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Palmenfaser {f} palm fiber
palmengesäumt palm-lined
palmengesäumter Strand {m} palm-lined beach
Palmenhain {m} palm grove
Palmenherzen {pl} (gastr.) hearts of palm
palmenreich palmy
palmenreicher palmier
palmenreichste palmiest
Palmenstrand {m} palm beach
Palmenwedel {n} palm branch
Palmenzweig {m} palm branch
Palmfett {n} palm fat
Palmhase {m} Palm bunny
Palmhonig {m} palm honey
Palmhäschen {n} Palm bunny
palmieren to palm
Palmitinsäure {f} (chem.) palmitic
Palmkernfett {n} palm kernel fat
Palmkernöl {n} palm kernel oil
Palmkohl {m} palm kale
Palmkohl {m} palm cabbage
Palmkätzchen {n} (bot.) catkin
Palmsirup {m} palm syrup
Palmsonntag {m} Palm Sunday
Palmtaube {f} laughing dove (Streptopelia senegalensis)
Palmtop {m} (EDV) palmtop
Palmtop {n} [-special_topic_comp.-] handheld [-special_topic_comp.-]
Palmutter {f} (tech.) palnut
Palmwedel {m} palm frond
Palmwedel {m} palm
Palmwein {m} toddy
Palmwein {m} palm wine
Palmzucker {m} palm sugar
Palmzweig {m} palm
Palmzweig {m} palm branch
Palmöl {n} palm oil
Palpenkäfer {m} short-winged mold beetle
Palstek {m} bowline
Paläontologe {m} palaeontologist
Paläontologie {f} palaeontology
Paläozoikum {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] Paleozoic (Am.) [-special_topic_geol.-]
Paläozoikum {n} [-special_topic_geol.-] Palaeozoic (Br.) [-special_topic_geol.-]
paläozoisch paleozoic
Palästina Palestine (ps)
Palästinenser {m} Palestinian
Palästinenserin {f} Palestinian
palästinensisch {adj} Palestinian
Pampa {f} pampa
Pampashuhn {n} tinamou
Pampe {f} mush
Pampe {f} (Essen) (ugs.) stodge
Pampelmuse {f} grapefruit
Pampelmuse {f} shaddock
Pamphlet {n} lampoon
pampig (ugs.) fresh
pampig (ugs., Kartoffeln) soggy
pampig (ugs.: breiig) gooey
pampig (ugs.: frech) stroppy
Panade {f} coating
Panama Panama (pa)
Panamaer {m} Panamanian
Panamaerin {f} Panamanian
Panamahut {m} Panama (hat)
panamaisch Panamanian
Panda {m} panda
Paneel {n} panel
Panflöte {f} panpipes
panieren to crumb
panieren to bread
Paniermehl {n} breadcrumbs
paniert breaded
panierte Kottlets {pl} breaded cutlets
paniertes Kalbfleisch breaded veal
paniertes Kalbskotelett {n} breaded veal cutlet
paniertes Kalbsschnitzel {n} breaded escalope of veal
paniertes Kotelett {n} cutlet in breadcrumbs
paniertes Putenschnitzel {n} turkey breast in breadcrumbs
paniertes Schnitzel {n} schnitzel in breadcrumbs (esp. Am.)
paniertes Schnitzel {n} escalope in breadcrumbs
Panik {f} alarmism
Panik {f} panic
Panikkäufe {pl.} panic buying
Panikmacher {m} alarmist
Panikmacher {m} scaremonger
Panikreaktion {f} (psych.) panic reaction
panisch panic
panisch panicly
panischere more panic
panischste most panic
Pankraz Pancras
Pankreas {n} pancreas
Pankreassaft {m} pancreatic juice
Panne {f} mishap
Panne {f} breakdown
Panne {f} slip
Panne {f} slip-up
Pannen {pl} breakdowns
Pannendienst {m} breakdown service
Pannendienst {m} roadside assistance (Am.)
Pannenhilfe {f} breakdown service
Pannenhilfe {f} roadside assistance (Am.)
Pannenstreifen {m} service lane
Pannenstreifen {pl} breakdown lanes
Pannesamt {m} panne velvet
Pannesamt-BH {m} panne velvet bra
Pannesamt-Kleid {n} panne velvet dress
Pannesamt-Leggings {pl} panne velvet leggings
Pannesamt-Leggings {pl} panne velvet leggins (esp. Am.)
Pannesamt-Rock {m} panne velvet skirt
Pannesamthose {f} panne velvet trousers
Pannesamthose {f} panne velvet pants (esp. Am.)
Pannesamtkleid {n} panne velvet dress
Pannesamtrock {m} panne velvet skirt
pannonische Tiefebene {f}; pannonische Ebene {f} Pannonian lowlands
Panorama {n} panorama
Panorama-Durchsichtsucher {m} panorama optical finder
Panoramakamera {f} panoramic camera
Panoramakopf {m} panorama head
Panoramakopf {m} pan-head (for tripod)
Panoramakopf {m} panhead (for tripod)
Panoramastraße {f} scenic road
panoramisch panoramic
panoramische panoramically
Pansen {m} paunch
Pantalons {pl} (hist.) (Herrenhose) (a pair of) pantaloons
Pantheismus {m} pantheism
Panther {m} panther
panthomimisch pantomimic
Pantoffel {m} clog
Pantoffel {m} slipper
Pantoffel {m} bedroom slipper
Pantoffelheld {m} henpecked husband
Pantoffeln {pl} clogs
Pantoffeln {pl} slippers
Pantolette {f} slip-on (shoe)
Pantolette {f} backless slipper
Pantolette {f} (Damenpantolette) mule
Pantomime {f} pantomime
Pantomime {f} mime
Pantomime {f} dumb show
Pantothensäure {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] pantothenic acid [-special_topic_chem.-]
Panty-Korselett {n} panty corselette
Panty-Korselett {n} panty corselet
Panzer {m} armor (Am.)
Panzer {m} tank
Panzer {m} armour (Br.)
Panzer- und Selbstfahrlafettenfeuer {n} fire of tanks and self-propelled guns
Panzerabwehr {f} antitank
Panzerabwehrhubschrauber {m} anti-tank helicopter
Panzerabwehrhubschrauber {m} antitank helicopter
Panzerabwehrlenkrakete {f} Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM)
Panzerabwehrrakete {f} anti-tank missile
Panzerabwehrrakete {f} anti-tank rocket
Panzerabwehrraketen {pl} anti-tank missiles
Panzerabwehrwaffe {f} anti-tank weapon
Panzeraufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] armoured reconnaissance (Br.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärung {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] armored reconnaissance (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungsbataillon {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] armored reconnaissance battailon (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungsbataillon {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] armoured reconnaissance battailon (Br.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungseinheit {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] armoured reconnaissance unit (Br.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungseinheit {f} [-special_topic_mil.-] armored reconnaissance unit (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungsverband {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] armoured reconnaissance unit (Br.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungsverband {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] armored reconnaissance unit (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungszug {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] armored reconnaissance platoon (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzeraufklärungszug {m} [-special_topic_mil.-] armoured reconnaissance platoon (Br.) [-special_topic_mil.-]
Panzerbarriere {f} antitank barrier
panzerbrechend armour-piercing (Br.)
panzerbrechend armor piercing (Am.)
panzerbrechende Bombe {f} armor-piercing bomb
panzerbrechende Sprengbombe {f} (semi-)armourpiercing bomb
Panzerbüchse {f} bazooka
Panzerdeckung {f} tank shelter
Panzerfaust {f} bazooka
Panzerfaust {f} anti-tank rocket launcher
Panzerglas {n} bullet-proof glass
Panzerglas {n} bulletproof glass
Panzergraben {m} antitank ditch
Panzergrenadier {m} private (Br.)
Panzergürtel {m} armor belt (Am.)
Panzergürtel {m} armour belt (Br.)
Panzerhaubitze {f} armored howitzer (Am.)
Panzerhaubitze {f} armoured howitzer (Br.)
Panzerhaubitze {f} tank howitzer
Panzerjagdhubschrauber {m} anti-tank helicopter
Panzerjagdhubschrauber {m} antitank helicopter
panzerknackend armor piercing (Am.)
Panzerkuppel {f} armored cupola
panzern to armour plate
Panzerplatte {f} armor plate (Am.)
Panzerpumpe {f} armored pump (Am.)
Panzerpumpe {f} armoured pump (Br.)
Panzerschild {m} armor shield (Am.)
Panzerschild {m} armour shield (Br.)
Panzerschrank {m} safe
Panzerschranke {f} antitank barrier
Panzersperre {f} tank trap
Panzersperre {f} anti-tank obstacle
Panzersprenggranate {f} armor-piercing shell (Am.)
Panzersprenggranate {f} armour-piercing shell (Br.)
Panzerspähfahrzeug {n} [-special_topic_mil.-] armored reconnaissance vehicle (Am.) [-special_topic_mil.-]

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