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German English
peinigen to tantalise (Br.)
peinigen to torment
peinigen to distress
peinigend tantalizing
peinigend martyring
peinigend tormenting
peinigend tantalising (Br.)
peinigt tantalizes
peinigt tantalises (Br.)
peinigt torments
peinigte tantalized
peinigte tantalised (Br.)
peinlich disconcerting
peinlich awkward
peinlich distressing
peinlich embarrassing
peinlich painful
peinlich berührt (von) indignant (at, with)
peinlich genau meticulous
peinlich sauber neat and clean
peinliche disconcertingly
peinliche distressingly
peinliche embarrassingly
peinliche Genauigkeit meticulousness
peinlichere more embarrassing
Peinlichkeit {f} painfulness
peinlichste most embarrassing
Peitsche {f} bullwhip
Peitsche {f} horsewhip
Peitsche {f} lash
Peitsche {f} whip
peitschen to whip
peitschen to flog
peitschen to scourge
Peitschen {pl} bullwhips
Peitschen {pl} whips
peitschend flogging
peitschend lashing
peitschend scourging
peitschend whipping
Peitschenhiebe {pl} whippings
Peitschenriemen {m} whiplash
Peitschenschnur {f} whipcord
Peitschenschnüre {pl} whipcords
Peitschenschnüre {pl} whiplashes
peitscht flogs
peitscht lashes
peitscht scourges
peitscht whips
peitschte flogged
peitschte scourged
Peking Bejing
pektisch pectic
Pelagial {n} ( = Fischereibereich zwischen Meeresgrund und -oberfläche ) pelagial
Peledmaräne {f} (Fischart) Peled whitefish
Pelerine {f} tippet
Pelerinen {pl} tippets
Pelikan {m} pelican
Pelikan-Blechschere {f} pelican (pattern) snips
Pelikane {pl} pelicans
Pelikanschere {f} pelican cutter
Pelikanschere {f} (für Blech) pelican (pattern) snips
Pelikanschnabel {m} pelican's beak
Pellkartoffeln {pl} jacket potatoes
Pellkartoffeln {pl} potatoes in the skin
Peloponnes-Eidechse {f} Peloponnese wall lizard
Peloton {m} (Radrennen) (Spitzengruppe) peloton (cycling race) (racing cyclists in the lead)
Pelz {m} coat
Pelz {m} fur
Pelz-BH {m} fur bra
pelzartig furry
Pelzbiene {f} furry bee
Pelze {pl} furs
Pelzfäustling {m} fur mitten
Pelzfäustlinge {pl} fur mittens
Pelzhandschuh {m} fur glove
Pelzhandschuhe {pl} fur gloves
Pelzhut {m} fur hat
Pelzhändler {m} skinner
Pelzhändler {pl} skinners
Pelzjäger {m} trapper
Pelzjäger {pl} trappers
Pelzmantel {m} fur coat
Pelzmotte {f} [-special_topic_zool.-] case-bearing clothes moth (Tinea pellionella) [-special_topic_zool.-]
Pelzmütze {f} fur cap
Pelzmütze {f} fur hat
Pelztier {n} fur bearing animal
Pendant {n} counterpart
Pendant {n} equivalent
Pendel {n} pendular
Pendel {n} pendulum
Pendelbewegung {f} pendulousness
Pendelfreigabezylinder {m} firing cylinder
pendelgeglühter Stahl {m} cycle-annealed steel
Pendelhalter {m} für Reibahlen floating reamer chuck
Pendelhammer {m} pendulum hammer
Pendelhubstichsäge {f} sabre saw (Am.)
Pendelhubstichsäge {f} (scroll) jigsaw
Pendelkreissäge {f} pendulum saw
Pendelkugellager {n} (tech.) self-aligning ball bearing
Pendellager {n} (tech.) self-aligning bearing
pendeln to commute
pendeln to oscillate
pendeln to shuttle
Pendeln {n} wobble
pendelnd commuting
pendelnd shuttling
Pendelreibahle {f} floating reamer
Pendelschlagwerk {n} impact testing machine
Pendelstichsäge {f} (scroller) jigsaw
Pendelstichsäge {f} sabre saw (Am.)
Pendelsäge {f} pendulum saw
pendelt commutes
pendelte commuted
pendelte shuttled
Pendeluhr {f} pendulum clock
Pendelverkehr {m} commuter traffic
Pendelverkehr {m} shuttle
Pendelverkehr {m} shuttle service
Pendelwerkzeug {n} floating tool
Pendelzug {m} commuter train
Pendentif {n} [-special_topic_archi.-] spandrel [-special_topic_archi.-]
Pendler {m} commuter
penetrant obtrusive
penetrant pushy
penetranter Geruch {m} tang
penetrantere more penetrating
penetranteste most penetrating
Penetrationsmesser {m} (Schmierfettprüfung) penetrameter
penibel squeamish
penibel squeamishly
Penis {m} penis
Penisblock {m} (med.) penis block
Penisbruch {m} (med.) penis fracture
Penisbruch {m} (med.) penile fracture
Penisdeviation {f} (med.) penile deviation
Peniselephantiasis {f} (med.) penis elephantiasis
Peniselephantiasis {f} (med.) penile elephantiasis
Peniserektion {f} penile erection
Peniserythroplasie {f} (med.) penile erythroplasia
Penisfraktur {f} (med.) penis fracture
Penisfraktur {f} (med.) penile fracture
Penisfutteral {n} penis sheath
Penisgangrän {n} (med.) penis gangrene
Penisgröße {f} penis size
Penishärte {f} penile hardness
Penishärte {f} penis hardness
Penisinduration {f} (med.) penile induration
Peniskarzinom {n} (med.) penis carcinoma
Peniskarzinom {n} (med.) penile carcinoma
Penisknochen {m} (biol.) penile bone
Penisknochen {m} (biol.) penis bone
Peniskrebs {m} (med.) penile cancer
Peniskrebs {m} (med.) penis cancer
Penisluxation {f} (med.) penis dislocation
Penislänge {f} penis length
Penisneid {m} (psychol.) penis envy
Penispiercing {n} penis piercing
Penisprothese {f} (med.) penis prosthesis
Penisring {m} penis ring
Penisschaft {m} penis shaft
Penisschwellkörper {m} (anat.) penile cavernous body
Penisschwellkörper {m} (anat.) cavernous body of (the) penis (anat.: corpus cavernosum penis)
Penisspitze {f} penis tip
Penistorsion {f} (med.) torsion of the penis
Penistorsion {f} (med.) penile torsion
Penisvergrößerung {f} penile enlargement
Penisvergrößerung {f} penis enlargement
Peniswurzel {f} penis root
Penizillin-Allergie {f} penicillin allergy
Penizillinallergie {f} penicillin allergy
Penne {f} flophouse
Penne {f} (sl.: billige Pension) dosshouse (esp. Br.) (coll.)
Penne {f} (sl.: billige Pension) doss house (esp. Br.) (coll.)
Penne {f} (sl.: Schule) school
Penne {pl} (Nudelsorte) penne pasta
pennen to kip (Br.) (sl.)
Pennen {pl} flophouses
Penner {m} bum (Am.)
Penner {m} dosser (Br.)
pennsylvanisch pennsylvanian
Penny {m} penny
Pennäler {m} schoolboy
Pennälerin {f} schoolgirl
Pennälerin {f} coed (Am.) (coll.)
Pension {f} boarding-house
Pension {f} pension
Pension {f} (Beherbergungsbetrieb) kip (Br.)
pensionieren to retire
pensionieren to superannuate
pensionierend pensioning
pensioniernd superannuating
pensioniert retires
pensioniert pensioned
pensioniert superannuates
pensionierte retired
pensionierte superannuated
Pensionierung {f} retirement
Pensionierungsalter {n} retirement age
Pensionist {m} retiree

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