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Philipp Philip
Philipper {pl} [-special_topic_bibl.-] Philippians [-special_topic_bibl.-]
Philippinen Philippines (ph)
Philippiner {m} Filipino
Philippinerin {f} Filipino
Philippinerin {f} Filipino lady
Philippinerin {f} (betont: Frau) Filipino woman
Philippinerin {f} (betont: Mädchen) Filipino girl
philippinisch Philippine
Philister {m} Philistine
philisterhaft philistine
philisterhaft fogyish
Philologe {m} teacher (scholar) of language and literature
Philologe {m} philologist (Am.)
Philologie {f} study of language and literature
Philologie {f} philology (Am.)
philologisch philologic
philologisch philological
Philosoph {m} philosopher
Philosophenmantel {m} pallidum
Philosophie {f} philosophy
philosophieren philosophize
philosophierend philosophizing
philosophiert philosophizes
philosophierte philosophized
philosophisch philosophic
philosophische philosophically
philosophischen philosophical
Phimose {f} [-special_topic_med.-] phimosis [-special_topic_med.-]
Phishing {n} (Kunstwort aus "password fishing") phishing
Phlegma {n} phlegm
Phlegmatiker {m} phlegmatic person
Phlegmatiker {m} [-special_topic_psych.-] phlegmatic type [-special_topic_psych.-]
phlegmatisch phlegmatic
phlegmatische phlegmatically
phlegmatischen phlegmatical
Phobie {f} phobia
Phon {n} phon
Phonem {n} phoneme
Phonetik {f} phonetics
phonetisch phonetic
phonetisch phonetical
phonetisch phonetically
phonetische phonetically
phonetischen phonetical
Phonodiktat {n} audio dictation
phonographisch phonographic
phonographische phonographically
Phonotypistin {f} audio typist
Phonzahl {f} decibel level
Phosphat {n} phosphate
phosphathaltig phosphatic
Phosphatieren {n} [-special_topic_tech.-] phosphating [-special_topic_tech.-]
phosphatierter Stahl {m} phosphated steel
Phosphor {n} phosphorus
Phosphor-Fliegerbombe {f} phosphorus bomb
Phosphorbombe {f} phosphorus bomb
Phosphoreszenz {f} phosphorescence
phosphoreszieren phosphoresce
phosphoreszierend phosphorescent
phosphoreszierende phosphorescing
phosphoresziert phosphoresces
phosphoreszierte phosphoresced
Phosphorfliegerbombe {f} phosphorus bomb
phosphorhaltig phosphoric
Phosphorkanister {m} (Brandbombe) (white) phosphorus canister
photochemisch photochemical
photoelektrisch photoelectric
Photograph {m} photographer
Photographien {pl} photographies
photographieren [alt] to take a picture
photographieren [alt] to photograph
photographieren [alt] to take a photograph
photographisch photographic
photomagnetisch photomagnetic
Photomagnetismus {m} photomagnetism
Photoreaktion {f} photo reaction
Photosatz {m} (Drucktechnik) filmsetting
Photosetzmaschine {f} filmsetting machine
Photosynthese {f} photosynthesis
Photovoltaik {f} photo-voltaic
Photovoltaik {f} photovoltaics
Photovoltaik-Anschauungsmodell {n} photo-voltaic display model
Photozelle {f} selenium cell
Phrase {f} phrase
Phrase {f} catchphrase
Phrasen dreschen to talk in platitudes
Phrasendrescher {m} phrase monger
Phrasendrescher {m} phrasemonger
phrasenhaft rhetorical
Phraseologie-Wörterbuch {n} phraseology dictionary
Phraseologiewörterbuch {n} phraseology dictionary
phraseologisch phraseological
phraseologisches Wörterbuch {n} phraseological dictionary
phrasieren to phrase
Physalis {f} (Kapstachelbeere) physalis
Physik {f} physics
physikalisch physical
physikalisch physically
physikalische Größen physical values
Physikbuch {n} book about/on physics
Physikbuch {n} physics book
Physiker {m} physicist
Physiklehrer {m} physics teacher
Physiklehrerin {f} (female) physics teacher
Physikstudium {n} study of physics
Physikum {n} preliminary (medical) examination
Physiognomie {f} physiognomy
Physiologe {m} physiologist
Physiologie {f} physiology
physiologisch physiological
physiologische physiologically
physiologische Belastungen physiological stress
Physiotherapeut {m} physiotherapist
Physiotherapie {f} physiotherapy
physisch physical
physische physically
physische Adresse physical address
Phytoalexin {n} [-special_topic_biol.-] elicitor [-special_topic_biol.-]
Phytosterole {pl} [-special_topic_chem.-] plant sterols [-special_topic_chem.-]
Phänomen {n} phenomenon
phänomenal phenomenal
phänomenale phenomenally
phänomenales phenomenally
Phönix {m} phoenix
Pianist {m} pianist
Pianola {n} [-special_topic_mus.-] pianola [-special_topic_mus.-]
picheln (ugs.: sich allmählich betrinken) to tipple
Pickel {m} zit (coll.)
Pickel {m} (Eis-) pick
Pickel {m} (Eis-) pickaxe
Pickel {m} (Eis-) ice-pick
Pickel {m} (im Gesicht) pimple
Pickel {m} (im Gesicht) spot
Pickel {pl} pimples
Pickelhaube {f} spiked helmet
pickelig spotty
pickelig pimply
pickelige spottily
pickeliger pimplier
pickeliger spottier
pickeligste pimpliest
pickeligste spottiest
Pickelstift {m} (ugs.) pimple stick (coll.)
picken to pick
picken to peck
picken (österr.) (kleben; Aufkleber, Vignette etc.) to stick
Pickerl {n} (österr., ugs.: Autobahnvignette) motorway permit sticker
Pickerl {n} (österr., ugs.: Autobahnvignette) tollway permit sticker (Am.)
Pickerl {n} (österr.: Aufkleber) sticker
Pickhammer {m} (pencil-point) pick hammer
Pickhammer {m} picking hammer
picklig pimply
Picknick {n} picnic
Picknicktisch {m} picnic table
pickt pecks
pickt picks
pickte pecked
Pidginenglisch {n} Pidgin English
piekfein posh
Piemont Piedmont
piensen (ugs.) to whinge (Br.)
piensen (ugs.) to whine
piepen to beep
piepen to pule
piepen (Vogel etc.) to pipe
Piephahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) peener (sl.)
Piephahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) peenie (sl.)
Piephahn {m} (fam.) (Penis) pee-wee (sl.)
piepsen to pule
piepsen to cheep
piepsen to peep
piepsen chirps
piepsen to beep
piepsen to tweet
piepsen (Vogel etc.) to pipe
piepsend cheeping
piepsend peeping
piepsend sprechen to pipe
Piepser {m} beeper
Piepser {m} pager
piepst pules
piepst cheeps
piepst peeps
piepste cheeped
piepste peeped
piepte pules
Pier {f} jetty
Pier {f} pier
Piercing {n} piercing
piesacken (nerven, ärgern) to hound, egg, tease
pieseln gehen to go for a pee (sl.)
Pietà {f} Our Lady of Pity
Pietät {f} piety
Pietät {f} reverence
pietätlos impious
pietätlose impiously
Piezo-Zünder {m} piezo igniter
piezoelektrisch piezo-electric
piezoelektrisch piezoelectric

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