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Passionsspiel {n} (lit.) passion play
passiv passive
passiv passively
passiv (Zahlungsbilanz) unfavorable (Am.)
passiv (Zahlungsbilanz) unfavourable (Br.)
passiv-aggressive Persönlichkeitsstörung {f} passive-aggressive personality disorder
Passiva {pl} liability
Passiva {pl} liabilities
passive Egge {f} passive harrow
passive Handelsbilanz adverse trade balance
passiven passively
passiver Fehler passive fault
passiver Wortschatz recognition vocabulary
passiver Zuschauer, Beobachter {m} lurker (sl.)
passivere more passive
passives passive
passivieren to passivate
Passivierung {f} passivation
Passivität {f} passivity
Passivitäten {pl} passiveness
Passivposten {m} debit item
Passivsaldo {n} debit balance
Passivsaldo {n} adverse balance
Passivsatz {m} (ling.) passive clause
passivste most passive
Passkerbstift {m} half-length taper grooved pin
Passkontrolle {f} passport inspection
Passkreuz {n} register mark
Passkreuz {n} colour register
Passkreuz {n} registration mark
Passkreuze {pl} registration marks
Passscheibe {f} adjusting washer
Passschraube {f} fitting screw
Passschraube {f} fit bolt
Passschraube {f} fitted bolt
Passschraube {f} locating screw
Passspiel {n} [-special_topic_sport-] passing (game) [-special_topic_sport-]
Passstelle {f} passport office
Passstift {m} dowel pin
Passstift {m} dowel
Passstift {m} (zur Positionierung) register pin
Passstraße {f} mountain pass (road)
Passstück {n} adaptor
Passstück {n} adapter
passt fit
passt is suitable
passt suits
passt ab bides
passt an accommodates
passt an adapts
passt an adjusts
passt an assimilates
passt falsch an mismatches
passt neu an readapts
passt neu an readjusts
passt neu an reassimilates
passt wieder an readjusts
passte toned
passte was suitable
passte an assimilated
passte an conformed
passte an paralleled
passte an adapted
passte an suited
passte neu an readapted
passte neu an reassimilated
passte wieder an readjusted
Passteile {pl} matched parts
passten were suitable
Passung {f} fit
Passwort {n} password
Passwort {n} access key
Passwort {n} keyword
Passwortschutz {m} password protection
Passwörter {pl} passwords
Pasta-filata-Käse {m} pasta filata cheese (pulled curd cheese)
Pastell {n} pastel
Pastellfarbe {f} pastel shade (or colour)
Pastellfarben {pl} pastel
Pastellkreide {f} pastel chalk
Pastellkreide {f} pastel
Pastellmaler {m} pastelist
Pastellstift {m} pastel pencil
Pasten {pl} pastes
Pastetchen {n} patty
Pastetchen {pl} patties
Pastete {f} pasty
Pastete {f} pie
Pasteten {pl} pasties
Pasteten {pl} pastries
Pastetenmesser {n} pie knife
pasteurisieren to pasteurize
pasteurisieren to pasteurise (Br.)
pasteurisierend pasteurizing
pasteurisierend pasteurising (Br.)
pasteurisiert pasteurized
pasteurisiert pasteurised (Br.)
pasteurisierte Milch {f} pasteurized milk
Pasteurisierung {f} pasteurization
Pastille {f} pastille
Pastille {f} lozenge
Pastillierung {f} pastillation
Pastinak {m} [-special_topic_bot.-] parsnip [-special_topic_bot.-]
Pastinake {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] parsnip [-special_topic_bot.-]
Pastinakwurzel {f} [-special_topic_bot.-] parsnip [-special_topic_bot.-]
Pastor {m} parson
Pastor {m} minister
Pastoralbriefe {pl} (des Apostel Paulus) Pastoral Epistles
Pate {f} godfather
Paten {pl} godfathers
Patenkind {n} godchild
Patenkind {n} godson
Patenkinder {pl} godchildren
Patenkinder {pl} godsons
Patenschaft {f} sponsorship
Patenstelle {f} sponsorship
Patenstellen {pl} sponsorships
Patent abtreten to assign a patent
Patent {n} patent
Patentamt {n} patent office
patentamtlicher Bescheid {m} patent-office notification
patentamtlicher Entscheid {m} patent-office decision
Patentanmeldung {f} patent application
Patentanmeldung {f} caveat (Am.)
Patentanspruch {m} patent claim
Patentblatt {n} patent office journal
patentfähig patentable
patentfähigere more patentable
patentfähigste most patentable
patentierend patenting
patentiert patented
Patentinhaber {m} patentee
Patentinhaber {m} patent proprietor
Patentkette {f} chandelier chain
Patentklage {f} (patent) infringement suit
Patentlösungen {pl} nostrums
Patentnichtigkeitsklage {f} (patent) invalidity suit
Patentnutzungsmissbrauch {n} abuse of patent
Patentrezept {n} panacea
Patentschrift {f} patent specification
Patentschriften {pl} specifications
Patentschutz {m} protection by patent
Patenturkunde {f} (jur.) letters patent
Patentverletzung {f} patent infringement
Patentverletzungsklage {f} (patent) infringement suit
Patentvorwegnahme {f} anticipatory reference
Patentübertragung {f} assignment of patent
Pater {m} padre
Pater {m} Fr. : Father
paternalistisch paternalistic
Paternoster {m} paternoster
Paternosterwerk {n} chain pump
pathetisch lofty
pathetischere loftier
pathetischste loftiest
Pathologe {m} pathologist
Pathologie {f} pathology
Pathologien {pl} pathologies
pathologisch pathological
pathologische pathologically
Patient {m} patient
Patienten {pl} patients
Patin {f} godmother
Patinnen {pl} godmothers
Patriarch {m} patriach
patriarchalisch patriarchal
Patriarchat {n} patriarchate
Patriarchie {f} patriarchy
Patriarchien {pl} patriarchies
Patriot {m} patriot
Patrioten {pl} patriots
patriotisch patriotic
patriotische patriotically
patriotischere more patriotic
patriotischste most patriotic
Patriotismus {m} patriotism
Patronat {n} (Kirchenrecht) advowson
Patronatserklärung {f} letter of comfort (finan.)
Patrone {f} cartridge
Patrone {f} cartridges
Patronenauswerfer {m} (in Schusswaffe) cartridge ejector
Patronenboden {m} cartridge head
Patronenfilter {m} cartridge filter
Patronenfüller{m} cartridge pen
Patronenfüllhalter {m} cartridge pen
Patronengurt {m} bandoleer
Patronengurt {m} (Maschinengewehr, Maschinenkanone) cartridge belt
Patronengürtel {m} cartridge belt
Patronenheizkörper {m} cartridge heater
Patronenhülse {f} cartridge case
Patronenhülse {f} cartridge casing
Patronenlager {n} chamber
Patronenlager {n} (in Schusswaffe) (cartridge) chamber
Patronenschultergurt {m} bandoleer
Patronensicherung {f} (elektr.) cartridge fuse
Patronentasche {f} ammunition pocket
Patrouille {f} patrol
patrouillierend patrolling
patrouillierte patrolled
patt stalemate

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