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patt deadlock
patt setzen to stalemate
patt setzend stalemating
Patt {n} stalemate
Patt {n} deadlock
Patt {n} (Schach) stalemate
Patt {n}, Stillstand {m} stand-off (Am.) (= deadlock)
Patte {f} (an einer Tasche) flap
Pattentasche {f} flap pocket
Pattsituation {f} stalemate
patzend fluffing
Patzer, Schnitzer {m} boob
patzig stroppy
patzte fluffed
Paukbuch {n} crammer (book)
Pauke {f} bass drum
Pauke {f} kettledrum
Pauke {f} timbal
pauken to swot
pauken (ugs.) (intensiv lernen) to cram (coll.)
Paukenhöhle {f} [-special_topic_anat.-] tympanic cavity [-special_topic_anat.-]
Paukenhöhle {f} [-special_topic_anat.-] cavity in the middle ear [-special_topic_anat.-]
Paukenschlag {m} beat of the drum
Paukenschläge {pl} beats of the drum
Pauker {m} crammer (tutor)
Paukist {m} timpanist
Paukisten {pl} timpanists
Paukschule {f} crammer (school)
pausbäckig chubby faced
pauschal blanket
pauschal (Summe) lump
pauschal (Summe) all-in ...
pauschal festsetzen to set a flat rate for
pauschal vergüten to pay a lump sum for
pauschal vergüten to pay a flat rate for
Pauschalangebot {n} package deal
Pauschalbetrag {m} lumped sum
Pauschalbetrag {m} lump sum
pauschale general
pauschale sweeping
pauschale Erhöhung across-the-board increase
Pauschale {f} lump sum
Pauschalgebühr {f} flat rate
Pauschalgebühren {pl} flat rates
Pauschalpreis {m} all inclusive price
Pauschalpreis {m} inclusive terms
Pauschalpreis {m} lump sum
Pauschalprämie {f} all inclusive premium
Pauschalreise {f} all expense tour
Pauschalsatz {m} all in rate
Pauschalsteuer {f} [-special_topic_fin.-] flat-rate tax [-special_topic_fin.-]
Pauschalzahlung {f} composition payment
Pause {f} pause
Pause {f} stop
Pause {f} respite
Pause {f} time-out
Pause {f} recess
Pause {f} (Kopie) blueprint
Pause {f} (Musik) rest
Pause {f} (Schule) recess (Am.)
Pause {f} (Schule) break
Pause {f} (Sport, Theater) interval, intermission
pausen to calk
Pausen {pl} interregnums
Pausen {pl} recesses
Pausen {pl} pauses
pausend calking
Pausenhalle {f} break hall
Pausenhofuhr {f} schoolyard clock
Pausenhofuhr {f} playground clock
pausenlos uninterrupted
pausenlos steadily
pausieren to pause
pausierend pausing
pausiert paused
pausiert pauses
pausierte paused
Pauspapier {n} tracing paper
paust calks
pauste calked
Pavian {m} baboon
Paviane {pl} baboons
Pavillon {m} pavilion
Paybackkarte {f} loyalty card
Paybackkarte {f} reward card
Pazifik {m} pacific
Pazifikinsulaner {m} Pacific Islander
Pazifischer Engelshai {m} pacific angel shark
Pazifischer Fuchshai {m} pelagic thresher
Pazifischer Fuchshai {m} smalltooth thresher
Pazifischer Goldregenpfeifer {m} Pacific golden plover (Pluvialis fulva)
Pazifischer Schlafhai {m} pacific sleeper shark
Pazifismus {m} pacifism
Pazifist {m} pacifist
Pazifist {m} pacificist
Pazifisten {pl} pacifists
pazifistisch pacifistic
PC : Personalcomputer {m} PC : personal computer
PC-Arbeitsplatz {m} PC workplace
PCP {n} black whack (Am.)
PDS: Partei des demokratischen Sozialismus Party of the democratic socialism
Pebble {n} pebble
Pebble-Heater-Pyrolyse {f} pebble-heater pyrolysis
Pebble-Reaktor {m} (Kerntechnik) pebble bed reactor
Pecan {m} pecan
Pech gehabt just our luck
Pech gehabt! (ugs.) tough! (coll.)
Pech haben (mit, bei), Unglück haben to be unlucky (with)
Pech {n} bad luck
Pech {n} pitch
Pech {n} tough luck (coll.)
pechartig pitchy
pechartiger pitchier
pechartigste pitchiest
Pechblende {f} pitchblende
Pechblende {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] pitch blende [-special_topic_chem.-]
Pechdraht {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] pitched thread [-special_topic_tech.-]
Pechfaser {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] pitch fiber (Am.) [-special_topic_chem.-]
Pechfaser {f} [-special_topic_chem.-] pitch fibre (Br.) [-special_topic_chem.-]
Pechfasern {pl} [-special_topic_chem.-] pitch fibres (Br.) [-special_topic_chem.-]
Pechfasern {pl} [-special_topic_chem.-] pitch fibers (Am.) [-special_topic_chem.-]
Pechglanzkohle {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] gloss coal [-special_topic_tech.-]
pechhaltig bituminous
Pechharz {n} mastic pitch
Pechkiefer {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] pitch pine (Pinus rigida) [-special_topic_bot.-]
Pechkohle {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] bituminous lignite [-special_topic_tech.-]
Pechkohle {f} [-special_topic_tech.-] bituminous coal [-special_topic_tech.-]
Pechkoks {m} [-special_topic_tech.-] pitch coke [-special_topic_tech.-]
Pechmarie {f} calamity jane
Pechnase {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] machicolation [-special_topic_hist.-]
Pechnase {f} [-special_topic_hist.-] machicoulis [-special_topic_hist.-]
Pechnelke {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] catchfly [-special_topic_bot.-]
Pechnelke {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] rock lychnis [-special_topic_bot.-]
Pechpolitur {f} (Silikattechnik) [-special_topic_tech.-] pitch polishing [-special_topic_tech.-]
pechschwarz pitch dark
pechschwarz pitch-black
pechschwarz its as black as your hat
pechschwarz jet-black
Pechstein {m} [-special_topic_geol.-] pitchstone [-special_topic_geol.-]
Pechsträhne {f} streak of bad luck
Pechsträhne {f} losing streak
Pechsträhne {f} run of bad luck
Pechsträhnen {pl} streaks of bad luck
Pechvogel {m} unlucky fellow (girl)
Pechvogel {m} jinx
Pedal {n} pedal
Pedalhaken {m} toe clip
Pedalriemen {m} footstrap
Pedalstellungsraster {n} (Seitenruder) pedal adjustment latch
Pedant {m} pedant
Pedant {m} opsimath
Pedanterie {f} pedantry
Pedanterien {pl} pedantries
pedantisch pedantic
pedantisch fussy
pedantisch finical
pedantisch finicking
pedantisch finicky
pedantisch niggling
pedantisch priggish
pedantisch scholastic (fig.)
pedantisch stuffy
pedantisch captious
pedantisch micrological
pedantisch (adv.) pedantically
pedantisch (adv.) fussily
pedantisch (adv.) finically
pedantisch (adv.) nigglingly
pedantisch (adv.) priggishly
pedantisch (adv.) scholastically (fig.)
pedantisch (adv.) stuffily
pedantisch (adv.) captiously
pedantisch (adv.) micrologically
pedantisch (die Form wahrend) formal
pedantische pedantically
pedantischere more pedantic
pedantischste most pedantic
Pediküre {f} pedicure
Pefferminze {f} peppermint
Pegel {m} gauge
Pegel {m} gage (Am.)
Pegel {m} (Wasser-) level
Pegel {m} (Wasser-) water-gauge
Pegel {m} (Wasser-) water-gage (Am.)
Pegel {n} level
Pegelstand {m} water level
Peilantenne {f} loop antenna
Peilbombe {f} pilot bomb
Peilempfangantenne {f} receiving DF-aerial
Peiler {m} detector
Peiler {m} direction finder
Peilfunk {m} radio direction finding
Peilgerät {n} radio direction finder
Peilkompass {m} bearing compass
Peilscheibe {f} bearing plate
Peilscheibe {f} (Navigation) bearing plate
Peilstrahl {m} signal-beam
Pein {f} anguish
Pein {f} pain
peinigen to tantalize

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