille {f} (Schutzbrille, z. B. für Kampfpiloten) pilot's goggles
Pilotenbrille {f} (Schutzbrille, z. B. für Kampfpiloten) pilot goggles
Pilotfilm {m} pilot (film)
Pilotprojekt {n} pilot project
Pilotsendung {f} pilot broadcast
Pilotversuch {m} pilot test
Pilz {m} mushroom
Pilz {m} fungus
Pilz {m} agaric
Pilz {m} (giftig) toadstool
pilzartig fungoid
Pilzbekämpfungsmittel {n} fungicide
Pilze suchen to go mushrooming
Pilzerkrankung {f} fungal disease
Pilzerkrankung {f} der Haut fungal skin infection
Pilzerkrankung {f} der Haut dermatomycosis
Pilzinfektion {f} yeast infection
Pilzinfektion {f} mycosis
Pilzinfektion {f} mycotic infection
Pilzkäfer {m} pleasing fungus beetle
Pilzliderung {f} (Waffenrohr) mushroom obturator
Pilzliderung {f} (Waffenrohr) mushroom head
pilztötend fungicidal
pilztötende fungicidally
pilztötendes Mittel fungicide
Pilzvergiftung {f} mushroom poisoning
Piment {m,n} allspice
Piment {m,n} pimento
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Panis) wee wee (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) willy (Br.) (coll.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) peter (esp. Am.) (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) weenie (Am.) (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) willie (Br.) (coll.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) dick (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) pee-wee (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) peenie (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) peener (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) ween (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (fam.) (Penis) wiener (sl.)
Pimmel {m} (sl.) (Idiot) dickhead (sl.)
Pimmelkind {n} (sl.) dickhead kid (sl.)
Pimmelkinder {pl} (sl.) dickhead kids (sl.)
Pimmelkäse {m} (sl.) (Smegma) duck butter (sl.)
Pimmelkäse {m} (sl.) (Smegma) bell cheese (sl.)
Pimmelkäse {m} (sl.) (Smegma) dick cheese (sl.)
pimpern (ugs.) to shag (vulg.)
pimpern (ugs.) to fuck
Pimpinelle (Sanguisorba minor) salad burnet
PIN : Persönliche Geheimnummer {f} PIN : personal identification number
Pin {m} pin
Pin-up-Girl {n} pinup girl
Pinbelegung {f} [-special_topic_electr.-] pinout [-special_topic_electr.-]
Ping-Pong-Turnier {n} ping-pong tournament
pingelig nit-pick (also: nitpick)
pingelig scrupulously
pingelig meticulously
pingelig finicky (finnicky)
pingelig precisely
pingelig strictly
pingelig exactly
pingelig picky
pingelig choosy
pingelig finical
pingelig finicking
pingelig selective
pingelig fastidious
pingelig meticulous
pingelig stringent
pingelig scrupulous
pingelig precise
pingelig strict
pingelig sein to nit-pick
Pingeligkeit {f} nitpicking
pingen to ping
Pinguin {m} penguin
Pinie {f} pine
Pinie {f} (stone) pine
Pinien {pl} pines
Pinienborke {f} pine bark (substrate)
Pinienkerne {pl} pine nuts
Piniennadelöl {n} pine needle oil
Pinienprozessionsspinner {m} (Falter) [-special_topic_zool.-] pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) [-special_topic_zool.-]
Pinienöl {n} (stone) pine oil
Pinke (nordd: Segelschiff) {f} pink
Pinkel {m} dope
pinkeln to piss
pinkeln to tinkle (sl.)
pinkeln to piddle (sl.)
pinkeln peeing
pinkeln to pee (sl.)
pinkeln gehen to go for a pee (sl.)
pinkeln, pissen (ugs.) to take a leak
pinkelnd piddling
Pinkelpause {f} break for a pee (sl.)
pinkelt piddles
pinkelte piddled
Pinkepinke (Geld) dough (Am.) (sl.)
Pinne {f} helm
Pinne {f} tiller
Pinne {f} (am Hammer) [-special_topic_tech.-] peen [-special_topic_tech.-]
Pinne {f} (bes. nordd.: Reißzwecke) thumbtack (Am.)
Pinne {f} (bes. nordd.: Reißzwecke) drawing pin (Br.)
Pinne {f} (im Kompass) pin
Pinneausleger {m} tiller extension (Br.)
Pinneausleger {m} hiking stick (Am.)
Pinnhammer {m} peen hammer
Pinnhammer {m} pein hammer (Br.)
Pinnwand {f} pinboard
Pinole {f} quill
Pinole {f} sleeve
Pinole {f} barrel
Pinscher {m} pinscher
Pinsel {m} (paint) brush
Pinsel {m} paintbrush
Pinsel {m} brush
Pinsel {m} simpleton
Pinsel {pl} simpletons
Pinselauftrag {m} brushing
Pinselbürste {f} end brush
Pinselscharbe {f} Brandt's cormorant
Pinselstrich {m} stroke of the brush
Pint {m} (sl.) ([erigierter] Penis) prick (sl.)
Pint {m} (sl.) ([erigierter] Penis) prong (sl.)
Pinzette {f} tweezer
Pionier {m} pioneer
Pionier {m} engineer
Pionierarbeit {f} pioneering
Pionierarbeit {f} pioneering feat
Pionieraufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] engineer reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Pioniererkundung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] engineer reconnaissance [-special_topic_mil.-]
Pioniererkundungstrupp {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] engineer reconnaissance squad [-special_topic_mil.-]
Pioniergeist {m} pioneering spirit
Pioniersperre {f} artificial obstacle
Pipette {f} pipette
Pipette {f} eye-dropper
Pipettenfüller {m} eyedropper filler
Pipi machen to wee
Pipi {n} wee-wee
Pipimädchen {n} (sl.) teenybopper

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